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I love to create Art in general...  I very much enjoy doing so for all my clients and for the commissions that I am hired to direct and produce. 

I also very occasionally, as my schedule permits and for exceptional projects, enjoy working with new models in a TFCD context, doing so with the goal of combining and merging our respective talents and creativity to bring to life always more beautiful Art.

As all my clients and friends already know so well, I very much love people in general, with all the infinitely beautiful emotions, experience and thoughts that makes them who they are today, who they used to be and who they aspire to become... 

I very much love to capture with a camera a two dimensional image of one's unique combination of physical and spiritual beauty and "showcasing" it in the best way that I can think of.

On a more spiritual level, I especially love having the privilege, whenever that can indeed happen, to also catch a glimpse of one's mind, soul and spirit by having the pleasure to capture pieces of their life's journey by photographing them.  To capture through their photos some of their memories of yesterdays as well as their joys and sorrows of todays and their dreams of infinite tomorrows...

As you will notice from the very small sampling that I included on this site from my various portfolios, I also love variety in terms of the spirit of my shots, the composition, the locations, the colors depicted, the contrasts, the definition, the atmosphere, the amount (of lack of) post production with Photoshop etc. 
Most photographers seem to enjoy specializing in one particular style of photography, style or composition but I most definitely prefer to make my journey quite different as I very much enjoy exploring an infinity of new ideas, concepts and styles, just as I do in my paintings.

Eventhough I also occasionally get hired to photograph products, buildings or locations, most of my photography involves people, all the way from babies and children, to models, families, artists, singers, bands and musicians, athletes, as well as professionals and public figures (I have just finished, for example, shooting a series of portraits for the District Attorney).

I am also a painter (painting very colorful abstract oils and acrylics that I sell through public exhibits or for private commissions and collectors).  That part of my life allows me to approach photography as just another way to "paint" on another form of blank canvas, using my lens instead of a brush and enjoying a palette with an infinity of colors...

If you are interested in hiring me for any photographic needs that you may have, whether to take your portfolio to a whole new level or to start a brand new one for you, it will be my pleasure and privilege to help you to do so, in the very best ways that I can. 
I will be more than happy to direct you during the shoot and give you modeling directions if you wish, or I will limit myself to capturing in the very best way possible your already acquired modeling skills if that is what you prefer.

I love to work with total beginners as well as with already successful and established models/actors/artists and I will be more than happy to adapt to anything and everything that you need with only one goal in mind, creating photos for you and of you that will do their very best to promote your career/business goals, helping you to get you as many new business and working opportunities as possible.

If you need any references, I will be more than happy to supply you from a very wide rande of clients with as many as you might wish.  I have the highest ethics that you could find in that business and the comfort of the models/clients who I work with is always my priority.

Please feel free to contact me through one of my Websites or through ModelMayhem (if you want to view a much more extensive and updated sampling of my photo work, please feel free to "Friend" me on Facebook where you will be able to access many more of my portfolios).

Thank you,

Pascal Monmoine

Overseas travel plans if you are interested in shooting at any of these locations:

May 22 to 28: Santo Domingo- Dominican Republic

June 15 - July 9: UK (London) - France (Paris)

Ps: I took the liberty to include here under a few testimonials which will give you a better idea, in these client's and models'€™ own words, of my dedication to what I do as well as my work ethics€.

“ Pascal ,
You are by far one of the most brilliant people I have ever met.
I absolutely loved working with you and I am so glad that I could be a part of your art.
Stay wonderful ! “
Brittany Whitford – Model

“ To refer to this man as a photographer is to woefully understate his talents. He becomes one with his subject and not only captures the visual but the true essence of the person and the situation. 
After you have experienced the joy and beauty of being transformed in this manner, you will never settle for mere photography again. “
Evia Jordan – Attorney at Law

" As a professional actress and director I found the photographic artistry of Pascal Monmoine outstanding!
He makes you feel completely comfortable during and in between shots and makes every effort to help you look and feel your best.
I recommend him to all of my colleagues !... "
Trezana Beverley – Tony Award Director

" Pascal’s photos were really fantastic for use in our magazine. 
He captured the bond between the two subjects in a number of beautiful settings and poses. 
Pascal went above and beyond in providing outdoor photography as well as studio shots. 
He was very accommodating in meeting our needs and schedule. "
Michael Skinner - Managing Editor
" The National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association "

" We had an impossible photography task in an even more impossible time crunch (individual and group shots for seven band members in different situations, all between the hours of 7pm and 8:30pm), and Pascal not only came through for us, but he did so with creativity, style, and a wonderfully focused and relaxed approach which put us all at ease. 
The best part was getting the actual photos - we could hardly believe the quality and consistency of shots which Pascal was able to coax out of the dying daylight under such difficult circumstances. 
It was a wonderful experience and we would, and do, recommend Pascal to everyone we know. Well, not everyone - just the ones we like... " 
Django Haskins – Bandleader of “ The Old Ceremony “

“ Pascal : Thank you for all of your efforts.
So many staff members told me how much they enjoyed the photo shoot.  They had many compliments about you as a person.
The final group photo came out very nice.  Our CEO and the staff were very happy with the results.   
You did a great job!  Thank You. “
Andrea Kloehn - Chief Operating Officer / MEDSTAFF National Medical Staffing

" I just wanted to take a moment to thank Pascal for the wonderful work that he did for the Stone  Center.  
Pascal brilliantly captured the vision and idea that we wanted to represent in our photos.
He was completely professional, kind, and accommodating, making it very clear that his priority was ensuring our satisfaction with what he created for us.  "
Olympia  Friday - The Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“ Recently, I had the good fortune of working with an extremely talented photographer - Pascal Monmoine!  Having heard a lot about him already and seeing his work first hand, I was eager and excited to work with him... 
From the very beginning, Pascal was extremely considerate. Unfortunately we'd picked one of the hottest days of the summer to do an outdoor shoot. But Pascal was ever the gentlemen and was such a treat to work with.  I had never seen a photographer willing to compromise his comforts for the sake of art... 
Pascal is not afraid to step out of the so-called proverbial 'box'! And he’s also not shy about challenging you as a model to do the same...  
Whether the shot required him to climb atop his SUV or lay on his back on the hot pavement, Pascal was happy to oblige and willing to do whatever it took to acquire a phenomenal picture. 
I can honestly say that working with him was one of the best experiences of my modeling career and I definitely walked out of the session learning a lot more about myself.
Thank you Pascal !... “
Sena Negrisor – Model

“ As a model, I am always challenging myself and the photographers I work with to do something unique, creative, and intriguing to the eye.
As soon as I met Pascal, I knew that my goal would be accomplished. I instantly connected with him. 
Our experience together was definitely new for me - we met at dusk, drove to a large field, and didn't start to shoot until the sky was completely black. Even with the enormous task of trying to make beautiful pictures without natural lighting, Pascal was friendly and professional. He had me laughing within the first five minutes. We turned up the music and started shooting...
Pascal did a fantastic job of providing direction when needed, and let me explore my own ideas too. He was great about communicating with me before and after the shoot and the pictures I received from our time together were amazing !!! 
I look forward to working with Pascal again very soon. “
Melissa E. – Model

" I first saw Pascal's work at a fundraiser for the Women's Center in Chapel Hill (note: Pascal Monmoine was hired by the board of that fundraiser to shoot portraits for the media of 4 artists who were honored at that event) and was very impressed by his composition and the originality of his point of view. 
When I was given the opportunity to have him do my re-election campaign photographs, I couldn't turn it down.  
I am someone who has never liked to have my picture taken, even when I was a child.  Pascal made what I expected to be an ordeal actually fun. 
The pictures from that session are without question the best pictures of me that have ever been taken. 
My family and I have found the only photographer we will ever need... "
Durham's District Attorney - 14th Prosecutorial District

" Just the thought of the shoot that I did with Pascal Monmoine brings back a genuine smile to my face...
I so clearly remember that day.  The sky was shadowed with gray, the wind was whirled, and the torrential downpours came and went as they pleased. As most people would see this as a gloomy rainy day … Pascal saw it instead as an inspiring masterpiece. You could see his eyes light up when he focused on the glistening wet roads... He expressed great concern about me thorough the shoot, in regards to the outdoor temperature and the weather conditions.  At all times he wanted to make sure that I was absolutely comfortable with all our surroundings.  He handed me a umbrella and we went on a photographic adventure. It was like my best friend was the photographer... 
Pascal was very professional and exceptionally kind. 
Pascal Monmoine is everything that you could ask for and more... Absolutely the best ! "
Brittany Whitford – Model 

" I recently had the pleasure of working with Pascal, who is an amazing artist and a very passionate person. 
He is extremely comfortable to model for, and produces astounding results from a unique perspective.
Pascal's original and thoughtful photographs stand apart from other monotonous portrait photography. 
I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of a portrait/modeling photographer. "
Joy Richard – Model

”Pascal is an absolute professional. 
His concerns about lighting and pose lead to fabulous photographs and his attitude toward photography is an artistic one that produces amazing results. 
I believe that anyone who works with Pascal will come out of the experience with a new found faith in photographers. 
He made me feel at ease at all times, kind of like I had known him for a long while. 
Pascal has left me with only positive thoughts and for all this I would like to say thanks to Pascal for some of my favorite photos in my portfolio! “
Jeannie Franciscy – Model

" Pascal is an amazing artist and equally wonderful to work with. 
He is incredibly outgoing and energetic, after only being at the shoot for a few minutes I felt as though we had worked together on numerous occasions. 
As someone very easy to get along with, Pascal politely lets you know how to position yourself in order to capture the best image possible. 
He is an awesome photographer and I highly recommend him to anyone who seeks fabulous photos !...  "
Erika - Model

"It was such a joy to shoot with Pascal.  He made me feel very at ease in front of the camera and he perfectly knew how to capture just the right look at just the right moment.
I now have some amazing images that have already caught quite a bit of attention in the public eye ! …"Jessica Coscia – Television anchor " Pascal is truly a pleasure to work with. 
He went out of his way to ensure I was comfortable and enjoying every moment of the experience. Pascal is an amazing artist with a passion for creativity. 
Having the opportunity to work with him has left a lasting impression on my mind of how beautiful life really is ".
Daycia C. Cordner – Model

“ We were fortunate to have met Pascal Monmoine as he was photographing another act at one of our performances. 
The images that he took of us that night are breathtaking! They truly captured our stage show, our personalities, and our music with amazing detail and clarity. 
On top of the great quality of the images, our dealings with Pascal have been nothing short of very friendly, and above all, very professional. 
We are extremely excited to continue working with him in the future for all of our photography needs. “
Jensen D. Reed - Artist/Producer “Plan B” - Animal Thug Records / Fitzwell Music

" Pascal, thank you for such a wonderful experience during our photo shoot ! 
You made me feel so comfortable and at ease from the moment I met you. 
You have an eye for detail and true beauty that few people possess; such a gift ! 
Thank you again for the incredible images, they are truly an asset to my portfolio. "
Selia Carmichael – Model

“ Pascal Monmoine is a pleasure to work with. He is an incredibly talented photographer that is passionate and professional. 
Working with him is very enjoyable and the pictures are beautifully done. 
He is always prompt, detailed, and respectful. He makes you feel confidant and comfortable and puts a lot of effort and creativity into lighting and settings. 
He works very efficiently and is always very good at communicating. 
I highly recommend Pascal for professional model pictures. “
Ally Baker – Model and Tennis Pro

"Dear Pascal
I wanted to thank you for your amazing work of art...
It was such an adventure to be your model, your patience and kindness made it all so easy and fun.
The combination of your gentle personality and you being such a highly talented photographer lead us into those amazing pictures.  
By the way, it is still hard for me to believe that it is really me in those pictures !... 
Thank you again for capturing the best of me.
Yours... "
Nir Arviv – Model

“I very much enjoyed working with Pascal...his energy is wonderful at a photo shoot !!! 
He brings splendid ideas and creativity to his photos. 
He is also very flexible...I got to bring my son to the shoot (not many photographers would allow that!) - my son had a great time while I got some great photos to add to my portfolio.   I highly recommend Pascal to anyone. 
You will get that picture that sticks out amongst the others ! "
Midge - Model

“ Pascal,
The photographs you took of Christian and me are absolutely breath taking. 
I have never been photographed in a manner that the result looked like a work of art. 
The way in which you interacted with us during the photo shoots was so much fun...more like a recreational opposed to all of the sometimes agonizing posing required of traditional shoots. 
Warm Gratitude...”
Arminta Foushee, Christian Foushee

" Greetings Pascal - these are EXTRAORDINARY ! 
You have really captured Kathleen's dramatic spirit. 
No more all nighters please or I will feel too guilty !! 
Thanks ever so much for so generously sharing your talents.
Best, Lori "
Lori Eichel - Partner, Accent Construction, LLC

" Shooting with Pascal was a wonderful experience. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the shoot and was very professional, and he has a great sense of humor. 
He transformed his vision into beautiful works of art. 
The choice of setting, lighting, and mood really came alive in the pictures we shot together. 
I was blown away by his work, and I would shoot with him again in a second ! … "
Heather - Model 

“ The experience was incredible. The soul and passion that Pascal  holds shows through in every photograph. 
He brings such an incredible energy and spirit that makes you feel so comfortable with him. 
The pictures are breathtaking!... they really capture your true self. Beautiful !!! “
Cara Kiggins

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"Pascal is the most professional photographer I've worked with. We we're on a very big time restriction and we only had 1h to do the shoot. During that hour, we instantly got in alignment and could communicate clearly and effectively from start. We both put together our skills and creativity - and created some amazing work! If you feel like you want to take your skills to another level, Pascal will without doubt challenge you and give you an amazing experience!" Read less

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