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All of the hair and make up you see in my images was done by me unless otherwise noted.  I worked in a salon for many years and now I'm freelance.  I am extremely flexible with looks which includes some special F/X. 

I've posted small variety of pictures out of an extensive portfolio so that you could get a taste of my capabilities.  I push my limits, absorb new techniques and further my skills with each new endeavor. 

I am extremely flexible and therefore I do all styles and genres of make up. 

If you do not see something you are interested in,  just ask as I have many portolio pics, but am limited to only showing a few here. 

I absolutely adore doing make up and hair and have been doing it since I could walk (literally), therefore I have many years under my belt. 

I do not look at this as a job...  I look at it as another opportunity to enjoy each day as I get to to what I love!  I desire to work with people who feel the same way.  Life is much too short not to partake, create and smile. 

I am also available for post production.  Samples are available upon request. 

I have references as well, just ask or look below. 

On a personal note: I have worked very hard to develop happiness and balance in my life.  I believe in living each day to the fullest.  Which brings us right here,  right now.

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Hard Cover Books:

*My stylings are soon to be featured in Justice Howard's book which is a compilation of her lifetime's work.  This book will include the unveiling of her entire face, which she has kept hidden partially for her entire career.  Guess who did her hair and make up for the shot???  mmmm hmmmmm : )
Due to be released: 2007/Worldwide

*Blind ghosts within the flesh of the heart
by: Sofia Mina Smirnova
Cover shot &

pictorials throughout book
Due to be released: 2007/Worldwide

Skin Two Fetish magazine - article featuring Dita Von Tease and her dancers
Erotica Magazine - Justice Howard's 8 page photo spread (now that sounds 70's, doesn't it???)
Pain Magazine - Cover
AVN Magazine - Cover
Taboo Magazine
Savage Magazine
Cinema Sirens
Reps Magazine (Arnold Shwarzenegger cover)
Glutes Magazine

*Fashion shows: 
EC Star - Fall '03 Line Fashion Show
EC Star - Summer '04 Fashion Show
CBW Designs - Bondage Fantasy '05
Subculture Array - Gothic Wedding Show '05
Prototype Designs by Venus - N.Y.E. Show '05
and the list goes on...

*Stage Shows:
The Zodiac Show
and more...

EC Star
Junker Designs
Prototype Designs by Venus
Hollywood Aprons Catalogue
Onch Movement
and more...

My work has been featured in: (too many to name) Art shows involving the photographers I have worked with.

Some of the photographers I have worked with: 
Austin Young
Alex Ardenti
Steve Diet Goedde
Dan Santoni
Bob Coulter
Perry Gallagher
Alley Z(epeda)
Liezel Rubin
Spike Vain
Justice Howard
Saryn Angel
Faith of Tiny Dragon Productions
Chaz of Chaz Photographics
Ronan Spelman
Gregg Welker
Michael Helms
Robert Sanders
Tommy O
Joel Beren (for OLIVIA artwork)

Some sites featuring my work:
More to come...

And now... from the mouths of babes!!!  ; )

"Pamela  is a supreme aesthetician. She can create any look you might need for any styling setting or any time period photograph. She has an incredible work ethic and her personality is always upbeat and positive. I would hire her, and have many many times over. "

....Justice Howard --- world class photographer

"Pamela's unique vision as a makeup artist and hair stylist continues to amaze and impress me. She is versatile enough to create elegance or extravagance depending on the occasion. Personally, I am drawn to her bold ideas and wild creations. I have also had the pleasure of working with her during a runway fashion show. Her professional and creative talents shined throughout, and she helped make the fashion show truly eye popping.
I look forward to working with her again!"

Tiny Dragon Productions

"I have been an admirer of your work for quite a while now. Having worked with you recently, I compliment you on your creativity and professionalism. I look forward to collaborating with you again, in the near future.

Keep up the great work!"

Saryn Angel Photography

"Thanks again for doing such a great job!

Very Professional and fun to work with. The job she did on the band was amazing. She made me feel really comfortable when putting the make-up. I would definitely use her for any transformations in the future."

Ooze Bassist
"The first time I've ever had a professional make up job was with Pamela. I didn't really know what to expect. The experience was so comfortable it was therapeutic. I had no suspicion of her abilities. Her professional demeanor and confidence were very apparent, she knew what she was doing. Furthermore I looked amazing! It was a wonderful experience and I don't ever want anyone else to do my make up!"

Ooze Guitarist
"First of all I would like to say Pamela captures you in a way you have only fantasized yourself as, consequently we're too indecisive or shy to pull it off!  Her art via make-up and hairstyle is utterly indescribable. I can't say how easy she is to work with and what an awesome person she is, while doing a fantastic job at making you into something you could have only wished for. I recommend Pamela to the highest degree of excellence and perfection. You will NOT be disappointed at the results!"

Puddinpants Productions
"Pamela, you are a true artist. You are able to take any raw material and create a work of art. I have searched around so much trying to find the perfect stylist, but I feel completely at ease when you take your tools in hand because you have a natural gift for creating a flattering whomever you are working on. "

````````````````````````````````````````````````````"Provocative and revitalizing style that captures the essence of oneself leaving you speechless."

Gabriela Ramos
Pamela's ..#1 Fan!!!

"Having worked with many artist and photographers and being in the field myself I consider myself an extremely picky individual. I know how I want things done and I am not usually one to allow someone complete control as I always felt I knew my how to high light features better than anyone else..
However with Pamela I felt instantly relaxed and had no problem with allowing her to have complete control. Not only was she a pleasure to work with but she put me instantly at ease as she purred out conversation as she performed her work on me. It was a comfortable feeling such as hanging out with your best friend and yet at the same time she was completely professional. Make up and hair can sometimes feel like it takes forever but with her it flew by in no time and the end result was amazing.
Not only did she work with the photographer get the feel of what they were looking for but also worked with me to make sure I was pleased with the end result.
I had seen myself made up for what felt like a million times however she managed to impress even me with her attention to detail, lighting and accenting certain features.
Pam is the ultimate in makeup artist, professional, friendly, and easy going with the eye and skill that surpassed many artist I have worked with. Not only did I have the pleasure to work with her on this photo shoot but have recommended her to other people as well and was equally impressed with the results and raving reviews. From professional modeling shoots to wedding make overs.. she has the touch that shows she enjoys what she does."

S. O'Carroll
Writer/ Artist/ Model
"merging the deep uknown of an already innovative hyperactive industry...count pamela is still able to perform her works of art, transcending time, genre, and social norm. A true artist with talent that is only left to inspire others"

Johnny (Go-Go 2.0)
Model/Performance Artist
"The intricacy and detail of your makeup and hair design is unlike any artist that I've worked with. I am especially impressed with your originality in turning your clients into a unique character unparalleled to anything I've seen before. I look forward to working with such a professional and talented stylist for future projects."

Dirty Britty Photography
"Creative and Unique...Pamela is professional and her work reflects an incredible style!!"

"Pamela's personality is one that puts 100% behind everything she does. Her passion for art and for life comes through in her work. Pamela is so incredibly creative and her eye for beauty is immaculate. Being that she is also a great listener, the clients visions are not lost in the process. She has a warm heart that makes you feel comfortable to share how you feel. It is an amazing thing to watch her create beauty from anything.

I am very lucky to have worked with her and also to have her style and color my hair. Working with her on a professional level she is intelligent, skilled and talented. She could figure anything out that was put in front of her. She brought her creativity to everything that she worked on."

Pamela rules!!

Kristen (anne) Warner

"Just last week I had the opportunity to work with Pamela, her talents are unserpassed as a Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist.  Like a sculpter looking at a block of marble and working to reveal the object within, Pamela applies makeup to reveal the beauty within the model.  She applies makeup with her heart.  Her talents just blew me away.  I HIGHLY recommend Pamela and look forward to the next time I get to work with her."