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About Me

[url=][img][/img][/url] Follow my Facebook Artist page to keep up with my developing shoot plans, castings and updates. Most of my newest work is posted on facebook as well - I don't maintain my Model Mayhem portfolio nearly as much.... I also have a Tip of the Day feature for models and photographers on my facebook page.....

A NOTE to browsing models: Please do not contact me with "offers" involving my compensating you. I may be open to testing or trading with select models especially those qualified to shoot for fashion glamour or fine art publication.

Please Note: While I am honored by every image comment and list, every TAG and friend request, I reserve the right to delete any that would link my portfolio to content I find inappropriate for my visitors.


See my Feature and Interview in ArtsNFashion Magazine's Winter 2012 Issue

Hello, and welcome to my Model Mayhem profile and portfolio. I'm glad you decided to drop by. If you are considering working with me, please feel free to contact any of the models I have worked with for references.

I believe in establishing a strong working rapport on set, while maintaining a safe, comfortable and mutually respectful working environment. I encourage models makeup artists hair and wardrobe stylists to participate creatively in the production process, contributing their artistic talents and freely sharing their ideas. I believe in leaving room for serendipity within a disciplined production process....

Very Limited Testing with models may be offered if:

I want to test with you for shooting editorial fashion, beauty or ALT for publication submissions.

I want to test with you for commercial print work for existing or new clients

You answer and fit one of my casting calls for creative concepts and / or art book projects


Models seeking to test for fashion publication must be agency standard or close to it - generally 5'8" or taller at size 0/2.

Models seeking to test for ALT publication should generally be size 0-4 as should models seeking to test for glamour publication.

I am no longer able to provide free testing to models who are not qualified. I may be willing to shoot with you on a speculative test or for portfolio development if you are able to cover all of my costs - ie any studio rental fees, and any fees charged by creative / production team members for the shoot.

When testing or trading I will provide up to 3 fully edited images per look (up to a maximum of ten images) within eight weeks of the closing of the shoot, in 800 pixel width for internet use, and / or print sized images. You will additionally receive any images I edit for my own use. You can count on receiving some images within a few days of the shoot.

NOTE: If we are shooting for publication you will receive the tearsheets once I have them and a copy of every image I edited for the publication. I will not be providing additional image selections.

I will also provide a written Image Use License on request.

I offer low rates for model portfolio development if you would like to have images of the quality I can provide for your portfolio, book, or comp card. If interested, contact me for a rate quote.

It generally requires booking with me three to four weeks in advance to get into my schedule for studio based work. I am generally available on shorter notice for non-studio based work.

Only the model and production team members (hair stylist, makeup artist, wardrobe stylist or designer, and photographic assistants) are allowed on my set. Anyone accompanying a model will need to wait elsewhere in the studio building during the shoot.

My studio based work is shot at a professional studio with first class amenities, professional staff always on site. There are large, well equipped and completely private areas for makeup hair and styling / dressing - one for each of our three studio sets.

I shoot editorial fashion and beauty for publication submissions with Agency represented or Agency Standard models at a minimum 5'9 in height, and at size 0 / 2

I am occasionally interested in shooting conceptual and fine art projects for publication submissions, gallery exhibition and print sales - see my castings and check my portfolio here and my facebook for castings.

If you are a new or newer model or the parent or guardian of an under-aged model, is a wonderful resource that I highly recommend.

My standard Model Release may be found here. Please print and sign it and bring it with you. This is required only the first time we work together.

My Image Usage License for Models, MUAs, Hair and Wardrobe stylists - please also print and sign this document and bring it with you to our shoots. This is needed only the first time we work together.

Recently published Fashion Images and / or Editorials which
feature models who are on Model Mayhem:

Rose White - Winter Arises
Ikon Magazine January 2015

Candace Gutherie - Candace
FemmeXposure Magazine January 2015

Katya Zvantseva "Twilight and Evening"
Beau Nu Magazine January 2015

Rose White "La Dance"
NIF Magazine December 2014

Katya Zvantseva "Rouge"
NIF magazine December 2014

Jordan Buniie "Moods"
Jenna Kellen "Clair Obscur"
Inspire Digital Art magazine December 2014

Jennifer Leigh - Chrysalis
Freque Magazine November 2014

Alexandria Adair - "Moonstruck"
Henna N "Wood Nymph"
Inspire Fine Art photography Magazine November 2014

Angela Joy - Gypsie
Uncovered Magazine November 2014

Rose White - Sabbat
Giuseppina Magazine "Blood Red" / Halloween Edition October 2014

Katlin Sumners - Along Came a Spider
Inspire Fine Art Photography Magazine Halloween Tribute 31 October 2014

Rose Monroe - Nymph of the Springs
Inspire Fine Art Photography Magazine 28 October 2014

Angela Joy - Gothic Elegance
FXM Magazine October 2014

Laina Vandekieft - Dancer
NIF Magazine October 2014

Katya Zvantseva - Belle du Jour
NIF Magazine October 2014

Allison Louise - Allison Takes a Dip
Glamour Model Magazine October 2014

Rose Monroe - Nymph of the Springs
Freque Magazine September 2014

Tammy Lynette (feature)
Forever Beautiful Magazine September 2014

Rose Monroe - Rising
FXM Magazine September 2014

Mary Celeste - Elegance with an Edge
FXM Magazine September 2014

Roarie Yum - La Danse
FemmeArt Magazine August 2014

Rhus - Succubus
FemmeArt Magazine August 2014

Ariel Arielita Fulmer - Ariel
Uncovered Magazine Gingers Edition August 2014

Monica Elizabeth - Behind the Curtain
Nude is Fashion Magazine August 2014

Henna N. - Country Girl
Nude is Fashion Magazine August 2014

Katya Zvantseva - Showgirl
Elegant Magazine's Icing! bi monthly hardcover nude anthology August 2014

Katya Zvantseva - Belle du Jour
Elegant Magazine's Icing! bi monthly hardcover nude anthology August 2014

Lashay Lanier - Swimsuit Fashion editorial
Alpha Fashion Magazine August 2014

Lux Lächeln - Hard Morning
Freque Magazine Black and White August 2014

Jenna Kellen - Cozy Evening
FXM Magazine August 2014

Jami Newton
Surreal Beauty Magazine August 2014

Katya Zvantseva - Three Graces
Nude Is Fashion Magazine July 2014 -
part 1
part 2

Rhus - Warrior Queen - with Peacock Blue Design Studio
Freque Magazine June 2014

Tammy Lynette - cover shot
Forever Beautiful magazine

Katlin Sumners - Treading the Dawn Sky
Laina Vandekieft - Bodhisattva
Surreal Beauty Pure Imagination Edition June 2014

Allison Cairo - Dimming of the Day -
Visual Artistry Magazine June 2014

Lux Lächeln - Sea of Dreams - with Peacock Blue Design Studio
Giuseppina Magazine, June 2014

Katlin Sumners - Paris in the Spring - with Peacock Blue Design Studio
Solis Magazine, June 2014

Katlin Sumners - Graffiti Formal
Amanda Yates Bourne - Elegance
Alpha Fashion Signature Edition June 2014

Allison Cairo -
Surreal Beauty - Some Beach edition June 2014

Gazelle Powers - The Couch Collection
Kelly Marie - Naked Pearls Collection
FemmeXposure Magazine May 2014 issue #24

Lux Lächeln - Summer's End
Like A Lion Magazine April 2014

Katya Zvantsava - Moods
Laina Vandekieft - Yogini
FemmeXposure Magazine's FemmeArt Edition April 2014

Ryan Leigh - the Spring of Empire
with Wardrobe Design by Peacock Blue Design Studio
Elegant Magazine Women's Issue 2 April 2014

Carrie Jo - Lady in Waiting
with Wardrobe Design by Peacock Blue Design Studio
Elegant Ink April 2014

Jenna Kellen
Katlin Sumners
Surreal Beauty "If I were your Vampire" edition April 2014
Vasara -
Surreal Beauty Magazine Latex Queens edition April 2014

Elizabeth Taylor - Be My Valentine
Cynical Fashion Magazine March 2014

Jenna Kellen - Angelus / Clair Obscur
Numinous Magazine March 2014

Katlin Sumners - Queen of Hearts - featuring Peacock Blue Design Studio
Giuseppina Magazine Elizabethan Edition February 2014

Rose Monroe - Love Personified - featuring Peacock Blue Design Studio
Elegant Magazine February 2014 "Red" issue

Katlin Sumners - Be My Valentine - featuring Peacock Blue Design Studio
Tenebrous Magazine February 2014

Alabama Deer - the Cover and feature
Ink Pushers Magazine Issue 21 January 2014

Lux Lächeln - the Cover, editorial and feature interview
Cynical Fashion Magazine issue #6 Dark Beauty issue

Mary Celeste - Golden Girl
Katlin Sumners - Autumna
Surreal Beauty Magazine issue 12 Fantasy Girls

Sebastiane - the Dungeon
Also images with Monica Elizabeth and Jenna Kellen
Interview with Fotografica Gregor
(you have to be a member to see full sized images)
Fixe Magazine

Vasara / Styling by Peacock Blue Design Studio - Winter Is Coming
Ellements Magazine January 2014 volume 2
ALSO picked up for online publication by Dark Beauty magazine:

Jenna Kellen - Cover
Lux Lächeln
Alexandria Adair
Surreal Beauty Magazine issue #8 The Four Elements

Katlin Sumners - Winter Is Coming
Tenebrous Magazine December 2013

Katlin Sumners and Yvonne Emilie - Graffiti Convergence
Like A Lion Magazine (Australia) December 2013

Amanda Kyriae - Stormy Waters
Surreal Beauty Magazine Swimsuit Digest December 2013

Alabama Deer - Victorian Ink
Aspira Magazine Volume 6 December 2013

Angelina Maria
Carrie Jo
Rae Serenity
Rose Monroe
Ryan Leigh
Yvonne Emilie
Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue #5 "Sexy for Santa" December 2013

Katya Zvantseva - The Farm in Winter
Beau Nu Magazine December 2013

Alexandria Adair - Transfiguration
Henna N. - Wood Nymph
Katlin Sumners - Dancer in a Dream
Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue #3

Viktoria - Reflection
Surreal Beauty Magazine Issue #1 November 2013

Lux Lächeln - Maiden of the Rocks
Beau Nu Magazine November 2013

Katlin Sumners - Longing
Beau Nu Magazine Halloween Edition October 2013

Vasara Muse - Darkly Elegant
Tenebrous Magazine Halloween Edition October 2013

Anzhelika Yakimenko - Ghost Story
Beau Nu Magazine Dark Beauty edition October 2013

Carrie Jo - Dark Beauty
Visual Artistry Magazine October 2013

Lux Lächeln - Hard Metal
Visual Artistry Magazine September 2013

Rhus - Avant Nude
Beau Nu Magazine, September 2013

Yvonne Emilie - Dystopia
Deadly Dessert Magazine August 2013

Katlin Sumners - Gothica
Deadly Dessert Magazine August 2013

Katlin Sumners - Sleeping With Ghosts
Beau Nu Magazine July 2013

Katlin Sumners - Thinking of Spring
Essere Magazine May 2013

Katlin Sumners - Avant Garde - Giuseppina Magazine Webitorial Feburary 2013

Rhus - Vintage Lingerie - Giuseppina Magazine Webitorial January 2013

Katlin Sumners - L'Orientale
Elkie Cooper - A Lovely Day for Lingerie
Katlin Sumners - Euro Style
Katlin Sumners - Graffiti Artist
Monica Elizabeth - Sacrifice
Monica Elizabeth - Halloween Ball
ArtsNFashion Magazine Winter 2012
Feature: Interview with Fotografica Gregor

Katlin Sunmers - Victorian
Vedere Magazine December 2012

Katlin Sumners - Blonde Personality - A Beauty Editorial
Essere Magazine December 2012

Monica Elizabeth - Victorian - A Period Editorial
with modern and Edwardian elements
Ellements Magazine November 2012

Monica Elizabeth - Antiquity, a Victorian Period Piece.
Essere Magazine November 2012

Katlin Sumners - Vintage Elegance
Katlin Sumners - Fashion among the Vines.
Featured Fashion Model Katlin Sumners.
Essere Magazine October 2012

Katlin Sunmers - Grandma's Attic.
Ellements Magazine, June 2012: Anniversary Issue

Katlin Sumners - One Sweet Peach.
Rhus - the Huntress.
Kallia - Elegante.
Editorial Magazine, April 2012


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"Always professional and precises. Wastes no movement or time in getting and creating an image that will get you results. As well as creating images for all support people involved. I found him someone interested to talk to and know. Semi-retired now I am pleased to have worked with him as I did and have seen some of the images we took together go to print." Read less

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Katlin Sumners MM 1889362
Katya Zvantseva MM 1058126
Lux Lächeln MM 671776
Jordan Bunniie MM 2260849
Arielita MM 1560342
Vasara MM 278681
Anzhelika Yakimenko MM 1727460
Alexandria Adair MM 1816206
Ryan Leigh MM 511625
Yvonne Emilie MM 1192965
Rose Madder MM 2753284
Angelina Maria (not on MM?)
Amanda Kyriae MM 2460023
Henna N MM 1630018
Alabama Deer MM 606775
Carrie Jo DC MM 2645376
Laina Vandekieft MM 2907440
Jenna Kellen MM 2716691
Mary Celeste MM 1509848
Rhus MM 549677
Elroset MM 3020090
Crimson Rain MM 273458
Roarie Yum MM 837599
Zui MM 114973
Theresa Manchester MM 371054
Chelle MM 1601720
Christiahna MM 2900636
Kallia MM 825555
Echo Manika MM 1071234
Monica Elizabeth MM 1299716
Willow MM 13219
Zephyr Nouveau MM 2822903
Exie S MM 2746468
Kerri Taylor MM 982
KoKo Bleu MM 2628262
Gabriella Elaine MM 463373
Gypsy MM 817253
Danah D MM 770722
Giselle MM 2213285
Elkie Cooper (retired)
Rae Serenity MM 2503387
LiiLii MM 642079
Melissa Jean MM 546548
LIW MM 360006
Sebastiane MM 1522420
Irina F MM 2137819
Tatiana (not on MM)
Rebecca Lawrence MM 155507
Jordana Leigh MM 1422
Lindsay Kinkel MM 1773752
Teacher Model Combo MM 863473
Deanna MM 2130482

Makeup Artists:

Faces by SAM MM 1026000
Kim Reyes MM 6739
Nicole Castano MM 889970
Model Ready MM 2771614
Vamps and Vixens MM 146604
Makeup by Julia MM 1834581
Bella Gore MM 1376303
Sculpting Faces MM 2185638
Savanah Maya MM 2193991

Hair Stylists:

E Cherrie MM 1899177
Melissa Coleman
Model Ready MM 2771614
Kim Reyes MM MM 6739

Wardrobe Stylists and Designers:

Empress Mess MM 451028
Peacock Blue
Design Studio MM 17632
Model Trends MM 2759463
Stella Bonds MM 520431
Decadent Livia MM 811059
Black Milk
One Sweet Peach
Visions of Thor
Anca Nottara
Westward Bound
Laura from Project Runway