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About Me

(Please text 864-MODEL-TX or send me an email at [email protected] to discuss booking a close-upcoming shoot with me. I do not check this account as frequently as Facebook either, so send me a message through my page at TAGS AND PHOTO COMMENTS ARE INCREDIBLY WELCOME AND THOUGHTFUL BUT SHOULD NOT BE PROVIDED AS SHOOT OFFERS.)

**Before you send me a TF shoot offer, PLEASE read the sections below the travel dates
Thanks for checking me out on Model Mayhem! If you're reading this right now, you have work for me. Let's make that happen. For the last 15+ years, I have modeled and assisted photographers, painters, designers and many other shapes and sizes of artists to help them create and present their visions, creativity, passions and unique talents to the world. I love being a part of the collaborative process.

My experience is diverse. I started out in runway when I was a young teenager working under agency contracts, and then continued on to work as a freelance model as the years progressed. I gained more and more international experience, began expanding my network, and diversified my target market while acquiring new skills, and have always welcomed both the constructive feedback, and negative criticisms that help me grow. I listen to directions, and suggestions, on how to improve without taking any of it personally, as we are all organic and never finished products. I have found that is the key to longevity as a model.

I am 100 percent natural with dark-brown eyes, and dark-brown curly hair that is easy to work with, and straightens easily with a blow dryer and/or flat iron. However, I do have a wig fetish with a plethora of styles to choose from, as well as a variety of colored contacts (please see below for more info on availability of use). I'm Italian /Swedish-American by ethnicity with olive skin that I usually keep lightly tanned. If you have a preference for darker skin, please give me at least 48 hours notice prior to shoots for preparations.

I have lighting, backdrops and other equipment available for rental to those who are interested in doing studio shoots, but do not have a place to work, or want to transport their own equipment. The location is in Northwest Houston and must be used only during shoots with me. Please message me with inquiries on rental costs.

I will do my best to add raw and untouched photos of me to show you that I am not just a retouched creation. I am VERY behind on portfolio updating and working on a number of different business ventures, but if you would like to see more photos, please send me a request for me to send you some other work AFTER you check out these other online portfolio sites:

To inquire about rates for shoots, please send me a message with details for the shoot that includes location, preferred dates and general times of day, the intended use of the photos, the estimated length of the shoot, whether or not you will provide a MUA, etc... The more details the better. My general rates for shoots are $100/hr and $150/hr for shoots including nudity (Please see restrictions on "Nudity" below). Additional fees may be added for travel time, make-up/hair, use of photography or lighting equipment and/or props, intended use for advertising, and shooting for extended hours or on holidays, participation in workshop shoots, etc... I do have a 2 hour minimum for all shoots booked.
-RUNWAY RATES: I do not do much runway these days due to the hours that go into it compared to the amount of pay provided. I do, however, provide management services, and provide runway models for those needing assistance with casting calls. To book me for a runway or other promotional event, please email me a message with the payment offer, designers' name, location and date/time of the event, and any other details and requirements for me to review. Rates vary according to needs, and time requested.
-BOOKING DEPOSIT: I do ask for a $50 deposit upon booking (from those who I have never worked with before) that is applied toward payment for work in person on the day that my services are provided. All deposits are final and non-refundable.
-DISCOUNTED RATES: To support the arts and the success of starving talents, I do offer discounts for painters and other artists who are trying to get their work into galleries, particularly those who give me molds of their work of me, or final artwork, etc... If this applies to you, send me a message with your offer for me to review, and I'll see what we can do to make it happen for you. I'm a flexible person and am open to negotiations.

I work hard to surpass people's expectations of me, and take pride in being reliable, so I do not cancel when a shoot is scheduled unless it is absolutely impossible for me to do otherwise. I ask that others please do the same, and provide me with at least 24 hrs notice before shoots if cancellations, or rescheduling, is needed. All shoots cancelled thereafter will lose their $50 deposit, and may be subject to being charged for the full amount of the shoot.

I am only accepting TFP shoots under rare circumstances, as I typically contact photographers myself that I want to work with when I need portfolio work, but if you have an idea in mind, message me specifying that you have TF request, and describe your concept. I'm always open to considering trades if the right new opportunity crosses my path, or lends opportunity to diversify my portfolio (or if it just seems fun or amazing to be a part of.) Otherwise, I'm sorry. I just stay too busy these days. Happy creating.

I have a great appreciation for fine art and other photography involving nudity, but I usually only accept assignments involving SUGGESTIVE nudity shoots, only with rare exceptions of working with fine art photographers or painters for gallery or exhibition pieces. I do not do pornographic images, or any shoots including nudity that are not considered fine art images or gallery work, nor do I do nude shoots with anyone who is not an experienced/ advanced photographer ANY TIME. Nude shoots with advanced photographers for fine art purposes are considered only after my careful consideration of your work on a case-by-case basis. Let me know what you have in mind if you would like to book shoots that would include nude posing (if it is a paying shoot only please) with enough time provided for me to do my research. All offers not providing sufficient time for such will be rejected. (to all GWC's, shame on you...stop ruining it for everyone. I mean really. You suck for preying on those who don't know better. Go to hell. )

If I don't feel comfortable shooting with a photographer that I have never worked with before, then I won't accept an offer to shoot. I research all of the people I work with first to judge their talent and professionalism, however, not everyone has the time or ability to create an online reputation, which I take into consideration. For shoots booked with me by new photographers that require me to meet in a private location, I do ask to be allowed to bring an escort for safety purposes. However, at no time whatsoever will my escort be asked, or expected to, stay in the area that I am modeling in longer than the initial introduction, nor will they be anyone related to my personal life in any way. All photographers must be prepared to offer references of a professional nature at the time of the initial booking, and prior to my acceptance of the shoot offer. Thanks for your professionalism and understanding of my need to keep myself safe, and fulfill that duty to myself for the sake of those who love me.

Thanks so much for checking me out! So many of you on here have such amazing creativity and talent to the extent that you all so frequently fascinate me to such an endless degree! I am really looking forward to working with so many of you! Until we meet again, happy creating!

Ciao ciao! :-)

~ Elle Joy

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram at Elle_Joy_Ryder, and if I've worked with you before, don't forget to leave me credits on here! Recommendations go a long way with experienced photographers, and help models know who is trustworthy, and awesome to work with too!


**I am sorry, but all travel tours have been suspended due to personal reasons until further notice. Shoots are open for booking in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, and New Orleans at this time. Thank you for you understanding.

January 1st - January 3rd: New York City, New York
January 4th - January 26th: Houston, TX
January 26th - February 3rd: Las Vegas, Nevada
February 4th - February 8th: Houston, TX
February 9th - February 11th: New Orleans, Louisiana
February 12th - February 24th: Houston, Texas
February 26th - February 28th: Galveston, Texas
February 29th - March 7th: Houston, Texas
March 7th - March 10th: San Francisco, California
March 11th - March 12th: Napa Valley, California
March 12th - March 15th: Phoenix, Arizona
March 16th - March 18th: Dallas, Texas
March 19th - March 23rd: Unbroken Springs Festival, Texas
March 24th - June 7th: Houston, Texas
June 8th - June 12th: Seabrook, Texas
June 13th - June 26th: Houston, Texas
June 27th - July 3rd: World Bodypainting Festival, Austria
July 4th - July 12th: Vienna, Austria
July 13th - December 31st: GLOBALLY AVAILABLE!!

****All other dates pending at this time. Please message me for bookings.

January 1st - 15th: Houston, Texas
January 16th - 25th: Austin, Texas
January 26th - February 15th: Louisville, Kentucky
February 16th - February 27th: Houston, Texas
March 1st - March 19th: Los Angeles, California
March 20th - March 31st: San Diego, California
April 1st - April 19th: Houston, Texas
June 9th - June 11th: Chicago, Illinois
June 12th - June 22nd: Houston, Texas
June 23rd - June 25th: London, UK
June 25th - July 27th: Vienna, Austria
June 28th - July 3rd: Portschach, Austria (World Bodypainting Festival)
July 4th - July 5th: Milan, Italy
July 6th - July 7th: Chicago, Illinois
July 8th - August 7th: Houston, Texas
August 8th - August 15th: New York City, New York
August 16th - September 7th: Houston, Texas
August 18th - August 21st: New Orleans, Louisiana
August 22nd - September 4th: Houston, Texas
September 5th - September 7th: New York City, NY
September 8th - September 11th: Austin, Texas
September 12th - September 30th: Houston, Texas
October 20th - October 30th: Palm Springs, California
October 31st - November 2nd: Austin, Texas
November 3rd - December 28th: Houston, Texas
December 28th - January 3rd: New York City, NY


January 1st- February 8th: Houston, TX
February 9th - February 12th: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
February 13th - March 10th: Houston, TX
March 11th - March 24th: Vienna, Austria
March 25th - March 27th: Istanbul, Turkey
March 28th - March 29th: New York City, NY
March 30th - March 31st: Dallas, TX
April 1st - April 24th: Houston, TX
April 25th - May 9th: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
May 10th - May 23rd: Houston, TX
May 24th - May 28th: Dallas, TX
May 29th - June 7th: Houston, TX
June 8th - June 19th: Vienna, Austria
June 20th - July 2nd: Split, Croatia
July 3rd - July 11th: Houston, TX
July 12th- July 20th: London, England (UK)
July 21st - July 23rd: Brussels, Belgium
July 24th - July 28th: Vienna, Austria
July 29th - July 31st: Zurich, Switzerland
August 1st - September 7th: Houston, TX
September 8th - September 11th: Austin, TX
September 12th- September 29th: Houston, TX
October 1st- October 17th: Dallas, TX
October 18th- October 28th: Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 29th - November 8th: New Orleans, LA
November 9th - November 15th: Houston, TX
November 16th - November 23rd: Cancun, Mexico
November 24th- December 17th: Houston, TX
December 18th- December 23rd: Dallas, TX
December 24th- December 31st: Houston, TX

All other prior years have been archived. If you would like to know if I have (or will) travel to your city, please send me a message. Thanks. :-)

Credit Notes

I do not have time to fill in all of these Model Mayhem numbers, so please message me to update and add credits to your profile. I always try to make sure everyone is properly credited for their work in images, but in the event that someone is not properly credited on any of the images I have posted, please send me a message so that I can add them to the list of people I have worked with:

Alex Rouse: painter (Los Angeles, California): MM#
John Moses: painter/ digital artist (Houston, Texas): MM#
John Phorn: photographer (Los Angeles, California): MM#
"Tree": MUA/ stylist (Houston, Texas): MM#
Cathy Bunn: hair stylist (Heights, Texas): MM#
Jessica Moses: model (Houston, Texas): MM#
Ron ?/: painter/ sculptor (San Antonio, Texas): MM#
Adrianne Seccoy: painter (Lubbock, Texas): MM#
Latina Magazine (Houston, Texas): MM#
Sky Lounge- Latina Magazine, Runway Benefit (Houston, Texas): MM#
Neil Hammil Agency (Houston, Texas): MM#
Model Search America (Corpus Christi, Texas): MM#
Ashwin Dowlaghar: photo assistant (India): MM#
Tonya Habjouqa: Mexico; photographer (East Jerusalem): MM#
Sara Elizabeth: painter (Houston, Texas): MM#
Alan Rogers: model (Rosharon, Texas): MM#
Ciara Houghton: model (Houston, Texas): MM#
Rainet Lewis: model (Houston, Texas): MM#
Negrus Lebrum: fashion designer (Houston, Texas): MM #2126235
Maday Gonzalez: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
LaTanya TajModels: agency (Houston, Texas): MM#
Billy Bui: photographer (Cypress, Texas): MM#
Tiffiny Luong: MUA/ stylist (Arlington, Texas): MM#
Mona Moore: model (Houston, Texas): MM#
Ray Maxa : photographer (Punta Cana, Dominican Republic): MM#
Julian Quintana: painter/ digital artist (San Jose, California): MM#
Rex Lane: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
Michael Vavlitis: marketing manager (Boston, Massachusetts): MM#
Zarihs Zoltan: retoucher (Dubai, United Emirates): MM#
Holger Weimann: photographer (Vienna, Austria): MM#
Photoxmedia: photographer (Split, Croatia): MM#
Thomas Hovezak: steampunk jewelry designer (Vienna, Austria): MM#
Theodor Kupferdach: steampunk couture (Vienna, Austria): MM#
Elliot Cooper: model/ designer (Vienna, Austria): MM#
Roman Volkel: studio assistant (Vienna, Austria): MM#
JaJo Couture: couture designer (Houston, Texas): MM# 849695
Daniel Lichterwaldt: photographer (Vienna, Austria): MM #2387569
Emre Cakmakci: retoucher (Cypress, Turkey): MM#
Adil Birsen: fine jewelry designer (Istanbul, Turkey): MM#
Robert Billingsley: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
JT Makeup: MUA (Dallas, Texas): MM#
Aubrey Harding: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
Robert Douche: assistant (Houston, Texas): MM#
Robert Prophet: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM #1943920
Nuri Galata: jewelry designer (Istanbul, Turkey): MM#
Fahid Khawaja: photographer (Los Cabos, Mexico): MM#
Tomas Barron: photographer (Los Cabos, Mexico): MM# 1358523
Nic Harper : photographer (London, England): MM #33447
Patrick Strumm: photographer (Zurich, Switzerland): MM# 819606
Photoxmedia: photographer (Vienna, Austria): MM#
Laura Corbin: lyme disease wardrobe (San Diego, California): MM#
Fotofusion: photographer/ studio (Houston, Texas): MM# 51672
William B.: author/ screenwriter (New Mexico): MM#
Tomas Barron: photographer (Los Cabos, Mexico): MM#1358523
Dean Mayo. : photographer (Palm Springs, CA): MM#
Lee E. Wright: painter (Houston, Texas): MM# 2299016
Mickey R: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM #
Peter D.: photographer/ creative artist (Houston, Texas): MM#
Sergeant John J. Rambo: model (Jersey Village, Texas): MM# 3382708
Robert Williams: screenwriter/ photographer (Lake Jackson, Texas): MM# 809152
Holger Weimann: photographer (Cancun, Mexico): MM#
Christian MacTavish: model/ stylist (Dallas, Texas): MM# 1018071
Brianna Apsara: photographer (Dallas, Texas): MM#
George Buczko: retoucher (Paris, France): MM#
PH Photo: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM# 3315968
Bill {Anonymous}: photographer (Boulder, Colorado): MM#
Hair by MacTavish: hair designer (Flower Mound, Texas): MM# 426187
Sarah K: model/ modeling student (Houston, Texas): MM#
MeruMerus: designer (Houston, Texas): MM#
Bo Whaskaley.: model/ photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
Raj Nitro: photographer (Houston, Texas): MM#
Belinda Adel/ Bedazzle Studio: Hairstylist/ MUA (Houston, Texas): MM#
Karen Taylor: photographer (League City, Texas): MM#
Dougie Anonymous: model (League City, Texas): MM#
Ritual Fashion: designer (Los Angeles, Texas): MM#
Sil Klusova : Makeup/Hair (Houston, TX): MM#

Special thanks to WB Productions
Diego Bormida: bodypainter (Portschach, Austria/ World Bodypainting Festival): MM#
Hannes Haefele: photographer ( World Bodypainting Festival, Austria): MM#
Ingrid Hofbauer: photographer (World Bodypainting Festival, Austria): MM#
Christian Anders: photographer (World Bodypainting Festival, Austria): MM#
Heinz Peter Bader: photographer (World Bodypainting Festival, Austria): MM#
Holger Weizman of Photoxmedia: photographer (World Bodypainting Festival, Austria)

All of the models who were in that show, please message me for inclusion in credits.
Sara K.: model. (Houston, TX): MM#
Heather Murphy: model (Austin, TX): MM#

Umair Khan: fashion designer (Houston, Texas): MM#
MeruMerus: runway fashion show (Houston, Texas): MM#
Angel Sweets: fashion runway model (Houston, Texas): MM# 3135516
Kimberly Smith: fashion runway model (Houston, Texas): MM#
Amy Shields Hairr: fashion runway model (Houston, Texas): MM#
...AND THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE OTHER GIRLS WHO MADE IT OUT FOR THE CASTING FOR THIS SHOW & THOSE WHO RESPONDED TO MY CASTING CALL AND CASTING MESSAGES ON MODEL MAYHEM. (Please send me a message to be included in credits if I left out your name and you would like inclusion in credits.)

Sonia, Christine. "Meru Merus: A designer interviwed by designer Christine Sonia." American Hashtag Magazine, Jan.-Feb. 2017, pp. 8-9. Pulled from on Feb 29, 2017.

"World Bodypainting Festival Models Turn Themselves Into Living Art Work In Austria." Design You Trust, July 2016. Pulled from on Aug 7, 2016.

"Painting Rejected as a 25 Knockoff May Be a 26 Million Work of Art." AOL News, 5 October 2016. Pulled from on Nov. 23, 2016.

"Austria Hosts Body Painting World Championships." AOL News, 5 July 2016. Pulled from

"World Bodypainting Festival: Your body is a canvas..." Sunday Express, 6 July 2016. Pulled from on Feb. 28, 2017.

Please check for other publications if you are interested in my print work, as I have been published elsewhere and not included the tear sheets in my port. Inquire for more details, or check with MeruMerus, Maxim Magazine, Raj Nitro, Getty Images, or WBF Productions for more information. .

...I know I've left out a bunch of you guys. I've tried to keep up with this. (Please excuse any and all crediting omissions and errors. I know I left some things out, as there are some that I know don't like being credited, but to those I have forgotten accidentally, please message me for inclusion.)


Vergone Salvatore · Photographer

Hello, I came across your profile and I liked your look. I’m a pro photographer for Beauty, Glamour & Actors in New York (I also travel all over States time to times) - If I can be useful in any ways to you do not hesitate to contact me, also I would be honored to have a “follow me” if you wish exchange between our respective M.M. & Instagram accounts. In meantime, please stay safe and take care of your health -

Wedding Media · Photographer

Wow, Extensive Portfolio!

Maybe you'd like something with a little more WOW!
I've acquired a new tool to add to my Painting With Light arsenal and am hoping to create some really Extraordinary images with it. Regardless of how that tool behaves in the field, PWL images are always exciting anyway.

Here's a few I've already created:

I'll be creating some with the help of my kids who will be assisting me now that school is almost out for the summer.

Step One - If you haven't already tried on one of the 3 Wedding Gowns I have, you'll need to do that first. I have sizes 0, 2 and 6. When I was purchasing these I didn't know the sizes ran so small but you may have something that fits for a wedding-ish image as well.

Step Two - Plan the image. That's mostly me but you may have some ideas that you want to toss in the arena of thought.

bvp · Photographer

Hey there! Heading to Dallas on the 9th for a shoot in the morning. Would you want to set up an afternoon shoot before I head back home?

Lio Art · Retoucher

Love your port! Very nice pictures! Wish to work with you one day.)
If you need my retouching services, contact me:
[email protected]

S E P · Photographer

Good morning and I really enjoyed viewing your portfolio 😀