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01) Abstract/Very Tightly Framed (Fine Art style)

156 Photos

02) Amazing lighting

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03) Awesome, dynamic, eye-catching stunning, fantastic dresses, gowns, outfits.

140 Photos

04) Boudoir

37 Photos

05) Improvised non-traditional clothing materials

50 Photos

06) Ready, Aim, FIRE (real fire and sparks, not PS)

38 Photos

07) Pin-up style

104 Photos

08) Sheer, for sure!

72 Photos

09) Super heros (Heavy Metal look)

72 Photos

10) Water falls, and creeks

115 Photos

11) White lingerie, etc on tanned or dark skin

21 Photos

12) Who's the fairest of them all? (Mirrors)

68 Photos


10 Photos

Black leather jacket

31 Photos

B&W plus colour

33 Photos

Cowgirls, Yeehaw!

70 Photos

"Daisy Duke" jean shorts

44 Photos

Eye catching poses styles outfits etc

145 Photos

Great B&W

39 Photos

improvised bra (Hand, belt, hair, etc.)

90 Photos

Killer (mostly) black boots

99 Photos


58 Photos


7 Photos

low angle, wide angle

36 Photos

my favourite cars bikes babes list

79 Photos

my favourite construction girls list

41 Photos

my favourite LBD

65 Photos

my favourite location photos

133 Photos

Night shots

22 Photos

Open shirt

47 Photos

Seasonal themes

16 Photos

Sept. 19 Talk like a Pirate day

9 Photos

Silly Silhouettes

44 Photos

skin-tight jeans

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Sweet Swimsuit poses

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Too good not to List!

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44 Photos
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About Me

>>> Contact me through Facebook. (, if you are unable to PM me Thanks <<<

Thank you for visiting my profile :)

I enjoy meeting people, and have met many great people here on MM. I hope to meet and work with many more models, MUA's and fellow photographers.

I live in the Fraser Valley, and can travel to anywhere in the lower mainland.
If you are downtown and don't drive, I can certainly pick you up at Scott Road Skytrain station, and return you there afterwards. I do this quite often.

If I contact you, it means I am willing to trade my time and talent in exchange for your time and talent.
In other words, TF*
If you reply asking for pay, the offer expires.

I hate to have to bring up this, but I have been flaked on a few times over the years.
If you are not serious about your modeling, or don't intend to to keep appointments, I would prefer that we not waste each other's time.
This also applies to chronically late as well.
If you are more than 1/2 hour late arriving, the day is lost.

I will require a phone number and an email. I will contact you the day before to confirm the shoot.
If you CAN keep an appointment, lets shoot!

I'm interested in hearing whatever you have in mind. I am genuinely interested in hearing YOUR ideas. This is a team effort between the two of us, so please feel free to make suggestions!

Please have a look at all of the "Lists" of other people's photos (blue hotlinks below)

I look forward to hearing from you!



A few recent Model Mayhem referrals. (Thanks to all for the kind words!)

Victoria Days
Hiii Dean!!!
Omg those are wicked :) Thank you for the amazing photo's and experience. Beautiful work. It truly was one hell of a fun day shooting with you. Thank you again for all that you do!

Alexi Ferrari
WOW DEAN!!! I am just amazed by how wonderful all those photos have turned out! you are an absolute amazing photographer!! I just love working with you! and cant wait to shoot again!

Hey Dean, I had an amazing time shooting with you again. you have great instruction and fantastic ideas! you are so very respectful towards me as I'm sure u are with every other model you work with.. I feel very comfortable shooting with you.. especially working in lingerie, you don't look at me in a bad way, you look through the camera and you look for the perfect shot.. as a lot of photographers have more sinister intentions. lol you are very professional and I cant wait to work with you again! you are an amazing photographer!

Linzee Lux
✰Photos by DeanR -ℳℳ#1272703
(Amazing, amazing photographer with great communication and magnificent instructional advice. Has a pretty amazing set up and studio with sufficient props and back drops, and makes excellent use of lighting. Other than special effects to glamor up some shots and make them really pop (For example, we did a mermaid shoot and the photos are turning out absolutely amazing, and because of the excellent use of lighting and the great photographic skill he possesses, its a much quicker process than most sloppy or amateurishly thrown together shoots.) He gives you both praise, advice and extremely constructive criticism which leaves you heading out of the shoot with full confidence, and I found we both had so much to learn and teach to and from each other that it was a mutually beneficial experience... not to mention the ideas we bounced off one another turned out to be so perfectly planned and executed, that we were happy with pretty much every single shot taken. (Which was quite a lot!) Really have nothing bad to say about this man and his company, He does an excellent job with the camera, as if it almost becomes and extension of himself. Would love to shoot again, probably one of the best, most understanding , flexible & passionately artistic human beings, as well as an extremely talented artist. Magnificent! Posting the newest photos from my shoot with him in the next few days.)

Alexi Ferrari
And thank you for the awesome shoot today! We had such progress and got amazing photos from what I saw! I can't wait to see the finished product! You're a truly amazing photographer! Very professional! I enjoyed so much working with both of you guys! And can't wait to do it again and create even more beautiful images!
Thanks again!

Sarah Jane
I just wanted to say that todays photoshoot was a blast!
You're an amazing photographer and i hope to do many more shoots with you :)
Sarah Jane

Jazzy Cupcake
Really enjoyed working with you. Great Great work. Cant wait till our next shoot. Thanx again dean. Cheers Jazzy Cupcake

Hey dean. Omg yesterday was amazing. Your absolutely fabulous. Really can't thank u enough.

Maryan Lily Lee
Hi ! Thank you very much again for the amazing shoot !
It was very nice working with you .
Hope to work with you again in the future !

hey dean !
i just got all my pictures today and they look absolutely AMAZING !!
thank you very much again !
we shall work together again in the future :)

Thank you so much for today. I had a blast and it was a lot of fun to work with gorgeous bikes. I can't wait to see the pictures that come out of this. From the ones Ive seen on your camera there should be a few awesome ones. You definitely helped me feel comfortable especially with the amount of people that were around too.

Hey dean
Just wanted to say again thankyou for today. I learned a lot because you are an amazing guide and teacher

I had so much fun today and wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I learned a lot today and it gave me some confidence as well.
I can't wait to see the photos and to work again with you in the future.

CD received!! I do like a lot of the pictures !! I believe most of them were incredible in the nature and everything!! it was nice working with and It would be a pleasure to work together again. I will just think about the concept and i will let you know. you can eventually tell me your ideas too and we will see together. ok have a good one . talk to you later.

Quilla Senatus
thank you for the shoot i had a great experience. You’re good at guiding and directing for those specific shots you have in mind. also you give great feed back on what looks good and the little details that could mess a picture up.
i look forward to seeing how they turned out and a future shoot.][IMG]

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