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2012-***Before sending a FRIEND REQUEST even based a photo comment from me, please leave a tag, message or leave a pic comment. Otherwise your FR WILL NOT be accepted. That way, I know you're not just adding names. ***

Photographer, Poet, Model Consultant, Clothing Designer, Businessman, etc

“Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing, but of enjoying. It is a warm glow of the heart at peace with itself. A martyr at the stake may have happiness that a king on his throne might envy. Man is the creator of his own happiness. It is the aroma of life, lived in harmony with high ideals. For what a man has he may be dependent upon others; what he is rests with him alone.”
—     David O. McKay, Pathways to Happiness

Almost everything–all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure–these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.
~Steve Jobs

You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.
~Zig Ziglar

New Years Recipe (Author Unknown)

Take twelve whole months,
Clean them thoroughly of all bitterness, hate, and jealousy,
Make them just as fresh and clean as possible.

Now cut each month into twenty-eight, thirty, or
thirty-one different parts,
but don't make up the whole batch at once.
Prepare it one day at a time out of these ingredients.

Mix well into each day one part of faith,
one part of patience, one part of courage,
and one part of work.

Add to each day one part of hope,
faithfulness, generosity, and kindness.
Blend with one part prayer,
one part meditation, and one good deed.
Season the whole with a dash of good spirits,
a sprinkle of fun, a pinch of play,
and a cupful of good humor.

Pour all of this into a vessel of love.
Cook thoroughly over radiant joy,
garnish with a smile,
and serve with quietness, unselfishness,
and cheerfulness.

You're bound to have a Happy New Year.

THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN (from internet)

If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you like to win, but you think you can't,
It is almost certain you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out in the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow's will.
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are,
You've got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man.
But soon or late the man who wins,
CAv's Quote 12/2017- "Chase the very best you only then will you be  chased"

CAv's Quote 2/2014- "As long as you try to be like someone else, you can never truly untap the vast creativity of self which is YOU...your happiness and success depend on it"

CAv's Quote 1/2012- "There are a number of things you have to do. There are a number of things you won't do. There are a number of things you dream to do. There are a number of things people want you to do. There are a number of things you plan to do. There are a number of things people say you can't do. But if you remove the haves, won'ts, dreams, plans, wants, and can'ts...what you have let are those things "To Do". CAv

Quote 1/2011- "Defeat, Bad Decisions, Fair Weather friends/ family and Failure are only side streets between you and your dreams and successes. Don't sit or idle to long gets crowded...the longer you wait the harder it is to make it back to the main street. Never doubt who you are and what you are capable of doing, being and achieving. Everyone will not believe in you, your dreams or your potential...that's fine as long as YOU DO. CAv 

Quote 1/2010: "Each New Year is a book with all blank pages waiting to be written. Make sure you're the writer of each page, not just the reader. By being the writer, you're fulfilling your dreams not someone else's" Cav 1/10

Quote: "Your vision is who you are...don't compromise it, give it up or allow anyone to influence or alter it...if you do, then you no longer will be YOU" CAv 7/09

Quote: "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me"  Ayn Rand

Quote: "The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try it and the faith to believe that it is possible" Richard M. DeVos

Quote: "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
Nelson Mandela

Quote: "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure."
Colin Powell

Quote: "So what do we do? Anything - something. So long as we don't just sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late."
Lee Iacocca
Former Chairman of Chrysler Corporation

Quote: "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
 Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."
Albert Schwietzer

Quote: "The difference between extraordinary people and ordinary people is a simple as the difference between the two words.  Extraordinary people are committed to doing the extra things that ordinary people won't."
Christine Kinney


Northern CA based published freelance photographer/ businessman with over 25 yrs experience focusing on lifestyle modeling using real people in natural settings, natural lighting. Both digital and film cameras are used based on shoot.  I shoot with purpose, not to just do a tfcd. Life is about doing and realizing our gifts which are many. Don't fall prey to dreamkillers otherwise you're not living your dreams. I've self published over 30+ photography and poetry books with more to come on men and women of color. Don't be dismayed by the haters who want information from you but are unwilling to share what they know or what they find out and that goes for both models and photographers. As of 2014, I only shoot very limited tfcds if they support one of the projects I'm working on otherwise I'm not shooting any, I prefer shooting new models or those who have managed their image and not become overexposed with too many tfcds. So, most of my models don't come from mm. TFCD is an excellent tool for new models as long as it's done in moderation again with plan and objectives, not just continually shooting to get photo after photo just for comments or that fall into no plan. I've only shot a small number of models total from mm not because there aren't great models here but rather I normally already have a working list backlog of requests from non mm models and referrals. I do work with all nationalities which I get asked alot. My portfolio is reflective of some of my projects not all as I believe the market of coffee table books should reflect who we are in life...many ethnicities so the photos posted are from specific the Men and Women of Color projects. But my philosophy is a good model is a good model, not matter what skin tone or physique. As well, I do all male wardrobe and styling myself. I shoot both male and female models for projects. Before you send me a request asking to be a part of one of the projects, check the preview book links first. I have an ongoing model request list for tfcds and other projects which I'll be referring too on starting back. Life is too short for drama and opportunists. If you don't know how to network, then you won't go far. Acknowledge those who contact you. Noone owes you anything at all. Don't burn a bridge you may need to cross back over. Actions show the real person talk is just Don't be a tiffany box...looks good outside but could be empty/full of bs inside. All success is not based on how hard you are but how much knowledge you have and how good you are at networking. Trust yourself before you trust a stranger. Be Professional period. It pays off in the long run.

I capture the sensual realism in our lives of men and women through mainstream and erotic photography as well as poetry written about life, love and eroticism. It's that untapped sex appeal (real sexy glamour) that's we each have but often times overlooked. A model's face and sex appeal are the first selling points for my shooting them, then comes body, attitude/ professionalism. A measure of a model's potential is my book is how savvy he/ she is at networking...dotting the "i or crossing the t". A photo should tell a story, doesn't matter if you shooting male or female...both women and men have sex appeal. Most just don't now how much. The beauty in photography is having someone realize how well they capture in a shot and the results of collaboration as lasting memories. Life is far too short for drama filled divas who've only done local shows, no major agencies or tearsheets and think they are the shit. The shots in my port have not been enhanced and the majority of models having never been shot prior as I love realism period in all respects. If you've already been in a coffee table book, the odds of being selected for one of my projects in the men or women of color line is low. I believe in giving unpublished faces an opportunity to be published. As I've learned from the focus group I had for MOC V1...people want and crave realism in photography and life. Plainly put...Photoshop is not on my list of to do items after a photoshoot. An agency wants to see the real you, not a manufactured you that doesn't match you in person which is why alot of them take a an instant shot when doing open can't hide behind photo enhancements because the real look is bound to come out sooner or later. Your portfolio should focus on you NOT you plus someone else, My shots are reality...what I capture is what you see, no chasers.

Cavenaugh Photography Product Line:


All books (photography/ poetry) available NOW w/ previews at:


MAN ABOUT MY LOVE:The Sexy Poetry Collection 3 PUBLISHED
Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

10/09: MAN ABOUT MY LOVE V14: Grown and Sexy Poetry PUBLISHED Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

05/10: MAN ABOUT MY LOVE V16: Grown and Sexy Poetry PUBLISHED Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

MAKING OF A MAN V1: Sequences in Being PUBLISHED
Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Book available NOW for purchase and with previews at:

Being a Successful photographer is having your own vision/ style, practicing your craft, believing in your contributions, not being afraid to be a trendsetter or visionary, not being afraid to share your learnings with others, being confident enough not to be intimidated by being surrounded by great talent but rather give credit where credit is due and never being too old or established to learn from others. Don't allow the dream killers to take away your hopes and dreams. Who better to take you to the next level and do big thangs than yourself. Don't wait for someone to do what you can do for yourself. We live in the age of do it your damn self, not wait for someone else who may steal your dreams and claim them as their own. Get and promote your own swagga...and do the BIG...Self publish...why not? Utilize social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Create a brand. Purpose's all about vision otherwise I wouldn't have the body of work I do now. Look out New Year!!!

Being a Successful model is being willing to objectively research and decide what you want from the industry personally and professionally, to assess your strengths and weaknesses from looks, attitude, exercise and body regimes, networking your ass off, learning the business aspects of industry, to self managing your image even if you're signed to an agency, to believing mind, body and soul that you are and will be a successful model based on what "YOU" not others has defined your success to be, to being a businessman or businesswoman about your career and lastly to develop and modify a model plan to guide you. Ignorance and "I don't know" is unacceptable in the internet age we live in. Don't wait for someone to tell you...find out and research for yourself so you know and nobody can lie or bs the truth.  Remember "no" is not a bad word. Don't compromise who you are just for an opportunity because in the end you loose part of yourself and may have gained nothing. A free great model background reference source is - a wealth of info on all model subjects and agency locator service by state. Everybody wants to be a model no matter what size, what height, looks but the reality is many start, very few end up being true models. The fact is most people have misconceptions about what modeling is and what the requirements and fail to research the truth versus fiction. Just because "somebody" told you that you should be or look like a model...that means nothing. You can say a wall is's not blue unless it's painted. Meaning work has to go in to make a statement true. Talk is nothing but Be a step above...educate yourself first before you go around saying you're a model. Know what it is and what it isn't and what it takes to get ahead legitimately plus then you protect yourself against the sexual predators, snake oil salesmen/ saleswomen and bogus companies after your hard earned coins selling pipedreams. It takes more than "tna" and "dna" to get to the's take thinking and a plan. Hustlers with no game burn out quickly.

CAVENAUGHPhotography's Top 10 Reasons New Models Fail:

1. Product (You) are not marketable (look, body, skin, grooming, etc.)
2. No Model Plan/ Failure to research the industry/ NOT PREPARED
3. Bad Photos or Photoshop Freaks
4. Bad Attitude- You're brand new, not a veteran so listen
5. No Shows- If you make a commitment for a shoot, meeting or responding back to on time, not late. That says you are not serious.
6. No Networking Skills (if someone leaves you a message, comment...acknowledge...You are not a Rock Star yet and nobody has to kiss your ass)
7. Unprofessional (this is not Facebook, Myspace or Twitter)
8. Thinking Sex will take you to the top- Enough said.
9. No Work Ethic- Success does not happen overnight--You got to invest the time. Research Agency sites.
10. Falling for Scams- Be eager but don't be an easy target. Believing people at face value without questioning or looking into the proposition before you accept or act on it. Not everyone is out for your success. There are people who want to use you and get in your pockets for your cash but there are people who are legit and want to help you. Know the difference.

First Amazing Photoshoot  | Tips On How To Pose Men

Questions to ask yourself: 3 P Approach (Product, Plan, Preparation)
1. Am I ready as a product? Skin, physique, teeth, hands, feet, etc.
2. Where do I fit in? What are my sizes compared to what agencies sign? Action: Check agency submission, open call req on agency websites
3. What photos do I need as new model? Action: same as #2
4. How do I submit? Action: same as #2

Fitness Model Agency: (Recruits in certain large metro areas)  (national fitness/ real people agency)


8/29/2010- The Real Talk section and industry reference sections have now been removed and will not be reposted. For those who it helped, you're welcome. For those you used it without a simple thank're welcome and For those who got signed and came back to let a brother know... you're welcome. Life is about growth and growth is about prosperity. By request, I've moved back into the Model Consulting/ Mgt leg on a very limited basis after being away for years but freely guiding models just for the sake of helping. I'm blessed now to have 5 primary clients only and this number will not increase so I'm not looking for any more. Know that a model can have a manager and get signed or be signed to an agency already. There is a difference between model consulting and a modeling agency of which I'm NOT. Now, it's time to keep the game moving where we all move and shake together. It's KIM (Keeping it moving) baby for 2011-12...CAv (DCavenaugh LTD)

Point: If you are applying to a casting call on mm or any other networking site, please make sure you read the entire casting prior to your sending the photographer a message indicating your interest. That's part of being business savvy. Don't insult yourself and the photographer by not reading, asking questions that are covered in the casting and acting like some hollow head mannequin. Think please. Don't just arbitrarily show up with your fan base in tow. Shoots end up cancelled that way and is a waste of everybody's time.

Whether photographer or model, a plan is crucial. Very few ventures in life are successful without one.

Modeling and photography are each a job period requiring preparation and skill. We each have a responsibility to respect each other and aspire to want the best for each other. Photoshoots are collaborations of talent and skill on both sides. Attitudes, lack of professionalism, communication breakdowns, unclear objectives, lateness all can kill and destroy creativity, successful shoots, network and business relationships. Unless you're ready to invest the time it takes, then a person is not ready to be either one.

Success and happiness in life are not about "LUCK"... there is no such thing as "LUCK" in my book. What you focus on is what materializes. Everything in life is about "preparation and plan". Either you're ready for your blessing or you're not and someone else always is plain and simple.

Much success in life... our purpose in life is: LTL
To Learn
To Teach
To Love

Like a Wave… CAVENAUGH for Alfred

Note: Dedicated to my big brother Alfred (Flipper)…his memory, his life, his transition…we love you always!!!

Life is like a wave…
It begins in the ocean and slowly makes a journey toward the shore.
Along the way…it has stops and starts…
Highs and lows…
but it continues for
A day…
A month…
A year…
No matter how short or long it takes the wave…
In between is what matters most…
As in our lives…
it’s not the beginning nor the end that matters most…
But what we did,
who we touched
who touched us
how much love did we give
how much were we grateful
were we a giver more than a taker?
did we do more than exist?
From sunrise to sunset,
how warm will the shores be?
Did we make a difference in this life?
So be a wave not just to be a wave
But be a wave with a purpose.
Flowing, moving, covering,
Learning, teaching, loving,
For every sunrise, there is a sunset.
For every winter, there is a spring.
For every summer, there is a fall.
For every raindrop, there is a puddle waiting.
For every snowflake, there is a melting.
For every mountain, there is a peak.
For every foot in the sand, there is an imprint.
For every rose, there is a petal.
For every hug, there is a warmth.
For every inhale, there is an exhale.
For every right, there is a wrong.
For every weakness, there is a strength.
For every staircase, there are steps.
For every mile, there is a distance.
For every tree, there is a leaf.
For every crop, there is a harvest.
For every stop, there is a start.
For every hope, there is a dream.
For every bus, there is a line.
For every war, there is a peace.
For every minute, there is 60 seconds.
For every hour, there is 60 minutes.
For every day, there are 24 hours.
For every year, there are 365 days.
For every star, there is a shine.
For every loss, there is a gain.
For every real love, there is somewhere a broken heart.
For every tear, there is a reason.
For every smile, there is a glow.
For every sorrow, there is a pain.
For every failure, there is a success.
For every touch, there is a feeling.
For every today, there is a tomorrow.
For every infant, there is a something new.
For every road, there is a traveler.
For every runner, there is a finish line.
For every present, there is a past.
For every birth, there is a death.
For every path, there is a journey.
For every blessing, there is faith.
For every life, there is a memory.
For every disappointment, there is hope.
For every challenge, there is prayer.

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All photographs by CAVENAUGHPhotography are protected by copyright law. No image may be used, edited, reproduced, transferred, published or distributed in any form or by any means without express written permission.

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