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the reason i came back to MM after an 8-year hiatus was to work with models like this...

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About Me

January 3, 2019
... I’m baaa-aaack! After an 8 year model mayhem hiatus, becoming a mom to two completely insane, dramatic beautiful children, a weird but ultimately short-lived obsession with Lifetime, and just enough random to prevent myself from ever being able to take myself too seriously I have decided to return to the Mayhem.

I have spent the last 8 years in a sort of transformation. Since the last time I was active on this site, I've had two kids (they are almost 3 and 5 now), my life has chilled out, I've stop living a nomadic life, I have a studio and I'm feeling more like an adult than before... which is good, because I'm 35, it's time to feel like an adult.

One thing that happened in the last 8 years - I feel like I actually learned how to shoot. So, a lot of my earlier work is a little process-heavy to me now. But hey, it's a learning experience, right? I'll keep ticking away at this...

I'm slowly getting back into the process of having a bunch of shoots happening at the same time, but for now I'm only taking on a few at a time. I'm always looking for new and exciting models to collaborate with, I like working with new models so please don't let experience hinder you from wanting to work with me. If you like what you see and want to try something, hit me up. I am in Fallston, MD and I have two acres of country and a fully functioning studio so the sky's the limit!

Here's a more thorough bio type-thing:

Hello, i'm Katie - I'm a photographer in Fallston, MD. I shoot pretty much everything - I think I enjoy shooting fine art nudes and anything with a sci-fi theme to it (not necessarily simultaneously) are probably my favorite genres, but really I'm not remotely picky. I have been shooting since about 2009, seriously since about 2011, I shot the hell out of 2012 when I bought my house with my studio, then in 2013 I was pregnant with my first child and kind of dropped off the radar for a bit. In mid-2014 I met a lot of really awesome supportive people who helped me get out of my post-partum sump and start shooting again, so those 2 years were pretty spectacular, I gotta say. In 2016 I was pregnant with my son, so I kind of fell off of the face of the earth again. Some people are great when they're pregnant, I was not - my brain stopped working, it was like I was cut off from myself. But, alas, here we are - the boy is almost 2 and a half - and I am back in the swing of all things weird, wonderful and beautiful.

Let's see... alright, I was a nude model between the years of 2007 and 2012, so I have a really interesting and unique perspective when I shoot. As a model, I worked with hundreds of photographers in hundreds of styles with hundreds of ways of dealing with models - I've experienced what works, what doesn't works, I've learned all of the dos and do nots, I've made stupid mistakes, I've had a lot of success - so, models, please trust me when I say, "I know where you're coming from."

I have a tendency to dip into random themes for bits of time without being aware of it, so I feel like my work tends to change with my life. I've definitely managed to acquire my own style over the years but it definitely stays dynamic... and random... which totally works for me.

So yeah... that's me, in a very constricted nutshell... or some interpretation of me. These bio things kind of freak me out, so I'm going to say please don't judge me based on the apparent insanity that laces itself through my writing... judge me based on the apparent insanity that injects itself into my work - because yeah, I'm completely insane - or so I've been told more times than I can possibly attempt to recall - but once again, it just works for me.


... my modeling portfolio from 8-10 years ago... no I’m not modeling but I could see it happening in the near future. We’ll call it inspiration awhile smile
katieDAMRONpotter - MM modeling portfolio

Credit Notes

Ok, so let's shoot. Awesome!

A few things to be aware of...

- I take scheduling very seriously, and I'm really only looking to work with people who approach this the same way. I have two young children who I take care of most of the time, getting a sitter isn't the easiest thing in the world, I always have to do that in advance and I always have to pay them regardless of whether or not I shoot - so if you flake on me, you not only mess up my day, but you cost me money, you waste the time of my sitter, and you totally kill my desire to keep doing this - so please, if you schedule a shoot with me and we've confirmed a date, you need to be aware of that. I understand that stuff happens, but I've been in this industry for a long time and I know the difference between a flake and a genuine situation - regardless of whatever excuse you give me. I won't ever waste your time, please do not waste mine. Weekends are, by far, the best time for me to shoot. I know, everyone has stuff to do on the weekends, but yeah - c'est la vie. If need be, we can work around the weekend thing, but I'd really prefer to try to stick to saturdays and sundays.

Heh... sorry to get all super pragmatic and intense about that, it's really the only thing that I ever get that way about... so, it's all good, just don't flake on me!

- I like shooting nudes. This does not mean that I only shoot nudes. Nor does this mean that I will ever ask you to be nude. If you want to be naked, awesome - but it doesn't change whether or not I want to shoot with you. Seriously - it doesn't - at all.

- I will never ask any models to do anything that I myself would not do... such as crazy locations, random concepts, extreme weather, or what have you. Heh, some of the things I suggest may seem completely insane (I did have kind of an insane modeling career, there wasn't a whole lot I wouldn't do when it came to getting the shot) - but keep in mind that if I wouldn't personally do it, I wouldn't suggest it. On the flip side, you can always say, "No, Katie, you are nuts. I am not doing that." It's all good, just let me know!

- Compensation - Ahh, doesn't everyone love to discuss this? Well, here's my schpeel. If I approach you for a shoot, assume it's TF. I will never approach a model for a shoot and then throw rates at them - that's tacky as hell, I don't understand why people do that. If you approach me for a shoot with a concept, with a lot of experience, or with a lot of genuine enthusiasm I am not going to charge you. If you approach me for a shoot via a link to your portfolio with your rates enclosed, I am going to reply with a link to my portfolio and my rates enclosed. There are situations where i get paid, there are situations where I pay models... but that's not usually the case... so don't worry about it.

- Workshops - I do them from time to time. They are not free, they are not ridiculously expensive. When they happen, I'll post info. They're different every time.

- My studio is located in Fallston, MD on 2 acres of nature. Unless otherwise indicated, this is where I shoot.

Alrighty, that's about it. I think. We'll see.