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Mar 26, 2021
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Dec 14, 2010
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I don't do TFP, I may be willing to trade for services. like make content for.. well I honestly don't need anymore clothes. lol I have WAY TO MANY clothes. If anything I need someone to help me build a storage unit in my backyard, or install a shower in my downstairs bathroom at my house in Vegas. Or just general work on my house, I've been working on upgrading it. theres actually A LOT I want to get done on my house. Thats why I bought a house, so I can custom make it to fit my lifestyle. I also want to have something custom made so I can have privacy in my backyard, I was thinking something like putting tall poles up, and being able to roll down and up, something that makes my neighbors not be able to see what going on in my backyard.

Usually I try to get 50-100$ a hour for all content, fashion, make up, lingerie, bikini, etc.
100$-200$ a hour for art nudes-implied nudes depending on shoot details.
200$-300$ a hour for erotic nudes, close ups, leg spreads, more sexual types of photos everyone has a different opinion of ''What'' Erotic is I've noticed so I like to usually try to get some examples of what types of photos your tying to get. I would prefer to get this rate just because I'm flexible, I like to climb things, do splits on things, or do yoga balancing on stuff, trying different stuff, or whatever comes to mind, during photoshoots, and it's just easier to not have to consciously think ''okay where is but butt-crotch pointing?'' Also depends on the details of the shoot.
then ad 100$ if you want video, example if you want video of art nudes, total 200$ a hour, erotic nudes photo & video 300$ a hour

Those are standard rates, but it also depends on where the content will be posted, do I get shared rights, how many hours your booking me for, when do I get the photos, etc. Rates are negotiable depending on details. Example: I might be willing to get a lower hourly pay if your booking me for a half or full day instead of 1-2 hours.

Really annoying that I have to S-P-E-L-L this out for people. Porn in my opinion is any job that requires me to have sex oral, anal, h/j, or vaginal with a complete stranger or anything requiring penetration. Or anything where other people will be all up in my ''pink zone'' with there hands or whatever else.

A photoshoot I did in Vegas, I just feel it shows my personality.

pole-gymnastics-yoga vids

My cute puppy Millie. lol.. yes I did make a instagram page for her.

I'm a promo model, & lifetime member for training shooting range, the best in the USA, I can sell 4 day training classes for 200$ instead of 2k. They have locations in Las Vegas, Alaska, and Arizona. The Las Vegas location is building a Hotel for guest to stay in for free, if they are taking classes as well. It's a crazy good deal, they have all sorta of self defense classes, hand gun, machine gun, knife, hand to hand, etc. I took a 4 day class and it was so much fun. If your into this sorta thing I'd really recommend it. 

use the link before to except credit cards with square app credit card reader on your phone, get 1000$ in free processing fees when you sign up with the link below. Except credit card payment for any of your gigs.

updated pictures-vids:

    My name is Merry Whitney I am originally from Austin Tx. ''Keep Austin Weird'' I started modeling when I was 17 years old in Manhattan NYC. I am now 31 in 2018. I have traveled all over the USA a few times & guam. There are very few types of entertainment work I have not done or tried. I travel to Austin Tx. to visit my sister, own a house in Las Vegas, visit New York for work, I plan to have my own condo out there one day. BEST-FASTEST WAY TO REACH ME IS MY CELL, 512-785-8906, I prefer text, or speak on the phone to discuss details of the shoot. Phone because it's so much faster then e-mail or leaving a message on one of my social media sites I sometimes can come and go from town kinda fast so thats why it's better for a phone contact. Or if you want to work with me when I come to town, shoot me a text and I'll save you in my phone and contact you when I get to town. I've had the same # since I ever had a cell phone. I also do acting, I have had acting training in Las Vegas from a oscar award winning actors teacher. As well as other training listed below. I love working with and meeting different artistic-creative minds. I do take my work seriously but I also try to have as much fun as possible while I work. I have been told I smile to much sometimes by fashion editorial people when they want the serious look. I can do that too if needed. I do up to nude work. My nick name or stage name is Felicity, it came from being a stripper, it's my fav pole dancers name, Felicity Logan. People say I look exotic, and I feel ''Felicity'' sounds more exotic then ''Merry'' I think Merry kinda sounds dorky, I am a dork & I do love my real name too, I can be a jokester, but usually would prefer to be called my stage name. Merry means happy & generally I am a very happy positive type of person. Someone told me Felicity also means happy, and that just made me love the name even more. I am into pole fitness, yoga and contortion training, I try to be vegan but I'm not 100% vegan. lol.. I respect-admire vegans but if I slip I'm not going to have a guilt trip about it. I have done alot of nude work, mostly because... well we all know in this industry sex sells, & I'm okay with that because I don't think nudity or sexuality is dirty or something to be ashamed of, I can look at a nude beautiful-sexy person, or even porn depending on the type of porn, lol.. and see the art in it, but one day I hope to get cast for a role that actually challenges me in a more artistic way, mostly because I am way more then just a pretty face or sexy body. Not looking to get into the porn industry FYI. lol.. I just mean sexuality in general isn't shameful in my opinion. I have been cast for a lead role that fit that bill before with a great crew-director who I know I'd LOVE & have so much fun working with, but then I had to unexpectedly move. sad It will happen one day again. I was actually casted in the top 30 runners up in ''Americas Next Top Model'' casting in Chicago the season where Jaslene Gonzalez won. I got cut because of the non exclosure agreement cause I walked out the door like OMG! I got in! lol.. oops, got a little to excited there. O-well I was a lot younger then. I quit watching the show only because it got annoying when they gave the opportunity to someone who took it for granted and didn't even try. I would have rocked it and given it everything I had. I am a Leo, strong confident fire sign type of person, & I always go for it, I like to push the limits and am generally a daredevil-risk taker. I don't like to be average, I never have been and I quit trying to be like ''everyone else'' maybe a little crazy but the good crazy in my opinion. I once met someone who got on the show dancing-stripping in Alaska. She was a nice person but I wouldn't call her a strong person or a leader.. no offense to her.. but I am extremly way more driven then her. When I make my mind up... it's done. Dancing-stripping-pole fitness is not for the weak minded. I picked up the hobby pole fitness, as a stripper obviously. I don't want to be one forever, I'm just doing it so I can buy the real estate that I want and have a secure private location to perfect-focus on my craft, and be financially stable enough to focus on my craft. I'm sure I will do pole fitness-yoga-contortion maybe forever now. I also teach pole fitness, or fitness in general. I am also into sewing or making my own clothing, & I love dogs-animals. Hopefully we can create something great together.

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"Merry is amazing. Her physical skills, her personality, and her beauty. She's a superbly talented model and we created some excellent work. I highly recommended her as a model." Read less

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"I worked with Merry a long long time ago, but I still remember it like it was yesterday!" Read less

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"Simply put, Merry L is amazing. She was all I had hoped for and more. Extremely professional and she takes direction well. In addition, she is very brilliant as a model and added a very welcome element of creativity to our shoot." Read less

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Credit Notes

MODELING                      Atmosphere model                        Vegas
Propaganda Magazine            Feature Spread                              NYC
Diet Green Tea                      National Commercial Feature    Village Films,Miami
Janice Dickinson Model Agency   Reality T.V.                     Oxygen channel,La Ca
Monster Make Over                video/photo model            xbox video games,LA Ca
CoCoChannel                         Make Up Workshop                    Miami Fl
Paul Mitchell Hair Products        Promo/runway model               Austin Tx.
Wine Festival                         Promo model                                  Vegas
AAPEX Ecofresh                     promo model         ,Vegas                    web model                                    Austin Tx.                  web model                                  Las Vegas                  web model                                    Austin Tx.

Operation Repo                      Feature                                TruTV, Vegas
Playboy T.V.                          Featured Dancer/Actress          Playboy, La Ca
Price of love pilot film              Featured                                 BBC, La Ca
12 Corazones                         Featured                     Telemundo T.V., La Ca
Clothes Minded Movie              Featured                     Documentary, NYC
Stations Casinos Commercial       Extra                       Stations Casino, Vegas
Call of Duty promo                   Host               , Vegas
House Of Lies T.v. show            Extra                         Showtime, Vegas
Last Vegas Feature Film             Extra                         CBS FILMS, Vegas
Friday Night Lights                    Extra                         NBC, Austin Tx.
Emii & Snoop Dog 'Mr. Romeo'       Extra                                 La Ca
Kesha We R Who We R              Extra                                   La Ca
Push Girls                        Stand In    Sundance channel order 24 productions, La
Let's Make a Deal              Audience Extra                      CBS, La Ca
Justice For All                        Extra                                    ABC  La Ca commercial          Extra                            Summer Campaign 2013
New Values                      Reoccurring Feature          Comedy Web Series La Ca
Olu Maintain                        Feature                      Music video for Music TV La
Awol 72 feature film        Feature ''Asain Slave''        Triumphant Pictures La, Ca