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I am back in AZ smile
My favorite models want to make art, are comfortable in their own skin, bring no drama-rama to the table, and are not afraid to emote, and love to get dirty. I am basically looking for new muses/friends to make beautiful images with. I love working with everyone regardless of body type, skin color or gender. I prefer models that are comfortable being nude, as my style preference is timeless, but nudity is not a prerequisite. I am willing to work with others if we are a good fit smile Implied, antique clothing, or pure eclectic awesomeness work for me too..

80% of my portfolio models are people I consider friends.
Some I knew ...some I met at photo shoots, but we developed relationships and continued to work together over the years. I like that intimacy and it allowed us to develop together and make art smile

I have some health issues that hinder what and where I can shoot.
I have developed Rheumatoid Disease and it is really painful and has hindered my editing process a great deal. Due to this I am only able to offer 3-4 fully edited images from each trade shoot, and you will get them within  2 weeks (unless I am on location/away etc) 
Most likely you will get more than this, but I can't guarantee more than that due to my disability.

You can find my model profile on MM as well at
I don't  model anymore, but you can see who you would be shooting with smile

You can find me on facebook at

Need a reference? I have tons! Just ask!

Ongoing Personal  Projects

In my Backyard
I have a lovely, private, fenced in, overgrown, wild garden that I love to shoot in. Don't be scared to get dirty or get a few bug bites smile  I prefer nudes for this project, but will also be willing to do timeless portraits. Think antique tea party.  (This has changed a bit as I just bought 5 acres in the boonies, but the intent is still there tongue)

The Chair
Again in my backyard, but in an old antique chair I found. This is a nude project.

Always looking for lovely men and women with scars, amputations, or other lovely imperfections for an ongoing art series.
If you are a pay only model please don't approach me for work as I am mostly doing creative artwork for my own therapy these days. I very rarely use paid models except for once in a very blue moon commercial projects.

If you are a creative re-toucher who wants to collaborate creatively that is fine, but I edit all my pieces individually so I am not looking for your paid services if you are looking for work.

An erotic photography affectionado, I adore gazing on images taken by Joi because they are not only beautiful and pleasing to the eye,but also because they are sexy, sometimes dark, and always feminine. There remains no doubt in my mind that the perceptions of sexuality, sensuality and creation differ between men and women, which may lend to the quality in her work that I repeatedly find so enchanting.
There is more artistry in her efforts than the frequent attempt to shock or gratuitous nudity found elsewhere.
As an occasional fetishbliss model, I can attest to what a pleasure it is to work with Joi. She is professional and friendly,
and within the first few hours of meeting with her, I felt comfortable enough to take my clothes off! She is flexible, open-minded and respectful of any and all boundaries. Because she is so playful, photo sessions seem more a game of dress-up (and off!), than the rigorous work a shoot can sometimes be.

-Nina Hugo‚Erotic Writer/Model (NinaHugo.Com)

Indoors or in nature, black & white or color, the photography of Joi Carey proves that everything can be forced past pre-conceived notions of limitations.
Capturing that intangible realm just beyond the emotions within each scenario or situation, Carey makes each piece breathtaking.

-Amy Young‚ Art &Book Gallery Owner (PerihelionArts.Com)

...a kinky kitty with some dark streaks and it's very clear in her work. But even past the grittiest or most lewd of content, there is still a striking elegance.
Her work is moody, unusual and never about stereotypical notions of aesthetics. Sometimes it's playful and little girlish even while adult in theme.
I think the best part watching her evolve artistically.

-Victoria Lane, Model/Muse/Writer (Victoria-Lane.Com)

Joi is an absolute joy to work with, a very talented photographer with an eye that captures the right moments, great personality, easy to get along with,
and a creative force to be reckoned with! I would highly recommend her to anyone and am glad to have had the honor of working with her.

-Renee Jacobs‚Model/Muse (ReneeJacobs.Com)

From menacing horned guardians to sensually bound maidens (with a generous sprinkling of creative gore and inventive subject matter),
Joi has a diverse gallery of work which is dead sexy and thought-provoking.
Don't expect to leave without a couple of unsettling and compelling images wandering into your dreams, though!!

-Ashbet‚ Artist/Model (MaterMetis.Com)

I've become so jaded about fetish photography. So it was with some surprise that I found myself clicking all the way through Joi Carey's well designed web site, looking at image after wonderful image. Strong images. Real images. One must understand the darkness to do this well,
have lived through it and come out the other side; it can't be faked. Clearly, Ms. Carey understands. She also knows how to create clean, uncluttered compositions, a skill so very rare among fetish photographers today, and her use of both color and black and white is effective. If you haven't already done so,
I very much recommend a long, slow stroll through the shadowy pathways of her vision.

-Ken Mierzwa AKA Vampire Salamander,Photographer (LostCoastPhoto.Com)

Where imagery meets imagination, with a whole lot of desire thrown on top, joi hands each viewer a mind-boggling assortment of charged and evoking
eye-candy, complete with a silver platter! Whether it's a bit of role-play, or maybe leather is your cup of tea, joi serves it all up with taste and emotion
which makes each viewing a pleasurable and provoking experience!

-Spydyrmann,Artist (RandomPrecision.Co.Uk)

Redefines erotica...
Your most guarded thoughts come to life on film..
You'll be mildly ashamed but totally aroused..


.. portrays her work in an edgy style that is sure to grab your attention. Her composition and lighting lead your eyes to the subtle nuances
in the artwork. It is always fun to see what project she will do next.

-Robert Haasch,Photographer (SandAngel.Com)

..equally at ease on both sides of the camera, and has a great eye for light, shadow and detail and that can readily be seen in her work. By being familiar with being both the subject of a photograph as well as the photographer, she definitely offers a unique and stylish viewpoint in her work.

-Moraxian‚Artist/Photographer (Moraxian.Us)

I have had the pleasure of working with Joi and her creativity and amazing eye for beauty in all forms continues to amaze me. She is courteous and professional in all arenas. Not many people I have seen take the chances she does with non- traditional models, real people who are all beautiful each in his or her own way. I look forward to the time when we cross paths again and I get to have her and her camera turn me into something lovley and fantastically unique.

-Theresa Rushton‚Writer/Model

Her work is cunning and confident. Provocative angles combined with flattering lighting lend a sense of awe to her work. Each picture is not only a delight but also leaves you excited about the next. Truly a sensational photographer with nothing more than a mark of perfection."

-Gypsy Lenker‚Model (DreamScapeNightmare.Com)

Joi brings an uncensoring ecstasy to a side of life not often seen. Her simplicity, stunning use of color, and unique vision give her work a unique raw quality accompanied by timeless beauty.


I absolutely adore Joi's works...I enjoy interesting and unique photography shots that inspire me, scare me, bend my mind, or expand it, and I have never failed
to have that experience in viewing this very talented lady's artforms. She seems to tap into what each person is made of - combining her subject's spirit and energy
with her inovative ideas and excellent camera work in order to make exquisite pictures that both intriuge and challenge us.


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