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Jul 19, 2022
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Nov 02, 2012
6' 2"
155 lbs
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About Me

I like paid assignments but will certainly do TFP. ALWAYS ASK, you never know, 90% of the images in my port are from TFP shoots. Beside, we're all struggling artists.
In a market dominated by youth, I'm looking to connect with directors, artist, photographers and figure drawing groups. If you're looking for a non-traditional model or character actor that's me. I did this in my 20's but have been asked to pose again recently for an artist looking for a "real" life model. Have posed for photographers, artists and figure drawing groups as well as acting in 3 music videos, several short films and "indy" movies. Currently in a film, "Scumbag" on the festival circuit. Age happens and that's real life. Have been surprised at the response for a model of my age and I'm still being asked to take my clothes off. I guess humor and nudity do go together sometimes. Nudity not a problem and willing to pose with other models. Recently played 2 characters on film that called for being nude in the scene and have been a nude background actor in several films. Hey, someone has to play the part, I may as well get the check.  I have character and look like a real person.Though not perfect, certainly interesting and willing to try new ideas, no matter how far out they may be. Easy to work with and take direction well. I love being in front of the camera. I have had fun modeling for artists and photographers and do it at no fee or TFP. Hope to meet interesting directors, artist and photographers with new and unusual concepts. Open to new and creative opportunities. Hope to hear from a lot of you and we can work together. Any questions just send me a message. Lets have some fun creating your ideas and concepts. I'm in west LA. I have a job so not in this for monetary reasons, but getting paid is nice too. Always willing to do TFP if it's a great  concept or beneficial to us both. Let's talk. I'm having a great time interpreting some of your wild ideas. Watch for new pix in my profile.
Would really like to collaborate with creative body painters and make-up artists for some innovative looks. Lets experiment.
Thanks to all the photographers and directors who have contacted me and set up a photo shoot or given me a role in their films. Its been fun and quite an experience making your concepts come to life, even the crazy edgy ones.
Check out more of my work at
My port does contain nudes.
I do not except FR without prior contact

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Credit Notes

PHOTOGRAPHERS I've worked with
NAME                                MM#
Francois Robert                  Chicago, Ill.  1978
Dr J Photography                1025210 
Tukaussey Studios              831650 
Photografi                          2845364        1/13, 3/13, 11/13
Photos by Deej                  33891
Amber R. Kirkwood            2561221
DKS Media Solutions          1207301      4/13, 5/13, 9/13, 10/13, 3/14
James Barros Photography  2200674        3/13, 8/13, 10/13
Tristan Studios                  1035959
Benjamin Goco                  1569700
David Freund                      1065205
Heidi bluegirl Calvert          2557
Memories With Hardt          2033307
Apocalyptic Beauty pt.2      3041887        7/13, 2/14, 4/14
Bryan Bankston                  603633
Mosttry                              1620302
Brooklyn Based                  1623628
Max Farago                        3215670
Photography-Cory Johnson  2249141
LC Photo                            1052151
ImageMan                          3230896
Bek Anderson            12/13
Josh Fogel                          1663730        2/14
Shant K                              1164363        2/14
Jules Charlot                                            2/14
Silverbeam                        2137481        3/14
Ash Waters                        1937328        3/14
Josh Gallo                          529893          4/14
Liam HJ                              3081706        4/14
Ted Sun                            2750471          4/14 Type/Face Magazine
Naked Truth                      82143              4/14
Charles Murphy                  For gallery show  5/14
Chris Hyver                        849066            5/14
Li Sun                                                        10/14
Seth Hancock Photography  2581762            1/15
Hart & Leshkina                  NYC                  3/15 Near East magazine shoot
KremerJohnson Photography 2538429          4/15
MMRK                                  2799908          4/15  Fairytales
Tanner Sara                        2736078          4/15  Student project
Robography,  Robert L.
Meyers Photography              2527689          4/15 Street & Skin Project
Li Sun                                                          4/15
Michael Wigle                                                4/15
Imaging By Marvin                515382            5/15  A Book, Just Me Naturally
ISO 100 Photo                      3456169            7/15
Matthew Finley                      1612907            8/15
Eyesofcrom                          3468843            8/15
Apocalyptic Beauty pt2          3041887            8/15
Kristyna Archer  9/15    neon bedroom concept
WystanNelly                        3754004            10/15
CABphoto                            3821658            12/15
YogaBear Studio                    87840                1/16
Halban Photography                3812365            1/16
Hart+Leshkina                      NYC                  3/16
Nolwen M. Cifuentes              3131331              4/16
Cesar Rueda                                                          7/16
Jenniferona                              3996425              10/16
Esteban Pulido                        3872222              10/16
Torbjorn Rodland                    624720                2/17  Gallery work and magazine layout
                                                                                            for L'Officiel
Midnight Picnic/Jeffrey Laub  3158165              3/17
Alan-Scott Garrison                                                3/17 Album Cover/Promo material for
                                                                                            comedian, Nick Thune
Sean Allen Webley                  3149944              4/17
Second Mirror                          3921334              5/17
Tayco_LA                                  4132381              6/17
Lovelesslust                              1869119              7/17  Album cover
Ed Fox                                      44330                  10/17 photo & film shoot
                                                                              3/18 photo & film shoot
                                                                              4/18 photo & film shoot
                                                                              6/18 photo & film shoot
                                                                              8/18 photo &film shoot
                                                                              2/19 film shoot
                                                                              3/19 photo & film shoot
Existing Light                MM#483999                      9/19 photo shoot
Jonathan Fandozzi                                                11/18 film shoot
Alex Oley                      MM#77194                        12/18  photo shoot
Werner Amann                                                      12/18  photo shoot

STYLIST I've worked with

Bobby Reyes                      Los Angeles      4/14
Nikki Spencer                    "Scumbag" the movie  2/15
Cobbie Yates                      London            3/15 for Hart+Leshkina, Near East
                                                                        magazine shoot
Jennifer Eymere                  Los Angeles    3/17
MODELS I've worked with

Brandon Crowder                3192717          4/14
T. J. Ray Allen Jr.                3281984          4/14
Jeffrey                              3352910          3/14
ISO 100                            2829993          5/14
Gary LaVard                      794886            5/14
Danell Jones                      3303467          5/14
Maria Loks                          Next Model Management  3/15
Jeran Boyd                        3131038          9/15
Emily Ratajkowski                                        2/17

MAKEUP ARTISTS I've worked with

Connie Hurtado                  2581458
Malak Al Amine                    [email protected]  4/15
Natasha Severino                                                      3/15
Tayler Berez                      Sleepy Cheese music video  12/15
Christina Spina                  Royal Canoe Music video      5/19

ARTISTS I've worked with

David Firman  
Jay Battikha            3121447
Chauncey Pierce
Harry Hart              3291643
Life Drawing Class    L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
Kathryn Andrews      7/14
Jon Gamel                9/16
Paul Kaiser                5/17


Andrew Illingworth        Photonovel
Brian Robbins                Music Video for Esko
ONRPT Productions        2577906          nude subway passenger in feature film
                                                                              "Lori Sheedy F*** You"
Vasco Xu,                      Director of Twin Lotus for Walking Legend
Ernie Gilbert                  Director 1189721    Music Video for the band "Theory
                                                                of a Deadman"
Carlos Lopez Estrada      Director &                        Music video for Guster and
                                    Latin Grammy winner        their current song "Simple
Mars Roberge                Director & Writer of "Scumbag" the movie  2015
Thursday Lyons            Director                                  7/15        web commercial for website      9/15
Gabriel Gran                  Writer & Director                    11/15 short film "Hearts Desire"
Carol Rhyu                    Director                                  11/15 Indy film "Loves Park"
Eddie O'Keefe                Director                                  12/15 Sleepy Cheese music video
James Lourie                Producer                                12/15 Sleepy Cheese music video
Bea Cabrera                  Director                                  12/15 short film "Winter"
Chris Emmons                Director                                  12/15 indy film "The Eighth House"
Stoney Westmoreland      Director                                  12/15 indy film "Goldenboy"
Steven Tylor O'Connor    Producer                                12/15 indy film "Goldenboy"
James G Earl                  Director                                  2/16 A Lesson to Me  short film
Matei Bivolaru                Producer/Mangy Media              2/16 indy film
Perish Vaughn                Producer                                  2/16 performance art piece for the
                                                                                        premiere of "The Witch"
Bruno Galeano              Director                                4/16 film "1 versus 100"
Gianluca                          Director                                6/16 Music video for "Glass Candy"
Kyle McConaghy              Co-Director                              6/16  Indy film
Eric Sheffield                  Writer/Director                      7/16 "Hatchback" Indy film
Alfonso Otero                  Director                                8/16 Short Film
Garrett Kennell              Director                                9/16 "No Spring Chicken"
Nick Hurt                          Director/Producer              9/16 "No Spring Chicken"
American Horror Story:Roanoke  featured background  8&9/16  4 episodes
Michael Skolnick            Director                                11/16 The Gliksmans  Indy film
Annika Kurnick              Director/co-writer                1/17 AFI thesis film Magic 85
Jon Graham                    Director/writer                      3/17 La Petite, short film
Sean Allen Webley        Director/Writer                      4/17 music video for Dez Fink
Jazmine Harvel              Director/Writer                      5/17 Webisode #1
Adam Michael Jones    Director/Writer                      5/17 Webisode #1
Gianluca Minucci            Director                                  7/17  Phantogram music video
Liana Rae Perez            Producer                              7/17 Phantogram music video
                                                                                                        "Funeral Pyre"
Jay Weingarten              Writer/Director                      7/17  Short Film
Matthew Goldin              Writer/Director                      7/17  Short Film
Ed Fox                            44330/Director                      10/17 film
                                                                                      3/18 film
                                                                                      4/18 film
Dan Montgomery    Producer    Music video for Royal
Kevan Funk            Director      Canoe/lead actor        5/18

Grayson Mcguire            choreographer                    4/17 Dez Fink music video