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May 13, 2021
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Oct 02, 2006

About Me

I’ve mostly moved back to painting now, but would be interested in collaborating on very select TF photo and film projects once the Covid vaccine has become readily available.

At this stage in the game I'm only interested in purely artistic collaborations, so TF only. I'm not looking for paid shoots and am not offering any. If we do create something that afterwards we decide to sell or distribute (whether films or images)- that's a different story and then would be 50/50 partnership- but not looking to do anything again where the discussion involves money from the start.

I'm a published photographer, filmmaker and painter (and formerly a member of Stuckism). I focus on lomography, pinhole, medium format, fine art iPhoneography, DSLR/digital photography as well as Super-8, 16mm, VHS and digital filmmaking. Becoming fond of toy digital cameras and have been shooting with the Digital Harinezumi (version 1 and version 3) and the Monogram Sq30ML.

Interests: authenticity, undefinable small moments, addressing the shadow, improvisation, photogénie (Jean Epstein), sculpting in time (Tarkovsky), Theatre of Cruelty and Antonin Artaud, impressionism, German Expressionism, capturing internal energies and states of being- religious or sexual ecstasy, madness, other extreme emotions; self confrontation, and the aesthetics associated with Remodernism.

Other specific interests: atmospheric gothic horror esp. vampires (think Jean Rollin or FW Murnau rather than contemporary gothic); impressionistic moody/emotive erotica, doppelgängers; 19th & early 20th century maritime imagery- sailors, shipwrecked ghosts, mermaids; Georges Bataille; Leopold von Sacher-Masoch; Knut Hamsun; Georges Rodenbach; Rilke; duration, the inhabitants of Dostoyevsky novels; Rainer Maria Rilke; the accursed poets (Verlaine, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, etc), fin de siecle decadence, memento mori... I'll stop here for now...


GENERAL- All are welcome, but I especially value models that are into improvisation, and are interested in expressing situations, that are interested in exploring moments- whether brief or extended...

NUDES- If we are shooting nudes (and nudity is involved in the majority of my current work), I work with women and men with natural bodies- meaning having natural body hair and not having plastic surgery. Tattoos and piercings are great, but I'm less interested in sleeves and that kind of thing.

Read the article about my work in Filmink magazine here:

PLEASE READ BEFORE MESSAGING- I know this is a bit long, but I think it's best to communicate things well from the start...

Contacting me
It's definitely best to contact me via email. I don't always check this and sometimes I'm not alerted when there are messages here. jesse . richards . film @ gmail . com
Just remove the spaces.


As noted above, I'm only taking on purely artistic or fun projects, TF only. Once this sounds like work, I'm not at all interested.

Friend requests

Up until now I had basically approved all friend requests, but from now on I'm only interested in accepting them from people who want to collaborate or who are interested in my work- and on the flipside I'm only going to send friend requests to people I wish to collaborate with or who's work interests me. If for some reason I've sent you a FR but have not messaged you or commented on your profile (usual due to an interruption from my cats or something similar) it's safe to assume that I think your stuff is interesting and wish to collaborate.

Recent News, Articles, and Interviews

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