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About Me

I'm an experienced and professional TV presenter and model. I'm always on the look out for new projects to get involved in.

I'm easy to work with, reliable and a fast learner.

In regards to modelling my levels are fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

As a person I'm very bubbly and outgoing. I'm interested in politics, current affairs, fashion, beauty and music.

You can see more photos here:
and here:

And my show reel with clips from my time as a news reader here:

You can see a video of some of my pictures here:

Comp card and video by:

Please have a look at and like my facebook page:

05/05/2017 Asian Bridal Shoot

28/02/2017 Fashion shoot for My Mix Trendz

01/12/16 Asian Bridal shoot

11/05/2016 - Outdoor fashion shoot

05/05/2016 - Harlequin Doll shoot

24/04/2016 - Extra work for ITV drama

13/01/2016 - Fashion shoot for women's clothing store Minx Clothing

09/11/2015 – Presenting video work for

11/10/2015 - Greek Goddess shoot.

28/07/15 - Extra work for new Sky drama,

03/07/15 - Presenting work for That's Manchester conducting interviews to be shown during the news.

20/05/2015 – Beauty shoot for Sk:n

12/05/2015 – Asian bridal shoot with MeghanBaxterMUA (# 3636471)

17/04/2015 - Studio based fashion shoot with Mateusz Tadych (#2975319)

21/12/2014 - 1920s flapper shoot

14/12/2014 Extra work for a new ITV drama.

03/12/2014 Voice over work, you can hear me one minute 40 seconds in:

20/10/2014 I was an extra in a new BBC drama 

14/09/2014 I was presenter and hostess at Rhythm of Asia at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. The role involved me interviewing designers on the red carpet for ARY TV and presenting the show. I also modelled an outfit by one of the designers throughout the evening.

31/05/14 Fashion shoot for folding shoe website with Exposure North West (#2670532)

22/03/14 Western bridal shoot.

20/02/14 Filming done for Co-op bank. Corporate style to be shown at a conference.

16/02/14 I was presenter and hostess at a charity dinner. This role included introducing the show and all the acts and acting as auctioneer. I also modelled a dress by one of the designers involved in the show. We raised over £6000 for orphans.

15/11/13 Business woman style shoot for ladies fashion site.

29/09/13 Outdoor vintage bridal shoot.

16/09/13 Fashion shoot for Shalmi Fashion. I modelled about 50 outfits for their website and e-bay shop as well as leggings and jewellery:

26/07/13 I modelled for a photography workshop on movement. This involved indoor and outdoor work with photographers of varying levels of experience. (#1716384)

10/06/13 Urban fashion shoot in Manchester city centre. 

28/05/13 Fashion shoot for Shalmi Fashion. I modelled about 50 outfits for their website and e-bay shop:

24/04/13 I was presenter and hostess at a Pulp Fiction themed event in Manchester city centre.

08/04/13 Lifestyle shoot done for a letting agent’s website and marketing material.

28/03/13 1960’s style fashion and beauty shoot.

23/03/13 I was presenter at The Asian Wedding Exhibition 2013. My role was to present the show including 3 fashion shows. I also went round the exhibition with a film crew interviewing stall holders and guests for a short film about the exhibition to be shown on TV. I also modelled a dress by the main designer throughout the day.

13/03/13 Outdoor urban fashion shoot with David Anthony (#2545271) and assisted by Looks Photography (#2283299)

16/01/2013 Fashion shoot for Shalmi Fashion website and flyers. I modelled  about 50 outfits.

18/12/2012 The music video in which I played the role of leading lady was released. You can see it here: 

06/12/2012 I was presenter at the Shalimar restaurant launch in Wilmslow. My role was to talk a little about the restaurant and the chains history, introduce the owner and the entertainment.

03/11/2012 I was presenter and hostess at the Riding for the Disabled Winter Ball. This involved introducing the event, doing the raffle, introducing the acts and speakers on and off stage and closing the event. 

11/10/12 Music video for Asgar Khan. My role was leading lady. You can see some shots from the video below:

10/10/12 Creative beauty shoot with Flash Bang Wallop photography

11/07/12 I filmed the promo for new beauty show Ultimate Beauty. During the promo I modelled while the makeup artist touched up my makeup. During the show I will be presenting and modelling. Filming will start in late July, early August 

01/07/12 You can see me modelling on the front cover of Fusion Lifestyle Magazine. There is a shot of me in the index, on pages 25, 29, and 32 modelling vintage Asian fashion from the 60s and 70s, on page 37 modelling a western bridal dress and on page 49 modelling a modern Asian party dress.  Photographer Monir Ali (#744435)
You can pick up a copy or see the online version at the bottom of the page here:






Page 49

30/06/12 Shoot for Shalmi fashion, around 50 outfits modelled and a lot of shawls:

28/05/12 I was presenter and hostess at the Spice City Business Networking Event in Birmingham. The event was filmed for various sky channels. 

14/05/12 Fashion shoot for asos market place:

01/05/12 I was presenter and hostess at the Spice City Business Networking Event in Oldham. My job was to introduce speakers and acts on and off stage and keep the audience happy.

23/04/12 You can see the trailer for the IF event on the 13th of May here: Make up by Sandy Dosanjh (#1335027). I’ll be presenter and hostess at the event as well as modelling.

04/04/12 Fashion shoot done for casual and evening dresses. Photographer Steve Hogan (#1696016)

07/03/12 Western bridal shoot and Asian fashion/bridal shoot (60s, 70s and modern style) done for Fusion Lifestyle magazine.

27/01/12 – Promo filmed for a big event being put on by local family TV. I’ll be presenting and modelling at the event. More info coming soon:

09/01/12 Shoot with NewID studios.

09/12/11 Beauty shoot for

07/12/11 Fashion shoot for Store Twenty one
You can also see me modelling across the womens sections. Here are a few links so some of my pictures on their site:

30/11/11 1940s vintage shoot. Photographer Phil Maguire and make up by Komal Khan: 

10/11/11 Shoot done with Chris Down (#1147941) for you can see me modelling items on the links below:

29/10/11 Fashion shoot done for Shalmi Fashion, 48 outfits modelled as well as jewellery and shawls.  The photos are online and in a printed catalogue. You can see me on the homepage here:
And over 5 pages of Occasions and Fancywear here:

25/09/2011 I was presenter and hostess for the Spice City Business Exhibition. My role involved introducing acts on and off stage, interviewing sponsors and guests for NTV and modelling designer dresses. You can see the poster for the event below on which I'm featured and a shot of me presenting and modelling on stage.

08/08/11 – 70s style shoot at The Deaf Institute make up by Freena Bhikha (#1760514), photographer Phil Jenkins (#2347494).

30/06/11 I'm so honoured to have been named model of the month by AsianHC magazine. You can see the digital version here:
And a copy of the spread below:

12/05/11 Fashion shoot done with David Ballard (#476124) and Kerri-Louise (#2033500)

14/04/11 Shoot covering military look, business woman and fitness. Photographer Phil Maguire and make up by Freena Bhikha (#1760514).

13/04/2011 Shoot for Alishba Exclusive, published in AsianHC magazine, April issue, can be seen online here@ Make up and photography by Basra and Imran:

09/04/2011 Alternative Queen of Hearts shoot done with Natalie_Makeup_Artistry (#715898) and everythingmanchester
(#2029799) The full set can be seen here:

03/03/11 Interview with fantastic makeup artist Sidra Qadir:

02/03/11 – Hostess at a charity auction, over £1000 raised.

24/02/11 - Shoot at Fusion Studios

06/01/2011 Shoot with New ID studio 

11/11/10 Asian fashion and beauty shoot with Phil Maguire and Shahida MUA

04/11/10 Glamorous Asian bridal and party shoot. Photographer Silver K Photography (#1397833) make up and hair by Tia Marie 92 (#1860155)

29/09/10 Autumn/winter fashion shoot done with Phil Maguire.

23/08/2010 Classical beauty shoot done with Phil Maguire, make up by Freena Bhikha (#1760514).

14/07/2010 Web presenting done for Rossiter & Co website. The video can be seen here:

20/05/10 You can now see the modelling I did for wedding TV here:
I model one dress 5 minutes and 29 seconds into the show

10/03/10 Fashion shoot done with Richard Wilson (#1588370)
indoors and outdoors. I would highly recommend working with him.
Richard also made a video to accompany the shoot which you can see here:

06/02/10 Editorial lifestyle shoot done with the very talented Richard Aldred (#1522496)

04/02/10 I entered the Company and River Island Casting Call and came 3rd in the Manchester heats. You can see the leader board here:

19/01/10 I did some web presenting for the Lime Media Marketing website. I’ll provide the link once it’s online. 

13/01/10 Some of my shots are now on the following site: under 'Services' and 'Celebrities', photos, hair and make up done by Dolz Make Up (#1477168)

15/12/09 Photo shoot done modelling the new HSY bridal collection at Imani Studios. Photographer was Amir Shah (#1290323) MUA and hair stylist were provided by Dolz Make Up (#1477168).

Later that day I modelled one of the dresses for wedding TV while the designer talked about it. The show was presented by Nessa Wrafter (#535113) 

The following image from the shoot will be published in Asian Woman Magazine: Issue 43
More to come.

30/09/09 Outdoor shoot by the canal and indoor shoot done with guyadobson (#1388392) 

29/09/09 Egyptian style voodoo shoot. Make up artist and visionary Make-up Pro (#1054028) photographer just JAS (#1131589)

29/08/09 The Face of Mora Moda finals. I made it to the final 11 from the 500 original contestants. I was offered a 2 year modelling contract and future presenting work by the owner of the agency.

19/06/09 Outdoor fairy themed shoot done in Chorlton. Photographer and visionary was Sarah Golding (#872953), make up by lisaspfxartist (#1016373) and my fairy friend in the shoot was fellow model Sinead Williams (#1083658) .

18/06/09 Shoot done at Red Door Studios for the Face of Mora Moda competition.

28/05/09 Indoor studio shoot done with Utopia Studios (#1134829).

18/05/09 A gothic outdoor shoot done in a beautiful park with SaraPhotographerSalford (#1187145).

30/04/09 I did a shoot with LAS Photography (#1029453) for her final year project on happiness.

13/04/09 I did a outdoor shoot with Nick W PHotography (#1072333).

10/03/09 I filmed a bit for the co op bank website where I speak about how to handle your debts. You can see it by following this link: under the 'Our Experts' section.

I’ve been featured on the following website:

TV experience:

Guest Presenter on Mid Morning Show: (08/02/08) - (20/02/08)
DMDigital (Television House, 33-35,Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DW United Kingdom)

Role: To discuss current affairs in a 15 minute slot once to twice a week.
I would research at home via the internet and come to the show with bullet points written on paper which I would use to prompt myself as there was no autocue.
The show was always broadcast live. I would occasionally talk to the show’s host but it was mainly me talking to the camera or a caller.   

Senior News Reader: (20/02/08 - 20/02/09)
DMDigital (Television House, 33-35,Turner Street, Manchester, M4 1DW United Kingdom)

I would come into work at 11.30pm and write the lunchtime news which needs to be 15 minutes long then the local news Manchester Today which is 10 minutes long.  I did my own make-up and record live at 12.30 with a 5 minute advert break between the two shows. All of my research was done online. I then conduct any phone interviews I had arranged the day before. Next I would write the 3pm news which is 10 minutes followed by the 5pm news which is 15 minutes long.  I did all the news live.  Throughout the day I would do a report if I found anything interesting going on in Manchester. I would also source interviews or go out and do voxes.   

For a sample of some of the things I did at the station please see my show reel here: 

You can also see me reporting on a charity football match here:

I have filmed a pilot for a crime watch style show and a mid morning show. I've also done a voice over for an advert for the same channel.


Research and script writing: I have learnt how to keep lines short so the viewers do not lose interest while including all relevant information. There are very strict deadlines that I always stick to.

Source and Secure interviews: I always try to keep the interview relevant to the weeks news. We very rarely have a video link so normally my image is the only movement on screen. I always have to be sure that my expression shows interest and that I ask all the right questions. Of course I enjoy face to face interviews far more. 

Bringing the public's views to the show: I will go out into Manchester and ask people their opinions on various topics. You need to know how to ask the right questions. You can’t be shy or stop to explain. It is simply a matter of putting the microphone in front of them and asking. If they don't want to speak to you then you move on.

Technical skills: Simple things like learning how to load the autocue myself and turning the studio lights on and off have been helpful to my producer. I do all my own make up, it was a matter of trial and error before I learnt what looks good on TV.

Good presenting skills: I always make sure my expression and tone are relevant. I have learnt that movement can’t be too large as it is distracting but sitting still can make you look wooden. It is a delicate balance that I feel I have achieved. A good presenter never shys away from a challenge and should not be afraid if the autocue is not at hand.     

Team work: I always try to make life as easy for my producer as possible. I put all my images and scripts on a memory stick for him and hand write the headlines with the order the pictures need to appear at least 15 minutes before we film. If I am not in the next day I write a clear handover to the other presenter going over any interviews I have sourced for them.

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