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May 27, 2022
Jun 18, 2016

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About Me

NUDE PHOTOGRAPHER (no, not me... you)
Art - Fashion - Glam - Indoor - Outdoor -
Rural - Urban - Public - Fetish - Erotic
Read further down how I define "Full Nude" vs "Erotic"

Chicago Based Photographer
I've shot all over the world from Prague to Dubai to New Zealand, even Afghanistan as a Combat Photographer (25V) for an Army PsyOp Battalion.

As of May, 2022, models who want to shoot with me should post some thoughtful comments on my photos, as that is what I'm more likely to respond to. Please, no comments, like, "Dope," "Love it," or "Yummy." I put too much money & effort into my imagery to have it reduced to "Dope" or "Yummy." Tell me why an image speaks to you. If none speak to you and you only want my money (the rates I pay are listed down below), then we shouldn't shoot, right? If some of them do, then take a moment to share your thoughts and let me and others know. It's not much to ask considering that I spend more time editing one photo than it took to shoot the entire session. I'll spend that much time on your images, too, if we shoot. The reason is, I'm tired of one-sided friendships where I give all the public attention and get none in return. It's like models are afraid to admit that they like your work, out of fear that showering others with accolades and attention somehow diminishes their own worth or value. It doesn't. Don't worry, you'll still get paid.

Published in Maxim and FHM - not on their websites or their million-model "vote for me!" contests, but printed and published in the actual hardcopy Magazines. "Publishing" in the digital age just isn't what it used to be when there were more barriers to entry into the analog field. Playboy has completely collapsed, any model can buy her way onto a Playboy cover.

Artistically, hundreds - if not thousands - of independent freelance photographers are producing far better artwork than Playboy ever dreamed of. As a result, I'm no longer trying to monetize my art (I do I hope you think some of my images qualify as "art"), mainly because there's no money in it for photographers, anymore. Models are making all the money they need shooting selfies for Instagram and OnlyFans (and yet, I still pay; go figure).

Nowadays, when I have the money, I'm just shooting local and travelling nude models as they come, simply for the sheer joy of seeing what we can create together. Sometimes the magic strikes, sometimes it doesn't. As I've said, I do pay models for their time. The rates I pay and MY definitions of "Full Nude" vs "Erotic" are listed, below.

If you have a fully developed, artistic portfolio, my pay scale for full nudes/erotic/fetish, is below. Note: if you DON'T have a fully developed artistic portfolio, I will gladly help you develop one by adding marketable value to your work, in which case, these rates don't apply. That is definitely a fair trade since you'll be making a lot more money off of my time, talent, and experience than I ever will from yours. I'm tired of seeing models drive up to shoots in luxury SUVs and Mercedes-Benz's while I'm working a full-time job that I hate, and putting around in a 2004 minivan, just to create some art that doesn't sell because no one jerks off to it.

Below is the scale I pay for full nudes based on $20-bill increments.
(if you only do sheer or see-thru lingerie/wet-t, subtract $20 from each hour, if you do erotic, add $20 to each hour):
$140 for the 1st hour
$100 for the 2nd hour
$80 for every hour after that

So for full nudes, the totals play-out, as follows:
1 hour > $140 (impled/see-thru $120 - Erotic $160)
2 hours > $240 (implied/see-thru $200 - Erotic $280)
3 hours > $320 (implied/see-thru $260 - Erotic $400)
4 hours > $400 (implied/see-thru $320 - Erotic $480)
etc (I rarely shoot more than 3 hours, though)
These rates fit MY budget and are commensurate first & foremost with how much money *I* make at my day job doing work I hate, and also with the time and effort I put in to arranging our shoot, as well as the time I put in after a shoot to make the images of you look nice (I won't post images that aren't up to quality standards).

I know you want to make your money when you come to town, but so does every other model who contacts me, and I get contacted by A LOT of models! Which is wonderful! I love all of you! But I have to be judicious with my selections and my income. I pay quality artistic models for quality artistic collaborations. So put on your game face, get yourself photo-ready, and convince me I should shoot with you instead of them!

I define "Full Nudes" for a woman the same way I would define full nudes for a man. In the normal course of posing, sometimes "certain areas" (genitals) will show more than others. Just because some vag might be showing in an image, doesn't automatically make it erotic. What I don't want are awkwardly clamped legs that don't look casual or natural with the pose. To me, that looks just as awkward as unnaturally spread legs, wide-open.

Erotic, on the other hand, which I also like, would have a more sexual tone to the image, and I'm still not talking about the pulled-open spreads. I'm talking about, maybe a lower camera angle, closer in, legs a little more wide, a deeper, more intense look of passion, and maybe a touching hand, intimately caressing. Not talking about insertions or gynecological spreads, though; that cross into a whole different genre.

Does that make sense? Or at least give you a better understanding of my meaning, when I say "Full Nudes" vs "Erotic Nudes?"

One of my favorite sayings:
This work is a lot like Rocket Science.
Except there aren't any Rockets,
and you don't need Science!

You do need passion & practice, though! Lots of passion & practice! EXPERIENCE!
You have to learn what works and what doesn't work. There's no substitute for experience, and you'll never acquire experience without trying, failing, and improving on your mistakes. Emulate greatness.

Another favorite saying:
You don't have to be weird to be an artist.
And you especially shouldn't be creepy.
I'm often stunned when I meet other pglhotographers at workshops.
Some of you guys make me wish I wasn't a photographer, and you really make all our jobs a lot harder. I'll just leave it at that. Anyway... moving on...

As the master of my medium, I reserve the artistic right to photoshop anything I choose in an image; in exactly the same manner as painters and sculptors who exert complete control over the manipulation of their art to evoke a mood or message they want to convey. I will remove distractions, create balance, and adjust tones, etc, to make an image look how I want it to.

My List. The photos I list are intended more for inspiration than promotion, but they definitely serve both purposes. I *defy* you to scroll through my list without feeling excited about art and compelled to shoot! None of it is my work, but I guarantee you'll love it!

Thank you for your time & interest.
- Matthew

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"I had a wonderful experience woreking with Matthew! He is a great photographer and has an eye for capturing remarkable images. I would definitely recommend setting up a shoot with him if you're in the area. I look forward to shooting together again in the near future." Read less

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"Fun and easy to work with with a great vision for photos. Loved the collaborative and laid back atmosphere of our shoot and am looking forward to our next opportunity to work together." Read less

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Credit Notes

Beautiful Models I've shot with:
(the list has really grown! Not all are listed at the moment!)
Nini_6979 - 4530062 (St Louis, MO)
Danielle Lynn Scott - 806166 (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Marissa M Chavez - 4449289 (listed in Chicago, now in Puerto Rico)
Hello Jewels - 3953367
Artistic Physique - 1793485 (Columbus, OH)
LilMizzUnique - 3339096
Brit Zentz - 2965912
Model Mila Rose - 3010174 (North Aurora, IL)
St Merrique - 772043
Blondieee - 3751480
K Y L I E - 2294526
D E V I - 2686156
Bailey Daniels -
Kayla_Ann_90 - 4451682
Paper Doll - 703682
Tiffany Helms - 2904260
Natasha Nafrini - 92964
Emmy Elle - 2821103
Vassanta (retired)
Heather Carden - Not on MM
Karly Salinas - 3229981
Katlyn Lacoste - 1227596
BrittniWalker - 4109323 (aka: @knockoutkitten)