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About Me

Your friendly, neighborhood damsel in distress/ bondage photographer! (read on, it's worth it!)

Yes I do hire models when needed and yes I also do trade if you're in need of content too wink

I have an IG account (@whiplashstudiotx2023) and Twitter @WhiplashStudio9.
You can support us at both Patreon and OnlyFans now! The whole idea of both a Patreon and onlyFans is to make money to hire more models, so go give a quick peak and

Whiplash Studio is meant to primarily be damsel in distress themed shoots. "Holy Scooby Doo, does this guy mean bondage?" Yes Sarah Jane, I indeed do mean being tied up, but if you're not someone who's done this kinda work before and you've got this BDSM imagery running thru your head, I'd ask you to slow down for a second and take a look at my port - that imagery is not me. I'm trying to be silly and fun. I strive for more damsel in distress shots: Daphne and Velma from old Scooby Doo cartoons, Penelope Pittstop, 40's and 50's pulp fiction and detective magazines, film noir damsels and of course my name sake, Snidely Whiplash from the Dudley Doo-Right Cartoons. I wanna tell a story, I want the photos and filming to look neat, and I want to be a little silly, because let's be honest, tying someone up and taking their picture and such is kinda silly. That is what I shoot/film though and why I'm here and if that's not your cup of tea or something you think you might like to try, you might want to skip along to something else, no offense taken here at all.

(And mind you I mean no ill will or disrespect to anyone in BDSM community or lifestyle from my above comments, I'm a big believer in to each their own and more power to ya brothers and sisters, do your thang)

So let's delve into the about me section and let me tell you some quick things about shooting with me (if you want to know more details than this, just message me):
1. I want the models I work with to be as comfortable as possible. Yes, you're tied up, but my main focus is for the shoot to be a pleasant experience as much as possible. Comfort, safety: those are the two top things when I shoot.
2. I don't do nudes. It's just not my cup of tea. The most I'll ask you take off during a shoot would be your shoes or some jewelry. No "well since you're here, it'd look better without your shirt on..." Doesn't happen here. If I want to see a nekkid lady, the internet is a button away. Again back to point one, we only shoot what you're comfortable with.
3. So as stated above, I am working on content for a Patreon (http://www.Patreon/whiplashstudio). All the paid work I'll be doing will be for photos and film for this. I should be clear, silly Scooby Doo type stories. I'm not looking for ass shots or anything a little more fetishy than this already is, these are meant to be comedic scenes- cheesy and badly acted. Damsel gets in a spot, gets kidnap and tied up, complains about the circumstances that got her in this situation rather than the actually situation itself. Let me stress, silly, silly, silly stuff. Hoping, bouncing, rolling around goofballness. I have lot of story ideas!
4. I don't have a studio right now, so anything I shoot is outdoors or in a hotel room.
5. I'm always open for ideas. I know what I want to do, but I love to hear ideas from people. If you've got a damsel in distress idea, run it by me. I don't judge!
6. I do TF and I do also hire models from time to time. It just depends on your rates, what I'm looking for, what you're looking for. It's all negotiable. If we're doing trade I'll give you copies of the finished shots you want once I'm done editing for you to do what you wish with if you want them. Just let me know. Even if it's a paid shoot, i'm happy to send you a few pics to use as you want as well.
7. While located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I do travel within the state from time to time and occasional outside it's borders, so don't be afraid to drop me a friend request or say hi and if our paths cross one day, maybe we can shoot! smile
8. Oh yeah, I'm not here to hit on you or try and date anyone either. Just get that out of the way, I'm happy to make new friends, not looking for any kind of hook up or romantic relationship.
9. Traveling models I do love you guys, please see note below.
10. For those of you wondering, I do my own rigging (tying up). I've been doing it a loooooong time, I kept it pretty simple and I constantly ask how a model is doing while we are shooting, almost to the point of being annoying. I'll never ask someone to be tied in a way that hurts or is uncomfortable. Comfort is priority one.
11. Finally, if you want to meet before a shoot to discuss it and just meet face to face I'm fine with that. It can sometimes make it a little easier when we shoot having actually met in person before hand. Again, I'm all about your comfort level smile

So that's it, that's me getting back into photographing thru Whiplash Studios. I'm probably going to put some postings up soon for some ideas, hopefully if you're reading this I've already started shooting. If there are no ideas posted below please check back, I'm going to post a lot of my ideas here in the description and if one tickles your fancy, drop me a line or tag my page. Whether your a first timer wanting to dip your toe into damsel in distress style photos or a seasoned model who wants to add something new, give me a shout. I'm here to take some silly photos and laugh a bit while we do it. Thanks for stopping by!
This IS the best place to contact me, I do have an Instagram that I frequently check @whiplashstudiobondage and Twitter under the same handle @WhiplashStudio_9 that I don't - but I check this site almost daily.
Some ideas I want to try this year:
(Damsel means model here wink )

a) I bought a lot of costumes at Halloween this year: I've got a Steampunk outfit, an Airline Stewardess, two fairy-tale princesses, a 40s/50s style cigarette girl, a Dorthy, and a gangster outfit. All small or medium size and would love to shoot each!
b) somewhere out on a country road, damsel tied to a speed limit sign (maybe not in August though).
c) I literally want to shoot a set with someone as Daphne from Scooby Doo. I'll handle the costume on this one too.
d) In the Rain. I know this will be tricky as we can't really guess when it's going to rain and I don't want to get anyone sick, but if you want to discuss this one, drop me a line.
e) Damsel with lots of arm tattoos tied to a tree in the woods..
f) Same model in different outfits and poses in various different stages of being bound photo shopped into one picture.

Plus more ideas to come!

**Oh and Traveling models! Just a quick FYI. Yes, I do sometimes hire models and yes, if you're coming thru my part of town it is possible we could shoot, just know that I work off a budget and my schedule doesn't allow for free time most week days until after 6. So do feel free to inquire with me but please don't be offended if my budget doesn't match your rates and our schedules don't match up as most of my shoots I try to set up a good ways out and I know sometimes travel notices can be kinda last minute. I'll do my best to respond to all inquires, but I know your inbox might get flooded with "thanks but I don't have time" or what ever, so I may just leave you a photo comment rather than reply with I don't have an openings. Want to be courteous of the ol inbox! - thanks!**

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"I had a blast shooting with whiplash studios. He immediately had a calming presence and was very easy to click with. He's extremely professional and respectful throughout the shoot and especially while tying. I loved the cosplay aspect we incorporated. I loved the shibari incorporation while still being fully clothed. Can't wait to shoot again!" Read less

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"I had wonderful time shooting with whiplash studios. great commutation and I always felt safe at all time's. would recommend" Read less

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"I was completely comfortable with this photographer. I felt like we had been friends for years after just talking for an hour or so. He is very patient, understanding, a great photographer who gives excellent directions. I look forward to working with him again." Read less

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"Thomas is an absolute joy to work with. Very relaxed and safe environment and vibe. Super easy to talk to talk to and explains his vision clearly so collaborating is a breeze." Read less

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"Absolute gentalman and had a blast at his shoot! He makes you feel very comfortable and only shoots what you are comfortable with. One of the nicest photographers ive worked with!" Read less

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"thomas was so easy to immediately feel comfortable around--not to mention some of the pictures he took are now some of my all time faves! such a fun and funny shoot. i absolutely recommend working with him if you can -- if i came back to dallas,thomas would be the reason! " Read less

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"Whiplash Studios is da' bomb! This photographer is easy to work with and an absolute blast to shoot with. I highly recommend this gentleman. :)" Read less

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"Such an amazingly fun shoot! Professional, easy to work with, andlaughed st all my jokes! :D" Read less

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Here are the models I have been fortunate to work with over the years and I can honestly say there's not a one of them I wouldn't highly recommend. You can count yourself lucky to add any of their MM# to your worked with list. Love ya ladies.

(* denotes worked with this model more than once):

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Official Tiffany Hannah (MM#890404)*
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