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About Me

Available for domestic and International travel with Passport.
PHONE/TEXT: 310.210.5491

After 20 years of living and working in Los Angeles and Hollywood, I returned to central Ohio following a Family tragedy in 2015. For much of 2015-2020, I took somewhat of a personal hiatus from my work while continuing very selective opportunities in professional sports.  Of course, 2020 and the COVID19 Pandemic changed everything for most everyone.

Currently, I am rebranding and reorganizing as well as developing new digital skills and a website for when this pandemic is over and various brands, companies, businesses and models will need updates. I am also planning a return for a third college degree.

Please keep me in mind as we all emerge from this very difficult year.

If you know me well, you are aware of my ongoing obsession with "Roadside America," and vintage subjects on Route 66 (IL, MO, KS, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and CA) as well as US 40 (MO, IL, IN, OH, WV, VA, MD, DE and DC).







Jack Nicholson amongst the Paparazzi on the Runway following Daughter, Julie's Fashion Show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) at Smashbox Studios 2007.

LITTLE CAESAR'S ARENA - (Detroit, MI) - Arena Lighting and Special Effects Photographer for Crossfade Design, LLC (Fall 2017)
QUICKEN LOANS AREA - (Cleveland, OH) - Arena Lighting and Special Effects Photographer for Crossfade Design, LLC (Spring 2018)
“ART HEARTS FASHION" - (Los Angeles and New York) - MEDIA OPERATIONS DIRECTOR -  (2014 to 2015)
"PUBCLUB.COM" (Hermosa Beach) - CONTRIBUTOR - (2008-PRESENT)
“THE CHARITY DRIVE” (working title) (Nationwide) - EXECUTIVE PRODUCER/CREATOR - (2009-PRESENT)

CONTACTS: (temporarily OFFline for redevelopment) (ARCHIVES)

AVAILABLE IN ALL 50 STATES and U.S. Territories. Possess current U.S. PASSPORT and legally eligible for International Visas as necessary. Travel experience has included 43 of the 50 States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and the former Soviet Union (Moscow and then Leningrad/now St Petersburg).

Please inquire for individual rates regarding your photographic needs. I am a compensated, college degree'd, experienced creative professional. My experience with cameras and photography extends 40 years and my own business extends more than 17 years. I WILL CONSIDER VERY SELECT TFP as time allows.

PLEASE READ THROUGH MY PROFILE BEFORE MEETING WITH ME-a lot of information to consider. I've worked very hard in life to do what I do and I am here to help you. Help me help you by doing a little background research on me so that you understand why I love what I do. I can be a very enthusiastic passionate individual and communication is very important to me. Please do not mistake it for anything other. THANK YOU:

"ROUTE 66"
WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2011 8 P.M. - 2 A.M.


ALWAYS A PLEASURE WORKING WITH NICK VERREOS of Project Runway/TV Guide in Cincinnati, Ohio for Macy's and the LULAC Convention. Nick and I have been friends/worked with one another out in L.A. for several years.

Let's face it! I LOVE Lisa Gleave from "Deal Or No Deal" and "Price Is Right" fame. This was taken of the both of us at a Playboy Playmate event in Hollywood for Japan Relief where she was representing "BenchWarmer Trading Cards." She is one of the most beautiful, most sweetest Women I know! AND...she is from Australia so her accent is just too cute! We are both anticipating working with one another in the near future when both of our schedules allow. She is a RARE GEM and I can't say enough wonderful things about her.

CONTESTANT on the webisode reality series pilot, "SHUTTER WARS" filmed Jan-Feb 2011 in Washington D.C./Alexandria, VA.


A Group Photo Exhibit on Melrose Avenue - Los Angeles - 2009

Christina Milian Performs at LA Fashion Weekend - Sunset Gower Studios - for Fall Fashion Week 2010 (Spring 2011 Collections). Christina is also quite a sweetheart to know and a VERY UNDERRATED vocal, model, and eyewear designer talent! Check her out!



First and foremost, I am a professional "business" which provides professional photographic services to those who inquire at a competitive rate. If you are serious about your photographic needs I am happy to work and develop them with you, but a lack of budget may severely limit resources in terms of equipment, location, and time. My time with you goes far beyond our shoot and includes extensive preparation before as well as post production after. Your job doesn't begin and end during the shoot, either. I invest my attention in you and hope you consider doing the same with me. Chemistry is everything when working with one another.

Also, compensation is not all profit and is likely paying much of my overhead on our time together including equipment, insurance, location permits, fuel, food/water and of course, my time. If you are looking for free "handouts" please do not waste my time. However, ON AN EXTREMELY LIMITED BASIS, I DO consider TFP/CD in regards to highly creative independent pursuits involving any genre OR if I agree that our talents/experience mutually cancel each other yet build each other. Some relevant trade for promotion/advertising/wardrobe/services or charitable donation will always be "considered."

To explain further, in the effort to continuously diversify my own book, I would put extra special consideration on agency approved, ethnic,  as well as artistic nude models that offer a high calibre value of creative potential for both of us or for use as a "test" for an Agency. Especially, anything that would mutually be beneficial to hang on a gallery wall, be included in an artistic book/publication or other medium which would naturally promote our mutual work for additional business opportunities. If you are a "creative type" and you get as excited about your creative ideas as I do, please mention them to me. The more 50/50 efforts we do "together" the more likely I am to consider your interests and needs regarding TFP/CD.

The Golden Rule applies here! I'll respect you as much as you respect me. I am a lot of fun to work with, but I take this business very seriously. This is about creative passion and I only want to work with those who share the same.

2018 NATIONWIDE PHOTOSHOOTS: Scheduling FASHION, GLAMOUR, COMMERCIAL, and EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY. Please book me for your needs and I will schedule with and come to you when you require. First come/first served based on Deposit/Retainer.  Refer someone and get a discount. Group shoot discount also available. Inquire with me for more details, needs, ideas, etc. Thank you! 310.210.5491.


-Behind The Scenes, Backstage, Make Up, Hair and Designer Interviews

-Fine Art Nude
-Present for your Husband or Boyfriend

-Professional (Auto Racing, Golf, Beach Volleyball, Surfing, other)

-"Girls Night Out”
-Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
-Birthdays, Bat/Bar Mizvah's, Anniversaries, Weddings
-Corporate Events
-Vacations and Holidays

-Acting Headshots
-Corporate Headshots
-Zed/Comp Cards
*Commercial Product and Advertising
*Any creative or original needs you might have-Just inquire! CHALLENGE ME!

When TFP/CD is done, it is on my terms (or Production Team's) and my schedule-no exceptions. I reserve the right to deliver finished work when it is logically possible. If you can'€™t wait, please inquire about my very reasonable rates. All paid work is priority over TFP/CD. All decisions regarding selection of model(s) are by Jack Fleming Photography. Plans and decisions are subject to change at any time for any reason. It is however my intent that all TFP/CD efforts are a 50/50 development process between Model and Jack Fleming Photography.

*Passionate and enthusiastic about Photography, Creativity, Art, Beauty, People
*Extroverted when I have a camera in my hands
*Know that I am blessed (not egotistical) to have had the chance to do what I love and the talent I have been given
*Confident and ambitious in all that I do
*Risk taker and motivated by challenge
*Professional, trusting, and courteous
*Your Best Friend if our professional chemistry works together
*Internationally Published
*Believe that quality far outweighs quantity
*Educated with two Bachelor's (4 year) degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design (Concentrations in 35 MM Film Photography, Oil Painting, and Technical Theatre and Scenery/Lighting Design)
*Also very experienced in Film/TV, Sports, and Music Consumer Product Licensing, Product Development, Merchandising, and Buying with knowledge of supply chain, manufacturing, and retail marketing between the United States, Canada, and China
*Established my own 2600 sq ft studio Storefront/space/business for 7 years in Los Angeles long before most Digital Photographers today. In fact, I have worked with 35 MM and other Film Cameras since the 1970's. So, I understand photography basics when getting it right the first time.  In other words, I don’t depend on Adobe Photoshop for success-it is merely a tool to enhance.
*Honest with you
*Will counsel and advise you on the pros/cons of this business if asked because I have seen, heard, and experienced a lot of things that will shock you

*Perfect-I make mistakes and attempt to take responsibility if I inadvertently make a mistake.
*Going to "chase" you. You either like what I do or you don't. If you want to work with me--help me help you and communicate, be on time, be respectful, and work hard. I will do the same.
*Disrespectful of your time.
*Manipulative of your vulnerability as a female model
*Looking for a date
*a GWC (Guy With Camera)
*ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERANT of individuals who flake on an appointment or a photoshoot in anyway UNLESS you contact me in advance OR you have a specific emergency that would be legitimately relevant to canceling or being late (Traffic, Sickness, Accident, Acts of God, etc.) Communicate with me.
*ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERANT of drugs, drug use or being under the "uncontrollable" influence of any substance on a shoot unless previously prescribed by a Medical Doctor.
*Doing photography as a hobby. This is a business. I have earned, studied,  and developed the right to get paid to do what I do and for the services and quality I provide.
*NOT an Agent, Talent Scout, or a "so called" Manager.
*A "White Knight." - My concern for your safety, respect, and outcome is very high. However, I'm not out to "save" you and be your Knight in Shining Armor. If you think of my photography in that respect--I won't ignore it--but I'm not going to chase you.

Me, "Andy Warhol style" during the Arden Realty Holiday Party.

Compilation from the Northern Trust Open and the "Michael Douglas and Friend's" Open in February 2008 at Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, CA. Individuals include, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Alice Cooper, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Morgan Freeman, Kenny G, and the Northern Trust Tournament Committee.

POLICIES - Please read carefully). This is not a conclusive list:
Please note--this is my job. Not a hobby. Therefore I have a business, pay taxes, have overhead, and lead a normal professional life. So, that we are clear on our communication:

*I work by appointment ONLY.

*A one on one consultation (no obligation to work with me following), is required in advance of ANY shoot. I am available weekdays and weekends. Escorts ARE WELCOME during this time.

*I DO NOT pay models unless a commercial client or a guaranteed contracted entity is paying me. Period! If you believe you should be "paid" for our work together, please let me know which leading Model Agency (LA, NY Miami or equivalent) you are signed with AND what leading Designers you have walked for on the Runway.

*If I have approached you to shoot, it's likely because I see something in your look that I feel can benefit your as well as my portfolio or a personal project. I am happy to discuss TF*agreements with you on the condition that I have creative control. I am very easy and agreeable to work with.

*If you have posted a casting call (with Pay or TBD), approached me about shooting for your book, agency needs, or your own interests, I assume you are inquiring about my "professional" services and abilities. Professional = Compensated.

*My Rates are very reasonable. Please share your needs with me in as much detail as possible. I am happy to provide ideas, advice, or guidance free of charge. I offer discounts to groups or multiple individuals at a time.

*A deposit is required to book any kind of shoot. Due to timing or short notice, the entire balance may be due up front.

*Events booked in under 7 days require a 100% deposit. Deposits under 7 days are non-returnable, but will be credited to a rescheduled shoot if client cancels. A rescheduling fee may be assessed if client cancels. If Photographer cancels, the original agreed upon price will be recognized.

*ESCORTS for safety ARE WELCOME during the initial consultation. However...

*ESCORTS DURING SHOOTS are HIGHLY DISCOURAGED for reasons of liability, focus, concentration, and creative pursuits. I am a professional adult and if you are 18+ you should be a professional adult too. For your comfort, I often have female stylists on my set and limit any male attendance unless it's a professional Assistant, Photographer, or Stylist who has been professionally designated to be there. Escorts "may" be considered on shoots with unique requests ONLY IN ADVANCE. Also, you will know in advance who my team will be as well.

*ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF ILLEGAL DRUGS or being under the "uncontrollable" influence of any substance on a shoot. What you do in your personal time is not my business, but "when on my time," you will be sober and drug free. I have had enough dealings for a lifetime, with individuals on cocaine and other illegal substances while working in Los Angeles.

*I ABSOLUTELY WILL WORK WITH MINORS. However, If you are under 18, I WILL REQUIRE a Parent or Guardian present (or a signed Model/Medical Release) during the shoot for accountability, liability, and safety. Any agreements, permissions, Model/Medical releases MUST be signed by a Parent or Guardian when working with a Minor.

*In any TFP/CD agreement (see above), the model is required to sign a Model Release. All terms are negotiable, but may or may not be agreed upon by Jack Fleming Photography. Jack Fleming Photography also reserves the right to cancel any TFP/CD agreement for any reason at any time in advance of the shoot. Jack Fleming Photography will in his best ability try to reschedule, but reserves the right to not be held accountable if this is not possible in a timely manner or at all.

*Model Releases will require your signature (if 18+) and a Parent's signature if under 18. I will also require to see a Government issued I.D. (ie. Drivers License, State I.D., or Passport) and the I.D. number to make our agreement legal. If shooting nude images, I will need a copy of your I.D. on file. All personal information is kept private by Jack Fleming Photography and not sold or re-distributed EVER for any reason.

*Upon completion of our shoot, your images will be posted to an online password protected gallery with "proof" watermarks on the images. You will be able to select your favorites.

*I can provide make up and hair styling for additional charges or you may bring your own. If you choose your own make up artist or hair stylist and I have not previously worked with them, I cannot guarantee the outcome of the shoot.

*Experience is never necessary. Confidence and enthusiasm are extremely attractive.

In conclusion, I'm very fun and easy to work with. I love what I do and you will quickly see that. All in all, I am always looking for curious, inquisitive, enthusiastic and interesting looking people to photograph. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask.

Me with Actress, Natasha Henstridge at Smashbox Studios during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2007.

Thank you.

My old studio in Eagle Rock, CA on L.A.'s NE side. This is only 1/2 of the 2600 sq ft space. The other half was damaged due to a recent fire next door. I closed this location 6/14/2009 after seven wonderful years!

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"Jack was always incredibly and impeccably professional and to this day his images are among the very best I've ever seen. He is an incredibly gifted photographer that I greatly loved working with." Read less

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Credit Notes

Actor, Robert Patrick of "Scorpion" for Motor Trend Magazine at the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach 2015. Image courtesy of Alfa Images/Saeed Zargham.


British Vogue
Brigade Magazine
Alegria Magazine
California Apparel News
Motor Trend
Flaunt Magazine
National Geographic Society/Line Jumper Talents
LA Daily News
The Hollywood Reporter
LA Yoga
Item Magazine
Vegas Magazine
California Golf News

P-Diddy/Sean Combs for Christian Comb’s 13th Birthday for/at The Rolling Stone Restaurant and Lounge (Los Angeles)
Christina Aguilera’s home Baby Shower for her first Son, Max at the former Beverly Hills home of The Osbournes
Christina Aguilera’s “Back To Basics” Album release event at Linda Perry’s (of Four Non Blondes fame) Recording Studio in North Hollywood
Ice T in the recording studio
Lauren Conrad at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) for British Vogue
Nicky Hilton at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) for British Vogue
The Pussy Cat Dolls/Robin Antin at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) for British Vogue

Little Caesar's Arena/Detroit Redwings for Crossfade Design, LLC
VoCe Haircare Products
LA Gear and ACI International Licensed Footwear Brands
Downtown Los Angeles Fashion Week House Photographer at The Geffen/MOCA
Estee Lauder Executive Representative Campaign
PGA Northern Trust Open (formerly Nissan Open presented by Countrywide)
SBE/Bolthouse Productions Beverly Hills
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (NY) for “Totally Cool” Media Team
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) for Trillion Entertainment
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (LA) for Splash Magazines
Cloghan Castle (Loughrea, Ireland).



*"THE CHARITY DRIVE” I am currently in the process of creating the foundation of a unique charity photography concept that crosses various media platforms, genres, and creative pursuits involving photography, fashion, travel and all things great about America. This idea will be released at a later time as sponsors are on board.  Production timeline is currently very fluid. Marketing Images have been shot during 22 cross country trips through 28 States and the District of Columbia in 60 MONTHS both solo and with Model, Nikki Cavelli (MM#1519743) and Taylor Brynne (MM#1883356) who may be assisting in the Model Selection Process. Routes have focussed on Historic Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica and Historic US 40 from St Louis to Washington D.C. Please look for Nationwide auditions in the future.

*“ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE/ELDERLY PLANNING DOCUMENTARY” (Title TBD) - I am in pre-production/writing through a Producer in Hollywood who is interested in developing my “story” (more specifically the story of my Parents) in 2013 through what was the absolute worst period of my Family’s life due to Alzheimer’s Disease. It is the story of how a small town Judge and Police force illegally got involved with a shady even smaller town Attorney and a neighbor, who sold our Family’s house and took my Father (who has never had a criminal record) away in a Police cruiser to a Nursing home in front of me, while helpless to do anything because of an illegal Judge’s order. The period spans 6 months of my life and experience.

*CROSS COUNTRY PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO PHOTO SHOOTS - A great NEW package offered by Jack Fleming Photography on an extremely limited, but extremely high value basis. Please ask Jack directly for more details. This can include any combination of U.S. States or territories.

Jordan Bratman and Wife, Christina Aguilera during Christina's "Back To Basics" Album Release Party at Linda Perry's recording studio in North Hollywood - August 2006. This was the first of 2 times Christina has privately hired me.

ADDITIONAL CREDITS (in more detail):
- ( Spring Collections 2015/ongoing )
Media Operations Director - LA STYLE FASHION WEEK - LA LIVE
- ( Fall Collections 2011 to Spring Collections 2014)
Director of Photography - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC/Line Jumper Talent Group
-Photographer/Assoc. Producer - PSA: "Slash" at the Wildlife Waystation
-Photographer/Assoc. Producer - PSA: "Katie Cleary at the Wildlife Waystation
-Photographer/Assoc. Producer - PSA: Rachel and Brendon at the Wildlife Waystation
Reality Show Contestant - SHUTTER WARS
LA Fashion Weekend - Sunset/Gower Studios HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHER
- (Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011) Contributing Photographer
-Long Beach Grand Prix, Long Beach Ski Fest, Pro Beach and Amateur Beach Volleyball, Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Bud Lime, and Monster Energy Drink Branding Contributing Photographer
-LA Fashion Weekend, Concept Fashion Week, Beverly Hills Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Downtown LA Fashion Week, Misc Fashion Events throughout Los Angeles.
Shadowbox Comedy Cabaret - Columbus, Ohio
Production Photos for "Holiday Hoopla 2009," "Woodstock. Back To The Garden 2009," and "Bad To The Bone 2009."
A Vintage Tribute to Valentino by Elizabeth Mason - - Fashion Week LA - 2010 Spring Collections (Oct 2009)
Downtown L.A. Fashion Week (Spring 2010 Collections)- "House Photographer"
Melrose Lightspace - The Photography Show - Oct 17, 2009
Granville (OH) Kiwanis International Photography Contest
-"Best of Show/Honorable Mention" - People Pre-2009 Category
-"First Place" - People Pre-2009 Category
-"First Place" - Granville Pre-2009 Category
-"First Place" - Parade 2009 Category
-"Second Place" - Granville 2009 Category
Estee Lauder for Nordstrom Department Stores U.S.
Hunt Auctions with NY Yankees HOF'er Whitey Ford
- Los Angeles, CA June 2008
Flaunt Magazine
-June 2008 - LA River (on newstands at end of May)
-Feature - LA River (online in conjunction with June issue release)
British Vogue - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week LA Fall Collections 08
-Lauren Conrad Collections
-"Nicholai" by Nicky Hilton
-The Green Initiative
-The Pussy Cat Dolls / Robin Antin
Christina Aguilera

-Baby Shower (November 10, 2007)
-"Back To Basics" CD Release (August 2006)
LA Gear/Shaquille ONeal

-"The Joker" Limited Edition Sneakers for Batman-The Dark Knight (as seen at Comicon 2009)
-"Superman" Limited Edition Sneakers (as seen at Comicon 2008-2009)
The Hollywood Reporter 75th Anniversary (Pacific Design Center)
Maren Music, Inc. (
Death By Hollywood
Jupiter Blue
The Bomb Cherry Dolls
Jerry Ferrara (Turtle-Entourage)
Kristin Cavallari (Actress-Laguna Beach)
Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luther-Smallville)
Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Wrap Party (2007)
Noise Marketing/Chase Bank Plus 1 Card (NYC)
Driven Sports Marketing (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Sea Ray, Playboy)
SBE/Bolthouse Productions

-SLS Hotel of Beverly Hills
-SBE Corporate Executive Headshots
Swork Coffee, Inc. (Eagle Rock and Monrovia, CA)
Arden Reality (L.A./O.C.)
Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - L.A. (Smashbox Studios)

-2008 (Fall Collections)
-2007 (Spring Collections)
-2007 (Fall Collections)
-2006 (Fall Collections) - Photo Contributor
LA Junior Chamber of Commerce
-2010 PGA Northern Trust Open (Media Chairman) at Riviera CC
-2009 PGA Northern Trust Open (Media Chairman) at Riviera CC
-2008 PGA Northern Trust Open (Media Chairman) at Riviera CC
-2007 PGA Nissan Open (Media Chairman) at Riviera CC
-2006 PGA Nissan Open (Media Vice Chairman) at Riviera CC
-2008 "Camp Quest" Childrens Day Camp Photographer-Camp Keystone, Calabasas, CA
Item Magazine (Lifestyle/Fashion - L.A., Phoenix, Las Vegas)
Create Magazine (Art and Graphics - FL/West Coast Editions)
Vegas Magazine (Travel/Lifestyle/Fashion - Las Vegas)
Player Magazine (Sports - Provo, UT)
Riviera Magazine (Orange County, CA)
LA Splash Magazines
Hardball Productions
The Artist Movement
Jamie Barren Presents
Red Light Promotions/SPIN Public Relations

-Wokcano Santa Monica Grand Opening July 2008
-Hunt Auctions with NY Yankees HOF'er Whitey Ford
Pretty Boy Productions
Ben Beck Entertainment
Cloghan Castle - Kilcrest, Loughrea, County Galway, Ireland
Harlaxton Manor, Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Diane Henry - Big Brother 5, Big Brother 7 Allstars
Scott Long - Big Brother 5
Lori Valenti - Big Brother 5

Actor/Singer ICE T in the recording studio in Hollywood in 2006.

OTHER WORK also includes portraiture, glamour, fine art, sports, and wedding photography. See my website at and my work below.

A PERSONAL MESSAGE FROM JACK FLEMING PHOTOGRAPHY AND STUDIO!  I look forward to meeting and working with you in whatever context we agree. I love what I do and am living my passion. Please read below for my policies and more information about working with me. -Thank you!