About Me

~~~~~~~~~~Quick Introduction.~~~~~~~~~~


I am the Director of Photography for a film studio
I primarily shoot for casting directors and film production
I will, on occasion, shoot models, actors, makeup artists and their models as a TFP or as a favour to them especially if they are well mannered and nice.
Nice is good.

Brand New to Model Mayhem, always looking for new faces both for experimental and professional work.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ For Models~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

I am looking for TFDC models who want to experiment with light and shape and shadow. To find beauty and sensuality and those images that move beyond just another shot.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ For Actors & Performers~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~ HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR HEADSHOT WORKS????~~~~~~~~~~

You are getting callbacks.

The vast majority of headshots are terrible, plain and simply. Speak to Casting Directors and listen to their stories of automatically tossing shots in the trash because they are wrong and unprofessional. If you are not taking yourself seriously, why should they?

Does your headshot sell the character you want to play? Is it a generic shot when you want a tough guy role? Is it sexy when you are trying to get cast as the girl next door? A lot of people have one generic shot and they try to use it for a dozen different characters, just hoping the CD will ignore it and imagine them as that person. Here’s a hint, the CD’s don’t want to imagine you, they want to see that person right away. Having more than one headshot that represents the characters you play, or want to play allows you to customize your submissions to CD’s so they see in you the person they were looking for.

Here’s a freebie. Look at your headshot. Is there anything in the background, a wall, trees, anything distracting? Is the lighting natural, even, minimal shadows, are you alive in it, are your eyes sparkling? Is it a 6x9 on an 8x10 sheet with your name on the bottom so they know who you are without flipping it over? I could list for pages how many ways your headshot is failing you, these are just a few.

Craig Murray Photography has partnered with VRi Film & Production Studios to create a unique opportunity where professional performers can have successful headshots, demo videos and voice tapes assembled.
This came about as a desire to be able to get my clients headshots into the right hands as quickly as possible.
To enquire about packages and processes please email
Not all photography is equal. Gimmicks, bad positioning, bad lighting, distracting effects, the list goes on. You need a headshot that identifies you, that brings out exactly who you are so casting directors spot you from the thousands of others. You need to be viewed as a serious, professional actor who gives great effort right from the start.
Reasonably priced services, a relaxing environment and if required, easy payment plans
2 Hours Studio time, Prints and Proofs, $275
Hair and makeup available on request.
We are conveniently located at Bronte Rd. & Lakeshore Rd. in Oakville with easy accessibility from the QEW.