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Apr 23, 2007

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I am a photographer, a model coach, a consultant and a very good listener. When it's just me and a model, I love talking and collaborating on planning a shoot. -Do anything you want and we will have fun doing it. Always, always, be free to be a little bit silly and good things will happen.  [/i]  ..gary

Very selective nude trade work. Beauty nudes, art nudes and first time nude amateurs are always welcome, cause sometimes for me it's just about having fun and the pressure is off to do it for the fun of it and try new things.

Photographer and designer based in Austin, Texas. Prefer working with Female Models for portfolio development and commercial clients. I also do runway, fashion shows, club and event photography in and around Austin.

Enjoy location shoots but it's also fun to be indoors with artificial lighting. I like both equally and could not love one more that the other. I use available light, create my own, and also mix both. Sometimes, I have to work within the situation and other times I have the luxury to craft the light entirely myself. Whatever the situation is, I'll roll with it. I am a problem-solver and this goes from creating art direction to final delivery. ...I'll go to any lengths to get there, which reminds me of the time I had 22 girls in lingerie and one of them bumped into a strobe and cracked the mount ..and I stood there with one shoe on and one shoe off, cause I used a shoelace to strap the light to it's stand. Then I shot barefoot for the rest of the day.

I may be doing your makeup, or your hair or I might sew some lingerie or do some bikini repairs ..whatever it is, I will work my ass off to get you the shot. In all my career there has only been one instance when I didn't make a shoot. It was a nude shoot with a girl I completely adore and respect for her beauty and sincerity. Just before our shoot I was in paralyzing pain -only now do I realize how potentially fatal my situation, but I mustered up enough to tell her I was in recovery from surgery. And her response was so compassionate. Thank you, whole heartedly, Cassandra. It's women like that who make my world go round!  ..It's in my nature to be a spring of creativity and a pillar of reliability.

Models: I often have models bring in lots of clothing and accessories. I used to be an advertising art director for a local female clothing company with 10 locations around austin and was also the merchandising director. I learned a lot from those women and so putting together wardrobe and choosing color is another dimension i like to add to my photos. I often like to coach with poses and expressions. I feel like I'm pretty good at explaining the visions i have in my mind. We may plan out looks and styles but I'm often prone to spontaneous thoughts and visions as i work. I'm ready for some fun. -It's really quite rare that I do any TFP. Not against it though. I mostly work for clients, models, commissioned privates, or commercial. But if you want to share profits and have some fun doin' nudes, I am available for it if is beauty nudes, quality art nudes, or even if it's sumpthin' funny or silly, those are things I always love to do.

My job as a photographer is to give you whatever you want, or give the client what they want from us both, -whatever they're payin' for.

A good percentage of my work is for model development, some is commercial and some is for private collection that I'm hired to produce. I love working with women, professional models or just everyday attractive girls that want better photos.  There's just something greatly rewarding about making a girl feel comfortable and confident. At times we're serious and other times it's all about capturing the fun of the moment. Girls seem to love me for my wit, creativity and style and I have to admit even if a lady is married with children, or single, or ...I could go on with this topic for a long time but the point I want to make is, I get along with women really well and this is one of the joys of what I do. It's a great thing to be able to see them relax and laugh with my ideas as I make them feel comfortable being alluring, sexy, innocent, smart, sultry, mischievious, or heck -even pretty darn silly at times. *click*

high fashion
casual fashion
glamour & beauty
silly nudes -It's a personal quest I need to satisfy with the right girl.
glamour nudes

About nudes, I will do nudes with certain girls but it's going to about conveying elegance and beauty. I'll entertain themes that are a sensual or little cute and naughty, funny and nude is great to show who you are as a girl and model... And if you just so happen to be a freespirited artistic girl who wants to try some nudes in front of my camera, it's all about having a good time and producing great images through developing a few concepts. I'm selective on nudes and who I photograph nude and the themes we'll do. Simple, natural and fun nudes are pretty. For nudes, prefer no tattoos, clear skin, her own boobs, any size is great, age 18-24. I'll do others, but these are my stated preferences.

I prefer working with women. If some dude or a commercial client comes to me and wants to pay me enough so I can buy the $1800 lens I want, then sure. But, otherwise, my preference is photographing women.

-Smart, funny, fun, attractive females there anything else better in the world? -Guys, you know what i'm talking about. I love women with attitude ...and that doesn't just mean strong personalities. Rather, I enjoy being around a girl who knows who she is and is comfortable with herself  -whatever her personality is. That's what I want to capture.

I usually block no more than 4 or 5 weeks ahead, unless travel is involved. And on larger projects; months in advance, I will plan.  If you want to shoot with me later, schedule me now.

Available for travel.

I love models who:
    -show up on time.
    -believe that safe same ol' photos are dull photos.
    -really listen and try.
    -are not afraid to take risks and try new things.
    -bring me lingerie cause they don't want them in other photos.
    -tip me with gift cards to the dry cleaners.
    -call just to say hi or to have me join them for fun downtown.
    -stop me in the middle of a shoot and ask" "Can I get naked, yet?"
    -refer a friend.

Release required. Two forms of I.D. on all nude shoots, so I know you are 18.

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Wow, I've worked with lots of girls on vastly different projects in my career but here are the few that can be found here on Model Mayhem:

In no particular order:

d a h l i a #1293802 (model) ***Extra Bonus Points*** 
-newbie but kind and real.            spontaneous  fun collaboration! Expecting lots from this girl. Proud to call her my friend. Hire her.

Mindy Cuiksa #1164674 (model) ***Extra Bonus Points***
-adventuresome yet testing the waters. Super friendly and Highly Recommended! -If she's having fun, everyone's having fun.

Sarah-Denise #536032 (model) ***Extra Bonus Points*** Time with you is time I wish I had more of in front of a camera and in life. Unreservedly, -go for it and hire her.

Shelby Starr #1086206 (model) The "fabulous Shelby Starr"! On a rainy day, there are no clouds ..only sunshine! Fabulous girl to know. If you had a day like me, you will miss her every day thereafter. Highly recommended!

Marie Clark #1176029 (model)  Oh where did you disappear to? -Hurry back!

Mz Rhonda E #650868 (modeling coach) ***Extra Bonus Points*** For so many reasons my life-long friend and very talented coach when we get to work together.

Kamryn with a K      #1229133 (model)
Amber McCullough    #665575 (model)
April Martin            #1797309 (model)
Ann Fox                  #1081290 (model)
Kasey Rose            #101478 (model)
DeLaina                  #688540 (model)  ***Extra Bonus Points*** You know I think You Rock, DeLaina! Great times and great memories with this woman!

Belle #668807 (model)  ***Extra Bonus Points*** A sweet girl -having fun in life is what I live and pick up cameras for a living. A true friend, I hope gets herself in front of the camera more and more. She hasn't gotten a lot of work but very much deserves the spotlight.

Rae Melane #591946 (model) -I found Rachel really nice and it's too bad she got hired as a serious fashion model in NY, NY. ...well, not bad for her, only for me cause we clicked really well and I hoped we would shoot again! -Way to go girl!

Luscious Nikki #640485 (model)  ***Extra Bonus Points*** look me up when you're ready again. Call me up, I'm ready anytime at all you are!

Katheryan #642674 (model) immediate candor and trust and the candle does not flicker with her, burns bright and strong.

Miss InsaniTea #1191320 (model) Fun, fun, fun hour and a half. You have your own agenda and I hope you find all your happiness. Always wish you well.

Hottie Jenn #691775 (model) ***Extra Bonus Points*** We both had such a fun and strong and silly time that I didn't want the shoot to end. It was awesome and thank you for contacting me at the suggestion of the friend we both know.

Dawn Devereaux #717942 (model)  ***Extra Bonus Points*** Dawn! -we have to shoot ideas just as soon as you're back from teaching english in the orient.

Leslie Ellison #673783 (model)
Lauren-Elaine #558811 (wardrobe stylist)
Ariel DeLeon#655906 (model)
Carlos Aibido #661328 (photographer)  ***Extra Bonus Points***  "Let's go drinking a beer, ...again ...soon.

James Blount #441110 (photographer)  ***Extra Bonus Points*** Hope Houston is going well. Let me know if you want to plan bigger shoots and we'll make it happen.

Haley Lin #674444 (model)
Amanda Marrie #457647 (model)