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'Flick Photographic'  &  'Body Painting by Flick'
Carl Flick, Phone: 561-707-0747

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I am both a commercial photographer and a professional bodypainter.
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Welcome to my Model Mayhem Web Site:
I am both an artist-bodypainter and photographer.  My work emcompasses a broad range, including: glamour, bodypainting, editorial, travel, nature, and architectural images.  The reason for signing with Model Mayhem is to improve my networking with models who are literally my canvases.

Examples of my work have been published in a number of publications.  I have traveled to over 65 countries and territories on 6 continents in order to create images that have real impact. 

Latest Project:
I am completing a book on bodypainting.  My photographic web sites showcase both my work as a painter and as an accomplished photographer.  Just scroll down to click on my numerous links.

Paid Work/Hiring Flick Photographic:
Please don't hesitate to contact me for a price list for paid assignments.  I will provide you or your company with quality work, delivered on time, and to your specifications.  As a client you will be pleased with the results.  Flick Photographic has a proven track record of providing images that either make you money, effectively reach your market, capture the right moment, or get you the opportunity you're seeking. 

Limited TFCD with Models:
I am currently only accepting 1-2 test shoots (TFPs or TFCDs) per month.  I am selective.  I receive many more requests for TFCD than I could ever provide. So I must balance TFCD with paid assignments.  But it's either feast or famine, so don't let my perceived work load discourage you from asking.  Although infrequent these days, I do enjoy working with models who are enthusiastic newcomers and who may have that certain aura, attitude, or unique look that makes a dramatic image.  Model collaborative work requests must be related to my photographic resume of work, or my book on bodypainting.  To contact me, e-mail through MM, or better still, through my industry web site at < >. Including both a direct e-mail address and contact phone number (with best time to call) demonstrates both your professionalism and your ability to be complete in your response. Continue reading for more information about "pre-shoot phone contact".  In my case, this step is required with all models, and reading below will explain exactly why.

Contact and Introductions:
For models who contact me, I must converse directly with you prior to any shoot.  A real conversation allows us to: 1) fully discuss a work assignment's parameters; 2) freely interact prior to meeting; 3) demonstrate professionalism to each other; 4) build necessary trust; 5) assess your commitment to a pre-set appointment; and 6) ensure that all of your questions have been answered.  Further, conversing effectively allows me to weed out all unreliable "no-shows".  Please read more on this particular subject below.  It should be a good fit for both of us.  Since the first humans developed language, the 'art of conversation' has always been the best way to determine suitability.  When personalities click, the shoot is a lot of fun.  For those who are just starting out, please know that professionalism, courtesy, and commitment are truly the keys to success in this industry.

A Valuable Message About Networking:
Never forget the power of networking.  So important.  By actually talking with photographers, make-up artists, stylists, and other models, you are sowing the seeds for more jobs in the future.  The biggest mistake new or unprofessional models make is ignoring inquiries.  You are your own ambassador and your actions speak loudly.  Making lasting impressions is part of the craft of establishing working relationships and building alliances that result in repeat work assignments.  To ignore this is to limit requests for future work. Taking the initiative to call make-up artists, stylists, and photographers is viewed as a positive "networking habit".  The rule to follow: Networking will make you more money.  Waiting for photographers to contact you just means wasted time with little income.  Remember that you are in competition with other models.  So take the initiative, make the call, and get that paid assignment. 

Paid Assignments for Models:
They come regularly.  Who do I contact when a client hires me? In many instances I call those reliable individuals who I've worked with before.  As a long term strategy for 'getting those paid assignments', many have established their introductory working connection through a TFCD shoot.  I hire professional models (on behalf of a paying client) with whom I have first established a working relationship. This is also my way of further rewarding those who began with TFCD shooting. In other words, they believed that the quality of my work had its own value.  Networking is everything. 

Where I Shoot and Body Paint:
I photograph in locations all over South Florida, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, extending north to Stuart and Ft. Pierce, and also throughout the Tampa Bay area, where I have a growing client list.  Although I am based in West Palm Beach, I have set up a satellite studio in Ft. Pierce (St. Lucie County).  My satellite studio comes complete with several acres of woodlands, meadows, and an intracoastal waterway beach, all of which make picturesque photographic sets for shooting.  I love nature and it figures prominently in my work.  My Ft. Pierce location has staged me for an excellent opportunity to grow my business in the Port St. Lucie market.

Model Mayhem models I have had the pleasure to work with:
(This list does not contain non-Model Mayhem affiliated models.  A list compiled from non-Model Mayhem sources would be many times longer.)
Jai Waldner #447354
Fawna Moore  #540180
Vanina Eve #590874
Belly Donsah #21451
Kathleen Kraft #810176
BrookeAlisonK #677708
Adrian Adair #690038
Multi-Success Threat (Alex) #683638
Britt Kat #686282
Chase Gregory #719241
Rages Photog #171395
Jayne Irelan #747293
Miss Latex Storm #749579
Kathleen Kraft #810176
Carmen Blue #825948
Magdulla Pennington #837162
Maria Zambrano #806142
Taylor Starr #289818
Tatiana Petrova #849454
Cori Silver #1245713
Victoria MP #1045570
Candace Jewels #1050325
'The One And Only ANGEL' #1023356
MissGlamNaT #1049550
Joanna MJ #1063942
Patricia S (Ft. Lauderdale) #478437
Christine Curran #821668
Missy Shae #1129777
Jessica Crescioni #869337
Melanie Gee #1225033
Samuari #1260174
Shyneiqueia Henderson #1054220
LeaSophia #1268473
Tina Latina #866478
E Clair #1328633
Yoga Princess #1114080
Julia Ymanova #1368165
Valmorie Bary #1557677
Anna Karina #1494218
Amanda Khan #856299
Cheryl Khan #1669546
Sarah Christina #1685222
Kathleen Bass #1766295
Brooke Dienemann #1755584
Agilah #1827403
China-Lynn #1290009
Callie Riane #498712
Helena 2388 #259099
Emily Mondino #2181974
Suzanne Tag #2370013
temptation007 #1928976
Gleny Solano #2403363
Jennifer E Smith #2402331
New Jersey Girl #2531705
AJ_Knapp #569016
Birdie Lee #2332128
Ooh la la tee da #2611561
Caitlin Creighton #2714393
Elina Sol #2992814
Jersey Jai #2241359
Ilona NEST #2989901
_isradiant #3655884
Wild Phoenix #3293820
Armelle Laila #4007811
Lye #3640365

View even more of my bodypainting samples in my large Facebook gallery:

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Conversing in Spanish:
Yo hablo un poco Espanol.  Yo aprendo Espanol por quatro anos in la escuela y hace muchas viajes a los paises de hispanicos.
Conversing in German:
Ich kann ein bischen Deutsch sprechen.  Ich wohnte in Deutschland.  Ich war ein Student.

An Industry Secret Revealed
I never have any problems with "no show models".  They are not part of my world.  My fellow professional photographers ask how can that be?  The answer is easy to explain.  When a prospective model fails to provide a contact phone number, and does not strongly want to hold a pre-shoot phone conversation with its many typical questions and answers exchanged, I already know that this particular individual has no intention of coming to any planned shoot.  I find this true 100 percent of the time.  No need to waste energy. 

A Reliable Model's Good Habits Reveal Themselves
On the other hand, after an initial e-mail exchange, all reliable models are quick to arrange and carry out a pre-shoot conversation.  This is a natural inclination since talking and sharing information builds necessary trust prior to working together.  I receive a fair amount of requests for photographic TFCDs.  Unfortunately, I cannot honor most of them because I work for a living.  Paying clients are my lifeblood.  But for the unique instances when I do carry out a TFCD arrangement, my policy of holding a pre-shoot phone conversation weeds out unreliable people for me. I am grateful for this easy determinant of good character, because it works wonderfully.  As a result, I collaborate with some amazing models, stylists, make-up artists, and set designers.  If you are a model that has started communicating with me via e-mail, the next professional step is to call and directly explore the potential for shooting (while getting lots of questions answered for both of us), or provide a contact number so that I may call.

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"Very professional and knowledgable photographer and bodypainter. Totally trustworthy, ...and fun to work with!" Read less

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Credit Notes

- Sept.2007 issue of 'Home Ft. Lauderdale' magazine - published full page photograph featuring a South Florida hotel lobby

- Published yearly in 'N Magazine' 1995-present

- Published 'Naturally' magazine 1995-present

- Client: Local Plastic Surgeon - Published 1/4 page ads in the Palm Beach Post featuring images

- Official photographer of the Sunsport Gardens Mid-Winter Festival

- Cover photograph of NUSA Magazine, November 2010

- Cover photograph of NUSA Magazine, November 2011

- Trained in the professional photography program of the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale

- Extensive travel and photography around the world. Have visited and captured unique photographic images from over 75 countries and territories on 6 continents, including:

EAST ASIA: Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong;
THE ARCTIC: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Canada-Yukon, US-Alaska, Russia-Murmansk;
THE MIDDLE EAST: Israel, Palestinian Territories, Golan Heights-Occupied Syria, Lebanon, Sinai-Egypt, Turkey;
SOUTH AMERICA: Peru, Venezuela, and Guyana;
NORTH AMERICAN MAINLAND: US-throughout lower '48', Alaska, Canada, Mexico;
CENTRAL AMERICA: Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua;
CARIBBEAN REGION: Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Isla Vieques, Islas de la Bahia (Honduran Bay Islands), The Bahamas, Bocas del Toro Islands (Panama), Glover's Reef Atoll (Belize); Great Corn Island (Nicaragua); Trinidad; the Dominican Republic; St. Lucia;
CENTRAL & SOUTH PACIFIC: Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, Tahiti;
AFRICA: Egypt, South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Morocco, and the Spanish exclave of Ceuta;
EUROPE: Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland), Ireland, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Portugal, Andorra, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia (including The Arctic - Kola Peninsula and the Kaliningrad Oblast (Koenigsberg, East Prussia).

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"To be successful, you have to be unique and so different, that if people want what you have, they have to come to you to get it." - Walt Disney


'Flick Photographic'  &  'Body Painting by Flick'
Carl Flick, Phone: 561-707-0747

Main websites: and

Direct e-mail contact?  Open your web browser to:

Large library of my images and bodypaintings:

Facebook gallery of my bodypainting images open to all - listed under "Carl Flick":

Other websites with plenty of my bodypaintings and unique photography:

Body Painting Videos:
Tina Latina  MM#866478, version 1:
Tina Latina  MM#866478, version 2:
Samantha Samurai/Samuari  MM#1260174:
Joy - Billiards Body Art Creation (click on "Play Slidewhow" to start video):
Body Painting Tina Latina for a client at a convention at the Miami Hilton

Please review my TAGs section for model referrals and recommendations for my work.  Here are some TAG quotes from models I've worked with:

Birdie Lee  MM#2332128 - 2012-02-20 11:49:20
"Working with you is wonderful! You have a great talent! Thank you for the event, I look forward to more adventures!"

Temptation 007  MM#1928976 - 2011-10-27 20:24:41
"I enjoyed very much working with you on a sunny day at the beach. I have had an unforgettable experience of the body painting, which i denied for a long time, but you opened up for me a unique vision of that art. Thank you, Carl you catch a lot of beautiful images with your camera too. I look forward to work with you again in a near future. Lena"

Callie Riane  MM#498712 - 2011-04-20 03:24:34
"I absolutely loved the experience and would deifinitely be up for it again. You were extremely professional throughout it all and kept it fun and lighthearted. Anytime you're in town please look me up smile"

China-Lynn  MM#1290009 - 2011-04-14 16:09:56
"Carl: It was indeed a pleasure and a privilege to body-paint and photograph with you the past few times it was fun and very exciting. You gave easy to follow directions , it was a pleasure shooting with you. The images are wonderful. I couldn't ask anymore from a shoot but when can we do it again ;-)  --China Lynn"

Kathleen Bass  MM#1766295 - 2010-07-25 22:18:22
"You are the best! We made such a good creative team! We must do this again. ...aaahh so fun, I still have the paint on.  Sending a lot thanks and good things your way, sincerely, Kathleen B."

Sarah Christina  MM#1685222 - 2010-06-21 16:06:12
"You put my picture on the very top of your site! I'm honored. smile  I had so much fun yesterday, not only did I meet a wonderful photographer and artist I feel like I made a new friend. My boring job went by so much quicker today by thinking all the fun I had the day before. I'm looking forward to working with you again. ^^"

Cheryl Khan  MM#1669546 - 2010-06-13 15:24:12
"hey awesome, photographer/bodypainter thanks for the wonderful photoshoot the other day. I really had fun smile"

Cheryl Khan  MM#1669546 - 2010-05-09 18:38:21
"Hi Carl, you truly are a professional, I was very impressed by your work and as a new model you made me feel so comfortable and confident during the shoot. I enjoyed working with you, Keep up the fantastic work."

Mandy D Model  MM#856299 - 2010-05-07 09:28:02
"Hey Carl I just wanted to say thanks so much for yesterday I am so happy that you are the first body painter I have worked with because you are so easy and comfortable to be around I really had a blast. Can't wait to do something again you are such a creative individual, thank you for allowing me the opportunity of working with you! All the best. smile"

Anna Karina Vanderbiest  MM#1494218 - 2010-03-15 16:09:05
"Carl, I am so impressed with your professionalism and work ethic. It was my pleasure to work with you. I feel it was a great success for the both of us, in other words, IDEAL! I LOVE the pic you sent me and added to your main page. I can't wait to see the rest of them. I look forward to working together in the future. Best wishes, Anna"