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About Me

I do photography for the creativity and artistic expression. Photography is also something I do for fun, not something that I try to make a living off of.

I strive to create beautiful and sensual images without crossing the border into porn.  Of course, there will always be those who would consider a pinup painted on the nose of a 1940's WW II Air Force bomber showing some ''cheesecake'' (a vintage term for a knee or a bit of thigh showing) to be porn. 

(As an aside, check out Nose Art - about a person who recreates vintage aircraft noseart!  Also see Elvgren Pinup for some interesting "behind the scenes" photos of the inspiration for Gil Elvgren's work - including the pinup artwork that resulted.  Here is the Myspace page of the person responsible for the Elvgren web site -  Here is a site dedicated to Cheesecake and the Pin Up and a site dedicated to the Hollywood Pinup.)

Note:  NONE of the images marked M in my portfolio are really 18+ (i.e., adult in nature).  If you want to know why I marked them as M, ask me and I'll explain why I do this.

The Escort Question
I believe that it is fair, and sensible, that a model should be allowed to take an escort along with her - whether it be a mother, a father, a friend, a boyfriend, or even a husband. 

I heartily endorse this and would suspect any photographer treating, in general, this concept (an escort for the model) with disdain, though I do understand that there may, perhaps, be unfortunate exceptions for others.  This has never been the case for me - I personally have never had any issue with an escort.  But even if I had, I would still never insist that there be no escort.  I think people who argue this point should try putting themselves in the shoes of the prospective model - going to meet a person that is a complete stranger to them, in a place they have never been to before.  It is not, I feel, a matter of "professionalism" to refuse an escort be allowed.  It IS a matter of common sense and safety to be allowed to bring an escort.

Until the model is comfortable with her photographer, she should have the right to bring her own source of comfort and protection. 

My Favorite Shot (So Far)

Since many have asked about the lighting setup on this shot, here it is (it is actually really simple):

I used a Canon 550EX Speedlite with a LumiQuest Big Bounce.  The LumiQuest product is, basically, a foldable soft box atop your camera.  (I do wish flash mounts were larger and more robust!)

The flash and Big Bounce were both attached to a Stroboframe Quick Flip camera bracket.  (This allows the flipping of the flash so you can quickly change from landscape to portrait orientation and still have the flash above the camera.)  The whole thing is a bit bulky, and looks weird, but works really well.  Take that rig with you on vacation to a theme park and you get LOTS of stares!  Everyone assumes you work for a newspaper!

The light behind the model was one of an extremely powerful set of lamps circling around a lighthouse to illuminate it at night. The lighthouse was placed on the lake for decorative purposes only and it doesn't have a lighthouse light inside it.  (I was standing with my back to the lighthouse.)

Note: The lighting really DOESN'T contribute to the apparent see-through quality of the dress.  It looks the same even in broad daylight.  It was made in (and made to be worn in) Russia.  The model wearing it had only just arrived in the states from Russia.

Thanks to David LeDeaux (MM ID 93601) for programming this "page hit meter." See the following forum thread for more information - Stats

MM ID number: 360207

Eric's work uses a minimalist approach.  At least that is how I perceive it.  His sense of style is evident in every shot - the portrayal of beauty in its purest form.

MM ID number: 60292

Red's work is not just glamour or lingerie or swimsuit.  It sort of defies description.  "Models in nature" maybe? I do know that it is art in and of itself.  Have a peek at his work!!!

_____jwmcnamara - Photographer_____
MM ID number: 31578

_____Kimberly aka MG - Model_____
MM ID number: 178524

These two created a magical pairing for the shot shown.  See their portfolios for other equally great shots!

_____exposureclothing - Photographer_____
MM ID number: 310743

This is an awesome shot.  The photographer owns a clothing store selling clothing perfect for modeling shots like those shown in his portfolio.  (See link for the store below.)

Store website:

"NO ONE starts out as an amazing anything. They become that through intentions, work and dedication.  Some natural talent and childhood interests help too. So keep going! Your dreams will begin to grow and you will be surprised at what you can achieve."
- Red (see Red's MM ID # above)

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