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I will very happily shoot anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow!  I don't care if you have 6 eyes, 3 fingers, are in a wheelchair or everyone has told you that you will NEVER make it in the modelling world. Screw them, if you wanna get creative, gimme a call!

I'll give you some warning: don't expect our photos to get you new jobs in any particular industries, i don't work any industries (though i'd love to get involved with independent clothing makers!) and so i'm not a good judge of what they would be into. On top of this, i have to admit my deep love for the imperfections of life. I love it when one sock is up and one is down. I love it when your face is naked and your hair is all messed up from blowing in the wind. I love it when you are just YOU, because YOU are AMAZING!! (YouTube "Validation" wink

Digressing right along, in my mind, "perfect" doesn't exist. Or maybe everything is? Or both? I don't know, but more importantly, neither does "photogenic". I find everyone has the ability to be photogenic, just like everyone has the ability to be creative... i mean, everyone is all the time! Creativity isn't just about making art, lots of obstacle we are challenged with daily require creative solutions no? They're born inborn human skillz, yo.

_lame rant follows: skip unless bored_

I'm probably on the wrong website to write this, but seriously, i'm so bloody tired of this so-called "perfection" that these industries are trying to find and somehow achieve. It's just a bunch of lies to sell us crap.. blahblah... studios + craxy make-up + Photoshop != reality.  Seriously.  What's the point in taking pictures anymore if all that comes out is something that can only exist in a computer?  The only beauty left in the (at least western) world lies deep within ourselves, our own inner creativity must be freed again (yes i'm talking to YOU models! smile and i'm here to help you on that road to true inner freedom.

Just my two (or non) cents.

__resuming semblance of normality__

Be prepared to throw your poses out the door, as soon as you step in front of my camera, you are completely FREE! You can pose if you so choose, orrrrrrr... you can pretend like you're 5 years old again (climb a tree?) or 75 (take a nap?), read a book, make me a pie or just hangout and watch the sky! smile  Whatever age you are naturally or otherwise is fine by me, just remember: the only one who can tell you to stop is your Mom, and she's not around to stop you mwuahaha!!  I want you to be human again. Back to the basics. You have no boundaries anymore so feel free to explore the environment around you, it's the most expensive studio in the world, paid for by citizens of the world and all of it is completely free for our usage..... at least until security tells us to move along wink

My job is to make you look good and to ensure your continued happiness (food/drinkage/etc? smile  Models are people too, and all i want to do is set them free! This is about creating something beautiful with you, yourself and thou.

100% of the work you see here is collaborative creativity (and optional chaos). This means, the photos belong to BOTH of us.  The photos do not exist without either of us.  Both of our energies went into producing these. YOU delete the pics you don't like after a shoot. You also get ALL the pics after a shoot (and ALL the finished ones later on a stack of DVDs). RAWs available on request.

I don't have a studio, persay, nor will i ever, for the world is my studio.

I thrive on improvisation and spontaneity. The less planning the better. Surprise me. Give me something new and challenging... kick my creative arse.. i don't want to know what's going to happen, i'll somehow figure out how to handle it as we go along smile

i like to think of photography as a sort of meditation - the camera and i become one. ohm mane padme hung.

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