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About Me

Pinups, pinups, pinups
I really want to concentrate on classic pinups a' la Varga and Elvgren - no motorcycles, cars, tats, wild hair, guns, etc...  There are plenty of photographers who want to shoot those genres.  If you want a large dose of my concept of pinups, visit my two lists below ("Alvarado, the Man!" and "Pinup Magic") and examine the images I've selected.  Those are works that ignite my passions like no others on MM.

If you have a few small tats and/or piercings, no worries.  I know Photoshop very well and can easily remove them.  I just don't want you to arrive expecting to shoot "modern" pinups".

Also, if you think you need to be six feet tall to do pinups, I invite you to view one of the finest pinup profiles on MM.  Dayna DeLux is 33 years old, 5'-1" and an inspiration to any girl with the spunk to give it a go.  She's also very successful. Cute and sexy trumps height any day.  Dayna's MM link is

Other genres
Don't get me wrong, I expect you to bring other concepts to a shoot and will happily shoot them, as well as my beloved pinups.  It is, after all, your shoot, unless it is one of my rare TF shoots.

My shoots
My shoots are fun, lively, creative and above all else, comfortable.  I strive to have  every model leave my studio smiling and never cause anyone discomfort of any sort.  The proof of the pudding is in how many models I have shot with more than once.

What you should know before shooting with me:
    I'm fun to shoot with (or so I've been told by a buncha models).
    I OWN the copyright to the images (not negotiable)
    I  will be give you one image per look.  Additional images will be negotiable.
    You  can post the images to any self-promotion or networking site.
    You cannot post them to any pay-for-content site.
    I will NEVER give you a CD of images nor an unedited image.
    You will usually get your first image(s) the night of the shoot.
    The exception is pinup shoots.  The editing is way too intensive to
          promise an image that night, although I try.

So, let me know if I can help you realize your concepts and fantasies and I'll continue to enjoy what I do.

Drop me a message here on MM and I'll respond pronto.

The fat guy with the white beard (Ho, ho, ho).

Checkout my Featured Interview in GlamModelz Magazine

The fat guy with the white beard.

The fat guy with the white beard as featured artist.

My first publication.

my second publiclication

Chantelle Gascoigne MM 178787

Ruby Hardt  295094

Heather McGuffin  890893

Kayla Annalise Fashion Rockstar 724824    MUA: Julia Ursino 1268967

Marquise Moses 365144    Lynnzie Kokenge  621660

Ruby Hardt  295094

Emily Stoops  818947

Michelemonika MM 429708

Shodire MM 346371

Selina Grande MM 245047  Kimberly Martinez MUA  MM 179086

What I will shoot: Fashion, Glamour, Editorial, Swimwear, Lingerie, Implied, Fitness, Pinup.

What I won't shoot: Casual, Goth, Punk, Fetish, Bondage, Nudity.

Models I've shot with say they enjoy working with me and I leave them smiling and hoping to work together again.

Keep smiling and shooting and rattle my cage if you like my stuff (I won't bite - promise).

The fat guy with the white beard.

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Hot (and dependable) Models
  Kendra Long OMP 237414  MM 119885
  Kelly Gordon OMP 215096
  Sabrina Del Rey MM 152349
  Tia Jordan
  Erin Leithead Musecube ErinAnn
  Deirdra MM 50716
  Svetlana Rubalyko OMP 250018
  Isabel OMP 243755  MM 144772
  Nikina Lowry-Schiller MM 144227
  Alex Davenport MM 140831
  Kelsey OMP 257496
  Talia OMP 257124
  Harper Faim MM 108381
  Jeza MM 101189
  Thais Melo MM 187785 OMP
  Kristen Ray  MM 328
  Tammy Nicole MM 163810
  Lisa McBride MM 230076
  James Bennett MM 178871
  Ellymay  MM 189091
  Crystal Comer MM 95845
  Kelly Mary M MM 179474
  Maddi Caligari MM 199135
  Kimberly Diane MM 140747
  Naclaysia MM 279605
  Candy Elektra (candycoatedegirls) MM 17690 OMP 186125
  Priscilla  Ray  MM 157700
  patatinaCara MM 98445
  Jennifer Inez MM 169413
  Melyssa MM 1248656
  Samantha (No Id, Yet)
  Elle77 MM 268309
  Tanya Renee MM 247325
  Ashley Bales MM 328230
  Lena Hoff MM 341154
  Lauren Hayes MM 334429
  Terrie MM 336434
  Cassandra Duerscheidt MM 327984
  Yuliya Skuba OMP
  Chantelle Gascoigne MM 178787
  Jeska Vardinski, MM 14883
  Anne Diego MM 305153
  Lyndsey Wegner MM 194001
  Diane Stevens MM 239514
  Jo_Anna MM 342967
  Vi_Anne MM 206743
  Danielle Depew  MM 206743
  Lory MM 305996
  LizzyMae  MM 359404
  JenniferPatricia MM 377540
  Shannon Marie  MM 148684
  Julia Morris  MM 358404
  Melissa Kathryn  MM 410602
  Chante Sandoval (no MM)
  Heather Rawlins MM 428751
  Teresa Menconi  MM 268862
  Cupcake  MM 48063
  Evelyn MM
  Kanoa Jones  MM 357913
  Jade Corinne MM 413991
  Natalie MM 389040
  Alona  MM 89972
  Kira Torres MM 383928
  Anilah MM 120189
  CVSouthern  MM 397357
  Gianna MM 256150
  Charlie Kristine MM 169262
  Alisha (No MM)
  Julia Shadae MM 232609
  Selina Grande 245047
  Teresia 410386
  Yoanellys (Jenel) 463079
  Robby zumaya MM 143641
  Jeralyn MM 75062
  Amie MM 372249
  Erika MM 20084
  Lacey Marie MM 138609
  Jennifer McCowen MM 127596
  Christie Hope MM 532680
  Miranda MM 479645
  Amanda Somers MM 482462
  Adora Dark MM 373510
  Jenn Michaels MM 337519 
  Crystal Tatum  MM 487047
  Kira Christina MM 479185
  Staazy Carmichael  MM 234781
  Chantel La Toya  MM 121987
  Shenoah MM 460277
  Ashley Anne MM 405017
  Haley Michaels MM 381792
  Sarah Beth Leoncini  MM 288883
  Carlos Rodriguez  MM 505853
  Yvette Alatorre  MM 493037
  Shodire MM 686083
  Rachael Oliver MM 15858
  Ruby Hardt MM 295094
  Sweet Michelle Marie MM 305445
  Amanda Runkle MM 562665
  Erica Q Lee MM 545010
  Carly Marie MM 496890
  Belle Bumatay MM 321472
  Chelsi Mari MM 578434
  Whitney Taber MM 540584
  Fit 4 Photos MM 482459
  Brooke Alicia MM 416963
  Dana Sue MM 510440
  Bug Lover MM 514559
  ChristineCL1983  MM 501872
  Michelemonika MM 429708
  Chellie dee MM 6852
  Azemina MM 531082
  Hollie Jones MM 477264
  Crystal Delia MM 408237
  ---Nikki---  MM 490012
  Ashley Crabtree  MM 572743
  Karma Fayt  MM 558991
  Miss Sweet Pea  MM 622664
  Kayla McCall 357917
  Leah Sarah Wilson 457601
  Jennifer Fulfer 521345
  Kathy Lynn 609472
  Kristy Estes 600945
  Irina 13  32204
  Jillya  499469
  Adrienne Jordan 332507
  Megan Michelle  626909
  Koree Taylor 602804
  Tara Babcock 656318
  Kristin Nichole 163222
  Sara Williams 564288
  Elizabeth Slater  659346
  JasminaM 514821
  Nikesha Lorraine 659346
  Kristen 623206
  Jordana Beaman 690476
  Heather Scott 732904
  Crystal W  650725
  Kyrin23 736750
  Alondra B 710288
  Stacey Savage 688404
  AutumnVance 729048
  Atalie Schoenrock 812579
  Lisa Dawn Wesley 618674
  Alison Scott 407934
  Sha Nichole  791044
  Miss Babydoll 727080
  Sammii Piltz  706841
  Ash-leigh 562690
  Maranne 829585
  Emily Stoops 818947
  Mishelli Rae 379413
  Manda T 814642
  Chandra Alexandra  653279
  Amy Sav 675960
  Model Ray 863679
  Peanut_11 891640
  Chelsey Morrison 871015
  Mackenzi Lang 879767
  Dannii Haughn  1013049
  Heather McGuffin  890893
  Beautiful-Disaster 275568
  Kimberly Baker 1075293
  Tatiana317 1023172
  Martinii 866878
  Malina Chinn  874454
  Emily Safer  861210
  jenneanaveve  1048466
  Alicia King 1081086
  Laura Ann Bell 740727
  Jeni Jordan  688745
  Ashley Sarah Brown 880168
  Invy  135322
  Tailer Parke  1105954
  Laura Patterson 1067917
  Alana Blomstrand  861091
  Hotmimilo  1053571
  Lindsy McIntyre 1156587
  Elizabeth Alice  1165996
  Charley Alexi 1199742
  Ashley Henry  588727
  Darcy Ohara  1206585
  Kayla Annalise 724824
  Marquise Moses 365144
  Lynnzie Kokenge  621660
  Cali-Girl Tracy 184290
  Danielle Lynn S  1104339
  Olivia Desha  578141
  Lind A H  582125
  Miss Sabine 1022764
  Mineko Hasegawa 1341250
  Trixie Divine  362867
  Laurie Loo 1364060
  MaeIsntOverYet 1760819
  Asti Spumante  1896555
  Krys Angeles 1974874
  Marivel 1917687
  Sailor St. Claire 1499533
  MissRJRenee 1003798
  Julianne Renee 1629576
  Audrey Noire 1974153
  Miss Ashlee Lynn  1758809

[Hair Stylists]
  Lily t  1867501

  Amber Rose MM 105809
  Pink Beauty  MM 131417
  Karen Cleveland  MM 2891
  Makeup by Meeh-Shel  MM 114347
  Darren Haffner (HafDoc) MM 35330
  Kurumi MM 312222
  Riannan the artist  MM 204742
  joyjoyoohlala MM 67645
  Kimberly Martinez  MM 179086
  Melly Schmidt MM 307856
  Damie MM 490608
  Allison Austin Artistry 800330
  Cast of Thousands 795387
  Julia Ursino 1268967