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May 30, 2014
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About Me


I have been a full-time traveling model since 2019. I have a lot of experience in all the genres I have listed on this profile. I love the modeling part of what I do but I am striving to reduce time spent answering repetitive questions by including including a lot of detail in this bio. Please see my list of FAQ’s below


You will find that I communicate directly and thoroughly, and I ask that you do the same by including as much detail as possible.

For instance instead of messaging me with just “I’d like to shoot with you” or “do you ever travel to xyz city?”, please include the location, theme of the shoot, how much time you’d want to shoot for, if you are planning to cover travel to your location or if you just want to let me know of your interest in case I’m already coming to your city.

Once we have decided to shoot together, I am happy to communicate to flesh out concepts and discuss wardrobe, but I prefer that you not just ask "is there anything you want to shoot”? I understand this is meant as a nice gesture to give me some input, but I do between 20-30 shoots every month, and I don’t have the interest or capacity to be the creative director of your shoot.

Instead, I prefer that you either start by telling me what you are interested in shooting, giving me a link to the location we’ll be shooting in (that might help me decide what wardrobe to bring), or if you don’t want to plan the details of the shoot ahead of time, you can simply wait and see what wardrobe I show up with. A lot of my shoots are like this and that is fine.

WARDROBE REQUESTS: Understand that I may have packed and left for the the trip several days before I reach your city, so if you wait until the day before your shoot to tell me you want knee-high boots or a white blouse, that will only work out if I happened to have packed them already. But feel free to ask if I have them if that helps you to plan which concepts to do. 

I am available to shoot in Chattanooga, TN and I'm generally willing to make day trips to Nashville, Atlanta, Birmingham, or Knoxville (all 2 hours away). I make about one "long" trip a month - 6+ hours away. If you want me to travel to your city, offering some coverage of travel costs will help to make it happen. 



I have been doing nude modeling for art and photography for about 5 years. As with most things I care about in life, I am always after growth, so I read blogs, watch YouTube videos, experiment, network, learn, repeat. This is one reason I love to have a long-term relationship with photographers, so we can learn and grow together ☺

I am quite experienced with art nudes, lingerie, boudoir, erotica and fetish. For fetish and erotic, please feel free to just ask me for what you would like to shoot. I am never offended by being asked, but I may simply say "no" if it is something I don't want to do. Be prepared to provide me with references from models you have worked with.

I respect the time and money you have put into setting up the shoot, so you can expect me to be very good at communicating prior to the shoot and for me to arrive on time. I expect the same treatment from the photographer. I am pretty easy-going if something runs behind, but I ask for communication if this is the case. I sometimes schedule things tight so it is important to me for things to happen when they are planned.


For clothed up to artistic nudes: $150/hr
$425/3 hrs, $550/4 hrs, $1000/8hrs

For more explicit open-leg nudes, erotica, and fetish: $200/hr
$575/3hrs, $750/4hrs, $1400/8hrs

For more explicit open-leg nudes, erotica, and fetish: $200/hr
$575/3hrs, $750/4hrs, $1400/8hrs

Video is an additional charge and depends on the content of the video, so please ask if you are interested in video.

I generally require a 2-hour minimum to book and a 30% deposit at the time of booking.

I don’t split rates within a shoot - as in an hour at one rate and an hour at a different rate. If the shoot includes open-leg, for example, then the whole shoot is $200/hr.


The 30% deposit you pay when securing the shoot is non-refundable unless I am the one canceling the shoot (which I don’t do except in extreme circumstances).

If you have to cancel close to the time of the shoot (I’m not putting a set number of days here, because situations vary), then you still owe me 100% of the agreed-upon rate.


These are questions I get asked all the time, so I figured I would lay it all out here.

How long have you been modeling?

I have been a full-time traveling model since 2019. The first time I did a photoshoot was in 2017 (when I was 34).

What made you get started modeling?

I started by posing for drawing classes as a figure model, then learned about Model Mayhem, then it was a few years before I actually made a profile and started modeling for photographers. Really it was just following curiosity, the way one takes up any new creative interest. My first shoot was a trade (because I figured I would need that experience) and then my second shoot was paid, so I realized quickly that I could get paid to do something that I find fun and enjoyable.

What did you do before modeling?

I was in academia as an ecologist. I have a PhD and I used to do research and teach university courses. After realizing I did not want to do academia anymore, I did some other things - substitute teaching, marketing for a nonprofit, promotional modeling. I enjoy the freedom of entrepreneurship in general and I’m always looking to create even more freedom and joy in my work.

Do you think you’ll ever stop modeling?

Who knows. If I had to guess, I would say, probably. But honestly. I just follow the flow of my curiosity and desire in living a creative life. That is what I know I will do forever. For now, modeling is my main income source, but as I establish other income sources,  what then? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Do you need content for your paid sites?

No. I used to have OnlyFans, but I do not anymore. When I started OF (in 2020, just like so many others) it was just to share some of the content I couldn’t share on other platforms and to make extra money. It evolved into an exploration of creating erotic content, which had it’s fun times and value, but then pretty much fizzled out for me as something that added enough joy to my life to justify the time and effort. I’m so glad for the time and focus that have been able to put into other pursuits after quitting.

I do post on and have a paid membership there, but it’s not a big focus where I’m trying to maximize profit or even be consistent. If photographers share photos from a shoot and I like it, I might post them on here.

What do you like to do besides modeling?

I like rock climbing, yoga, learning about manifestation (your thoughts create your reality), hiking with my dog, travel, travel photography. Lately, I’ve been into learning new hair and makeup skills and products. I am quite strong from climbing. I wish I could say I’m super flexible from yoga, but I would say I’m average in this regard, but I am familiar with poses.

Photographers have asked many times if I want to be photographed climbing and the answer is: no, that doesn’t interest me and is much more involved than most photographers realize when they ask this question (you kind of have to be a climber yourself to shoot from above, not from the ground).

What kinds of snacks would you like to have?

I will always make sure that I have snacks that I enjoy, but for those photographers who like to provide them, I appreciate it.

I generally eat a vegan diet, which means no animal products (including no fish, dairy, eggs). So things like berries, fruit, nuts, granola bars, peanut butter pretzels, etc. are all fine.

If you don’t eat animal products, where do you get your protein?

PSA: Vegans hate being asked this question. If you are asking because you are concerned that I may not be getting enough protein in my diet, that’s really not your business, just as anyone’s physical wellbeing is their own business. If you are asking because you are curious where vegans get protein, please ask Google. The truth for me is that I simply do not think about it. I have been vegan for 6 years, and my muscles and body work just fine. I’m not into analyzing macros.

Are you vegan for health reasons? Ethical reasons? etc.

It started out because of health. I made a podcast about it that is still out there on Spotify. I was very strict about food for a long time while overcoming some chronic health issues (eczema, shingles, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue). I followed the advice of Medical Medium (google it if you aren’t familiar), and it worked great for me. I cleared up many physical symptoms. But since then, I have evolved into a different understanding of health (and our entire reality) as being generated from our beliefs. Now I eat whatever I want to, and I’ve even tried animal products here and there, and just find that I prefer not to. Yes, I do care that I’m not causing unnecessary suffering to animals, but I’m not judging anyone who includes meat in their diet if that’s what’s right for them.

What’s your favorite kind of photoshoot?

None of these are a requirement for working with me, but since I am often asked this question, I will give an answer. I like photoshoots where the photographer has some concept ideas, Pinterest board, mood board, etc. There is some kind of goal involved, even if it is simply trying out a new piece of lighting equipment or new technique. I enjoy outdoor shoots where the outdoor conditions are comfortable (e.g. not super cold or windy). I can manage less than ideal conditions, but we’re talking about favorites here.

What’s your dream photoshoot?

Probably something kind of epic, like a very conceptual shoot in an amazing location with great hair, makeup, wardrobe.


A note about Covid-19: I have only received one Pfizer shot and will not be getting any further jabs or boosters. I am not particular about your vaccination status

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