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Artist & Fashion Designer Bianca Serena Foulser
Fashion design nickname Diamonique River

I do portraits of models and movie stars,
drawings and paintings in any theme or style.

I paint all my own designs first my hand, than transform shoes in any
design by hand, and come up with my own clothing and home décor
designs and make them by sewing, my Fashion design nickname Diamonique
River, real name Bianca Serena Foulser,
I like sewing and turning my ideas into the item, I also create unique
footwear, and can turn shoes by hand into any design theme, all
designs are my own and copyrighted.

I have started my own fashion company in January 2015,
Diamonique Boutique.

I do portraits of models and movie stars,
drawings and paintings in any theme or style.

Diamonique Boutique
designer footwear in any design theme you could wish for.

I also design & create unique fashion, all my designs first of all hand painted in my art pad, than l transform my designs into clothes and designer footwear.

Hampshire area.

Book Published The Hour Glass The Stolen Treasure By Bianca S Foulser

illustrated & written The Hour Glass The Stolen Treasure.

Sample of Chapter One Rivalry from my new book, The Magical Pocket Watches. By Bianca Serena Foulser

The Magical Pocket Watches, By Bianca Serena Foulser. Sample of Chapter One from my new Book, Chapter One Rivalry.

The Moonlight spilled out of the sky like a silver stream flowing down.
It seemed to caress the sea below and dance upon the surface of the dark green watery eternal, which seemed in its own way to reach out to try to embrace lunar and her luminous light. But even though the green waters roared wildly casting large waves across its emerald essence, it could not engulf lunar,
She seemed always out of reach to the sea below.

Night after night he tried to touch her back but it was puzzling to him that she could stretch her moon beam upon his watery bed but he could never touch lunar herself.

She smiled down at him and he gazed back at her both filled with a never ending yearning and inquisitiveness each about the other. 'Mysterious handsome mystery you are to me' she seemed almost to whisper into the breeze. The wind carried her sweet whispery voice down towards the sea, he seemed to call back to her, 'your beauty bewitches me, oh how you entice me with your lustrous eternal wonder.' The wind could sometimes be a hopeless romantic and was more than happy to carry their whispered voices too and throw night after night.

After a while Lunar's attention was caught by a scene occurring high upon the cliff tops, three wolves stood on top of the cliff faceing each other. Below them was the army of Cobra, the pack of wolves rested here on the beach.
And to the left side of the cliff tops the edge fell away to the sea below.
A light drizzly rain carried by the breeze brushed the surface of the cliff and the fur and raised heckles upon the wolves' backs.

Sample of Chapter One Rivalry from my new book, The Magical Pocket Watches. By Bianca Serena Foulser

Sample of my second book am working on

Tuski Harimusco Sample of horror book By Bianca Serena Foulser.

Tuski Harimusco Small sample of my horror book
By Bianca S Foulser

The Cheers of the soldiers echoed in her ears as she slowly regained consciousness.
She could feel the strong grip of the soldiers holding her fast. Blood dripped from the open wound on her head forming a pool on the ground. She sensed a presence nearby, a feeling of terror overwhelmed her, but she dare not look up to see who she knew would be standing in front of her. Aloud voice overpowering in its authority, bellowed a command in an all too familiar sounding language. It's content she did not understand but its effects were dramatic. The soldier to her violently gripped her hair, forcing her head up into the face of the hated oppressor, Tuski Harimusco himself. His eyes were hard unyielding, there was no compassion. She knew death awaited.

Tuski Harimusco the devil from the east, His rise to power over the last two years had been frantically almost satanic. He had overrun a peace-loving world before it even knew that he was upon them. standing at only 5 foot 4 inches, his unusually broad shoulders increased his statue well beyond the norm for a man of his origins. His black tightly cropped hair narrow oriental eyes and stiff lips all added to his brutal appearance. Takagi himself was a well-educated regligious man, his life purpose to unite the world under the glorious rule of the Japanese empire.

His reading of the Westren bible had shown him without any doubt that he was God's chosen being to cleanse the world of the undesrving.
The Book of Revelations, the riders of the Apocalypse, he had kept his promise as the son of God to bring forth a plague of wrath. Non-stood in his path, even the mighty Americans were falling at his feet.
soon his name would ring out around the world as the saviour.

Takagi slowly approached the pitful creature held before him.
Despite the soldier's hard grip, he could see her violently shaking, a mixture of blood and sweat running down her face. It was clear that she had not washed in a long time, the stench burned the lining of his nose.
He spoke to her in words she would understand, ''Dont worry my child, eternal peace will be upon you soon, But first you must suffer for your sins, Swiftly he turned and marched to the podium erected before the conquering soldiers. The crowds chanting increased as he rose up. Quickly he raised his arms to the heavens and a sudden quite descended. `You have served me well, the nations of the world will kneel before our feet.
Victory will be ours as ordained by God himself.'' The cheering returned this time louder than before, Again his raised arms bought silence.

The words he spoke to her doubled the terror she felt, What cruel fate was this inhuman menace to affict on her now. She held her head upright and stared at the opposing figure. The sound of a babies cry diverted her attention.
A soldier approached from the side carrying a small bundle from which the sounds emanated. As the soldier neared, she saw a menacing smile grow on the leaders lips.
Removing the cotton wraps, he raised a baby high into the air before him,

It was at this moment that the realisation hit her, it was her child!
A scream of horror escaped from her dry lips,
A plea, maybe he would listen to her. ''Not my child spare her life; she shouted with all her remaining strength. he looked at her, a mocking laugh ring out,
Throwing the baby high into the air, he quickly drew his Samurai sword and with a swift single stroke, he sliced the baby into two.
Blood sprayed out hitting her face and trickled down into her mouth, she tried to spit the blood out of her mouth, but a single drop slid down into her throat,
The chants began again the volume deafening.
Her secreams were muted by the rising vomit in her throat.
She felt it rush over her face and body as the mercy of darkness closed in.
By Bianca Serena Foulser.

Small sample of my horror book
By Bianca

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