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About Me


I’ll start by saying that unless you know me or you’ve met me before you have absolutely no idea who I am. So to jump to any opinion of me as a person of being mean, rude, or unprofessional is simply ignorant & very unprofessional on your part. Which everyone has their own opinions…..you know where this is going. Every single person in this world has their own little haters club, so yes I’m sure there are a few idiots out there that don’t agree with me on one subject or another. But frankly, I could care less because I’ve got WAY too much support backing me up.

I have always been easy to get along with & a very forgiving person but I also NEVER forget. In some ways it takes ALOT to piss me off but rarely when it does happen there’s always consequences & repercussion. I’ve had my far share of other models & photographers wanting to do nothing more than play silly little 12 yr old games just to cause drama. I DO NOT PUT UP WITH IT!

If your wanting to be stupid & burn bridges that’s cool, go shoot with someone else. Trust me, it won’t hurt my feelings.

I have always been and will always be professional & plan to work with professional clients.

Again, I apologize before you go further. Any of the below may offend you or rub you the wrong way, but I assure you it is not meant to be. I’m only trying to be up front and to the point.

It seems everyone has requirements and listed below are my rules. Most of which are Non-Negotiable.

If we both agree then Awesome, if not that’s great too because someone else will be working with you other than me which I have not one problem with.

I’ve been doing this for many years & my work clearly shows the experience I have. My rules are like a personal bible that has been assembled from issues I’ve encountered throughout many years of bad experiences with unprofessional people.

Photography has always been a passion of mine which I enjoy doing. I can honestly say that I love being creative and my Heart is 100% in it. I’m usually going to be that “one” photographer that goes the extra mile. I have always loved meeting new people while in this industry & like to have fun. At the same time it can be a very frustrating line of work that I do not profit from. So if for some reason you’re intending to wreck my day the photoshoot ENDS!

In order to avoid any possibility of me being stood up which has happened WAY more times than I care for by both amateur but mostly experienced models who ALL have said "You can trust me, I promise ill show up",…therefore... (Read below)

I will need a down payment mailed/sent to me to reserve your date. This will assure me that you’re intending to be there. But, if you still stand me up or cancel at the last min. the down payment becomes mine. You will NOT be getting it back, END of STORY!

Cancellations & Rescheduling
If for some reason you need to change an appointment or reschedule, I require at least a 2 week notice. I have had about 497 million reasons why people can’t make it to their photoshoot so please spare me the stories. If the weather is a factor the day of our shoot we can reschedule for another day. And just because the weather man says it’s going to rain it basically means total Crap!
I have lost count of the times I have changed an appointment and it rained for only 10 min. then the sun came out the rest of the day. So, unless it’s a 50% chance or more…I expect to shoot!

While we’re on the subject of weather, I can shoot in almost any conditions anyway. I’m not like some of the wining little studio photographers that cry like a baby when the conditions are less than perfect.

Mother Nature’s Wrath
I have absolutely no problem getting wet; cold, hot, dirty…..etc
In fact some of the most amazing images in the world are performed from the photographer & the model going the extra mile to make rare works of art with less than favorable conditions thrown in their way.

I love getting involved with each season of every year. The taste of not knowing what to expect is bliss. If your wanting to be a career model & you tell your supervisor on any given project that you’re not getting your hair wet, or you’re not going to be cold or break a sweat for only 5min……TRUST me, you’re not wasting only your time but everybody else’s too.

All I can say is be prepared. If it’s cold, bring warmer cloths. If it’s going to be extremely HOT, dress for it. Pace yourself & don’t get overheated. Bring sun block, sunglasses, bottle of water….etc

At this point you’re probably thinking I’ll have you standing in 100 degree heat all day or shoot in freezing temperatures for hours. Nope, wrong….what I am saying is to ALWAYS be prepared. But, if you’re going to whine all day about getting in water, or getting a little dirt on your precious skin….we’re going to have problems. The cool fact about everything is that almost anything can be washed or cleaned, including you.

I don’t take cry babies lightly and never will. If you want to waste my creative talent with having an eye for creating or performing a unique look for YOU….Please, go see the nearest studio and have at it. Heck, I could even recommend a few if your wanting the images to all look the same.

My style of shooting
Before you think of my work as being technically good or bad know this. I am a Professional (in the field) Photographer. Meaning that in most cases nobody…including me EVER knows what to expect as far as lighting or conditions. This is where my experience comes in because I’ll make it work when others would pack up and go home.

Almost 99% of my work is performed with ONLY a camera & the talent that GOD has given me!

About every single image I take is performed by me holding only a camera. Meaning no special lighting, reflectors, or tripods were used.

I shoot old school leaving everything else in the car simply because it’s very impractical carrying equipment that I can do without. Some of the locations I use or plan to use also makes it difficult to carry more equipment. I should add that I’m also one of the very few photographers that can pull off the images often better than others using my experience with only a camera.

I find it ridiculous seeing others shooting models or still images with a tripod & some type of strobe light on every shot.

The greatest light source is the Sun or natural light. It’s also extremely hard to work with at certain times that can leave the most Experienced pro’s scratching their heads. That being said I’m one of the few Photographers that can shoot Mid-day and Pull it off if we need too.

I find myself adjusting my camera almost constantly during every shoot. But it’s because I’ve noticed a change in the light. A big sign of an amateur photog is that they hardly ever adjust their camera for the lighting. And I assure you the AUTO mode will not get the best shots. Manuel is the only way to go if you want Amazing shots that stand out.

AGE Requirements
I will be totally blunt on this subject. If you are not 18 years old or older I will not shoot with you unless you bring a parent or legal guardian. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If I think for one second you’re NOT 18, I’ll ask for id….then I’ll take your picture with your id, so if I were you id let me know its fake before we start.

One of the dumbest things I see are teenagers making fake profiles and using false ages. This may work with other photographers but I assure you it doesn’t with me.

ALSO, if you’re under 18 ill need to speak with your parents first to make sure they approve of setting up a photoshoot.

18 years or older
If you’re 18 or older ill be directly speaking with you and you ONLY. I don’t have time to speak with your mom, dad, grandmother….etc….and then you also.

So if you’re 18 or older ill be speaking with the person standing in front of my camera.

NOTE: This does mean that i wont talk with your parents, im specifically trying to say its less confusing and more efficient when its just me and my client doing the collaboration. But at the same time your an adult at 18 and should take initiative to do things yourself. It helps give you confidence and most certainly makes you more mature. It also makes a statement that your interested in whatever the project may be.

Booking Appointments
First and foremost I am not logged on 24-7 of every day like some people. I do good just to log on once a day so forgive me if I have a life & stay extremely busy.

As much as I’d LOVE to sit on here ALL DAY & play message tag back & forth I’ll ONLY be accepting appointments through phone calls ONLY.

I usually have my cell phone with me every day so please call or text me. One 5 or 10min. phone conversation is all we need.

If for some reason I don’t answer, leave me a “clear” voice mail with a call back number so I can call you back. And I stress “clear” because some folks sound like animals and you can’t understand anything their saying.
AGAIN: talk clearly, leave your number!!!

Be on time!!!
I can’t stress enough on this subject. This is a big pet peeve of mine. Do NOT show up late for your appointment. If you show up 30min. late I will no longer be patiently waiting on you. If I take the time to prepare for you should respect that and do the same by showing up at the correct time.

Also, I have had way too many people say, “Oh…I thought it was this time” NO! Those lines don’t cut it with me. If you’re unsure about a time or date you should be calling me to make sure of the correct times, location, directions, etc

I’m NOT a “Dear” Hunter!!!
If we have spoken over the phone and have agreed on setting up a photoshoot with a specific time or date, it’s YOUR responsibility to contact me at least 2 to 5 days before the date has arrived. If you have not, I’ll assume you don’t care or you’re not coming at all. Again, I do not tolerate being stood up or canceled on at the last min.

It’s not my place to HUNT you down calling, texting, or messaging you. Especially when I left you voice mails, etc…but yet no one reply’s back. And I’ve heard all the stories about losing your phone, my phone didn’t get your call’s etc….you know where this is going.

It’s simple, if you can’t take a precious 2 min. from your life to CALL me, WE DON’T SHOOT!

I will always have a backup person on reserve in case someone decides to stand me up or cancel the night before.

If this happens, the backup takes your spot with a major discount and sometimes I will offer TFCD when I can.

So, if you think your ruining my day…think again, you just let someone take your spot and I can assure they will be getting some Awesome shots for your stupidity of being unprofessional.

Managed Models: VERY IMPORTANT!!
If you’re a so called professional model that is managed or trapped into some imaginary binding contract under another photographer or agency, below are my rules.

If you’re 18+ ill be talking with you. It’s cool if your middle man lets me know from the very beginning you want to shoot, but after that GAME OVER! I’ll only be talking directly with YOU & YOU ONLY.

ALSO: if you are managed or work with other photographers, models, agencies, etc…I have every right to turn you down! I have become one of the most respected photographers in the area not to mention the state of ALABAMA.

So, If I know for a fact or feel in any way that you or any members of your little drama party is bad for business I will be taking the proper precautionary measures.

I do NOT pay Models!!! ***RE-EDIT***
I’m going to be blunt on this subject also. Just because you have completed 1, 2, or 25 photoshoots does not mean you’re a professional model that should be paid for everything you do. Just because your mommy, daddy, Grandmother, Boyfriend...etc says your Beautiful and you should model does NOT always mean their right. I AM NOT SAYING THAT "YOU" SHOULDN'T GET PAID!....Just getting the point across that i DO NOT. There are exceptions but its rare...so if your one of these models and your looks and talents in the modeling industry are Amazing then GREAT! There are many other photographers that WILL pay you for your work but keep in mind that in "most" cases "they" are still BUILDING their portfolio and want to pay you for your specific "LOOK"

NOW, before you get your panties in a bunch, this only means that I have a solid portfolio built with Thousands of images with MANY different looks and  clients. What im saying is that in most cases i do not NEED to pay "anyone" unless its something VERY special.

If you really want to piss me off fast, start off by telling me your prices or compensation for the modeling you perform.
In the REAL world Professional models get paid by events, promotions, films, TV, commercials, or through the clients their agencies have booked, etc......if you think im wrong...."you" should do more research and learn for yourself.

Most Experienced Photographers DO NOT pay models! One more time, Experienced Photographers DO NOT pay models! If they do, they’ve got tons of money or their doing it for other reasons.....such as wanting "YOU" to help their portfolio.

Sometimes i will offer TF to someone specific but its rare or im just plain bored....or someone has canceled.

So, if I have mentioned something to you about a project or TFCD you should feel Lucky. Duh! This means YOU should follow up!

Adding me as your friend
I am not on MySpace/Facebook to brag about how many friends I have in my friends list. Generally I don’t add anyone unless I know who you are. I have no desire what so ever to add 500 million people that I don’t know nor anyone from the west coast because there’s about a 1% chance ill be driving or flying to California for a photoshoot unless you’re prepared to pay me.

I have been married for over 11 years & have a family of my own so I am NOT in any way looking for dates of any kind. END OF STORY!

I don’t use MySpace/Facebook as a chit chat tool for being bored. Again if you have read this far I’m too busy for that.

IMPORTANT: I ultimately use this page for professional purposes only!

If you’re a model that has added me 2 days ago that’s cool. But be aware that I delete models after a certain period of time due to so many models & photographers stealing ideas, locations, & like to start drama.

If your intentions are working with me we’ll have no problems. You need to CALL me and set up sometime. But if your intentions are to be a bottom feeder and use my ideas with another photographer you’re going to be TERMINATED.

Most have 3 reasons for adding a photographer as their friend.

  1. Their wanting to shoot because their work is Admired
  2.  Their looking for ideas to steal
  3. Or their just a spy for another photographer, model, etc

If your number 2 or 3 you will not be on my friends list very long.

Replying to your messages or comments
Before anyone gets pissed off or gets their feelings hurt because I have not replied back to your messages or comments please be aware that I get TONS of them every day and gets extremely hard to keep up with at times.

I admire all my fans that comment my work and greatly appreciate the kind words. So if for some reason I don’t reply back it’s simply because I didn’t have the time or just simply forgot. I am human and I do forget things. Please don’t take it personal.

Hair & Makeup Artist?
Bringing your own MUA is totally fine. Although if your needing a Professional MUA I can supply you with one that ROCKS!

I DO NOT Give out Prints!!!
I shoot digital images ONLY, so you will receive nothing but high quality digital images so you may print what you like.

You will receive your images burned & copyrighted onto a compact disc. They will be on a CD or DVD depending on the file sizes & how many images were performed.

REMEMBER, I DO NOT give out physical PRINTS.

Printing your images
When you receive your disc it will also include a copyright release form signed by me granting you permission to print your images.

NOTE: you will need to keep your release form & have it ready to show whoever is printing your pictures for you. It is against Federal law to print, change, or modify without proper written permission from the Author of the images.

Uploading your images over the internet
Before you upload any of your images over the internet each image MUST have the copyright or logo. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If your wanting to upload an image & need the logo placed into the image just let me know & I will do so.

If you plan to disobey my copyright rules were going to have problems. REMEMBER, the original author has full Copyrights & owns each image performed.

Editing your images = TIME
One of the biggest reasons my work stands out is because I actually take the time to individually edit each image separately. Thus taking a lot of MY time to give you exceptional value & quality. My paying clients are always a priority over any TFCD photoshoot. Depending on the number of images produced the day of your shoot editing can take awhile.

I never have and never will tell any client their images will be ready in 1 or 2 weeks. It’s more like 2 to 4 weeks minimum for PAYING Clients.

Also keep in mind that I edit all my work myself. The editing processes I use are very unique and time consuming that you will appreciate when you receive your images.

Escort Policy
I have a no tolerance escort policy which is simple to understand. I always allow escorts but if they interfere with the photoshoot it’s GAME OVER. I’ve had countless people express their ideas or try and tell me where to stand and take the shot. I can without a doubt say that I’ve got WAY more miles behind the camera than your mom, dad, Aunt Bobby Joe, or your boyfriend.

I allow escorts to come with you out of respect please don’t mistake this as a right. So if ANY interference comes the shoot ENDS! ALL images deleted & I go home.

ALL escorts must remain at least 50ft away from us while we’re working. If we need them, they’ll be asked by me or you.

NOTE: if you’re under 18 your parent or legal guardian needs to be behind you or me at all times. Everything above still applies but with the exception of the 50 ft rule.

Camera Policy
During any Photoshoot there may NOT be ANY other camera on location or the shoot ends. So, if your escort breaks out the iphone and begins taking pics I will give ONLY one WARNING or the shoot ends and I go home.

Last but not least comes DRAMA. If you bring Drama into my world what-so-ever ill be washing my hands CLEAN of you. I have had many people try and throw me in the middle of their little drama clubs and I WILL NOT Put up with it. NOTE: I AM the PHOTOGRAPHER! Not a Referee!

Also, there seems to be other Photographers, Models, etc that throws a hissy fit when I shoot with a certain person or that my new images certainly make others VERY Jealous. Some even like to TRY and recreate or COPY images performed by me. For whatever reason these people do this is beyond me.

I have also had certain people to get irritated when I shoot another person. And a few have tried telling me who I should & should NOT work with. This draws the line with me.

As being the Business Owner of JL Photography I shoot with who I want. If you’re going to try and tell me how to run my business you should most definitely contact another photographer, because we will NOT be working together.

Alrighty then, hopefully you can clearly see that i didn't start doing this yesterday and everything stated is clearly my experiences and my opinions. You may agree or disagree with what ive mentioned and that's totally fine. We're ALL different and have our own looks on things. So please be-aware that NONE of this is directed toward anyone specific. I can honestly that this is from YEARS of experience....so again, don't take it the wrong way.

Now that ive either pissed you off or made you laugh, or that your praising me for having the guts to write the TRUTH of what I put up with, I’m ready to start shooting.

So, let’s be creative, have FUN, and JUST SHOOT already.

Jeremy Lorren

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