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Hello there, I'm Jeremy. 

I do photography to tell stories.  I love creating, I love making the things I see in my mind into reality.  Also, I update my Instagram WAY more often than I update things here, lol.

Photography led me to creating and developing video, which I did at d4i Production Studio for 5 years.  After leaving there, I continue to produce video as well as still images.

Trade or Paid?  If I'm getting paid for a client shoot, you can bet that you'll get paid as the model.  If I'm doing a project for fun, I'll make sure you get something in return, such as images for your portfolio, or exclusive images that you can sell as prints.  I don't pay models for unpaid projects, so please don't message me offering your services in exchange for money.

That said, photography and video production is my job, it's how I pay my bills, and I do accept paid jobs such as head shots or other portfolio building that you may need.  I also shoot weddings, underwater maternity, and other event photography, all for a fee.

Please stop by my website or Facebook for more images, as there's simply not enough space here to show everything off!  ;)

Credit Notes

Treasures of Colorado, 2008
Deviant Nation
Nightmare Girls 2011 Calendar (
James McKee, Secrets CD
James McKee, Hooked on Jammin' CD
James McKee, Tonight CD
Photoshop User Magazine, March 2012
Fallen is Babylon, 2013 (Book Cover)
Fort Collins Magazine, October 2013
Dark Beauty, September 2014
Black Belt Magazine, September 2014
A Mythos Grimmly, 2014 (Book Cover)

Edgy, 2008 @ The Center for Fine Art Photography - "Housewife No More"
    (People's Choice Award)
PBR Art Show - Fort Collins, 2011
    (People's Choice Award)
NoCo Pro Photo - Out of Place Photo Challenge - "I Feel Like I Don't Belong"
NoCo Pro Photo - Phobias Photo Challenge - "Everybody Loves a Clown"
2013 World Cup of Photography - 1st Place, Underwater Category - "Pink Swan"
"Obviously Photoshopped" by Focal Press - 2nd Place - "Drop Dead Gore-geous"

Edgy, 2008 @ The Center for Fine Art Photography - "Housewife No More"
    (People's Choice Award)
Human Canvas, 2009 @ The Center for Fine Art Photography - "Shut Me Up"
PBR Art Show - Fort Collins, 2011
    (People's Choice Award)
Scary Art Project, 2009 & 2011-2013
The Art of Zombie, 2011
Miss Zombie 2011 - Fort Collins Zombie Crawl, 2011

Micah Priest - Fort Collins, Co
Claire Mondragon - Fort Collins, Co
Kathy Fritz - San Diego, Ca
Ginger Wetzbarger - Westminster, Co
Allister Ann - Denver, Co - MM# 198029
Lindsey, aka Quest - Westminster, Co - MM# 9306
Lina, aka Plioplye - Boulder/Denver, Co - MM# 64101
Lyda - Denver, Co
Sarah - Denver, Co
Mackenzie - Grand Junction, Co - MM# 236522
Lilias Reed - Fort Collins, Co
Katie Ann - Fort Collins, Co
Mia Z. - Denver, Co - MM# 265854
Freya - Formerly of Denver, Co
Amberr - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 98869
Lindee Zimmer - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 274440
Stepheny - Fort Collins, Co
Kerry - Fort Collins, Co
Carina - Fort Collins, Co
Alisha - Fort Collins, Co
Alyssian - Loveland, Co - MM# 71492
Boyd - Fort Collins, Co
Devon - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 122212
Nici - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 258922
Aubrey - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 264818
Cristal Repke - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 304616
Sara Liana - Lakewood, Co - MM# 365532
Shanna - Denver, Co - MM# 95546
Amy Curtis - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 329702
Ben Wayne - Westminster, Co - MM# 389193
BrittanyB  -  Fort Collins, Co  -  MM# 344336
Vivian Tomahawk - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 193474
Megan G - Aurora, Co - MM# 366794
Jackie A - Fort Collins, Co
Costa Rican Barbie - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 242830
Shaylene Marie - Denver, Co - MM# 410417
Kat 27 - San Diego, Ca - MM# 789309
Melly Kitty - Denver, Co - MM# 586998
The Original Oktane - Denver, Co - MM# 774516
Simply Lee - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 797953
Mandy Quinones - Steamboat, Co - MM# 492048
Rachel Kadlec - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 1059560
Alexandria Joo - Denver, Co - MM# 859369
Suzie Montgomery - Fort Collins, Co
Crystal Campbell - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 1149411
Rose Cherie - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 1605092
CannibalCourtney - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 1554587
Teal Jandrain - Fort Collins, Co
Bailey Vaughan - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 832895
Kira Sands - Fort Collins, Co
Jenn Bass - Estes Park, Co
Jessica Kuska - Fort Collins, Co
Krystalle Crow - Denver, Co - MM# 1283578
Dayna Louise - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 36789
Orion Niles - Fort Collins, Co
Missy C - Boulder, Co - MM# 2207158
Tiger K - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 2639974
Juju Bat - Denver, Co - MM# 2476681
Satin Pam - Boulder, Co - MM# 534514
Megan Huber - Fort Collins, Co
Levi Suicide - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 3037092
Toni Darling - Los Angeles, Ca - MM# 2542891
Ryan Denton - Mesa, AZ
Sarah Recusant - Boulder, Co - MM# 2786827
Chessa Hastings - Fort Collins, Co - MM# 3549366

--Makeup Artists--
Jana Rose - Littleton, Co - MM# 111701
Diana Laree - Greeley, Co - MM# 287566
Steve Campbell (Zombie FX) - Fort Collins, Co
Kasey Campbell - Fort Collins, Co
Crystal Campbell - Fort Collins, Co
Dave Moon - Fort Collins, Co
Jessica Kuska - Fort Collins, Co
Betsy Katz - Fort Collins, Co
Teal Daley - Fort Collins, Co
Samantha Smith - Fort Collins, Co
Michael Garvin - Denver, Co
Kelly Bolin - Fort Collins, Co

--Clothing Designers--
Erospersona - Denver, Co - MM# 831134
Lynne Bruning - Denver, Co - MM # 1433422
Jenny Thompson - Fort Collins, Co

--Fashion Shows--
Lady Luck Fashion Show, 2009
March of the Zombies II, 2010
March of the Zombies III, 2011
March of the Zombies IV, 2012
Drop Dead Gore-geous, 2011 (Organizer)
Drop Dead Gore-geous II, 2012

--Video Production--
Fort Collins Children's Theater, 2008-Present
DOA (Short Film) - 2009
Bag of Many Things (Short Film), 2009
Immortal Dominion (Music Video) - Deity Definer, 2011
Fort Collins Zombie Crawl Promo Video, 2011
NoCo 2030 Suitcase Party Promo Video, 2012
Porcelain Dolls (Music Video) - La Petit Morte, Currently In Production
Northern Colorado Medical Center - Cancer Center Foundation, 2013


Aim model · Model

Hey! Did you get my message? I’m a full time international model with 10+ years experience & I Aim on being in your area September 9th - 13th before I head North but then might be back the last week of September. I’d love to know if you would like to work with me while I am here or if you know anyone who might. This may be the only chance to shoot me in your area. Do you have recommendations on how else to get more work or who to reach out to? ABOUT ME; I am highly committed, passionate, reliable, open to working with artists of any level of experience & am very experienced in a wide variety of expressive poses. I’ve worked throughout AUS, NZ, UK, EU, Asia, Hawaii, & now in North America with plans to travel through other parts of the world. My many years of experience in the industry with a range of creatives from around the world have earned me features in multiple magazines, art galleries & exhibitions in a variety of countries. I’m open to modelling with other male or female models (locals or traveling) in the studio as well as on location in various conditions & throughout a broad range of styles. My extra talents; I’m a musician, I know how to free dive which is good for underwater shots, can horse ride, go on long hikes & also can crack a stock whip, I practice yoga, & have done basic pole & aerial hoop/silks. IG; @layal.official (non nudes) @aim.model (nude) @aim.backup.model1 (back up nude)
Please let me know if you are interested & have a preferred day/time to shoot along with what area you are coming from or have in mind to shoot. Please let me know if you are ok with doing a deposit or if you only pay cash on the day. If you are interested to work with me but not sure when/where/how, please let me know anyway so I know to follow up closer to my arrival. My RATES; for up to art nude $150 per hour for 2hrs or more or $550 for 4hrs or $1000 a day. This covers costs including my meals/drinks, public transportation, outfits I can bring, my own make up & other things to help me be the best I can for you. Surcharges; for 1hr only, light fetish & extra shooters. I do understand people have budgets so I can offer pay off methods where you pay the rate over an agreed time. If Instagram or WhatsApp or even email is better than discussing here, please send me your contact details. Thank you in advance for respecting me. Hope to hear from you soon, keen to see what we can do together, all the best & kindest regards.

Natti_Retoucher · Retoucher

Your portfolio is excellent! How about cooperation someday in the future?It would be great to work with You)

Andrew Helsing · Retoucher

I could not get around your amazing job.I would be glad to work with you.

Niko Laslo · Retoucher

Beautiful port!If you ever need a retoucher, feel free to contact me.

AliceRetouch · Retoucher

Hello, you have a very beautiful portfolio, I am a retoucher, if you need my help, I will be happy to help you. my email: [email protected]