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May 30, 2012
May 14, 2012

About Me - The FB Page which has everything created & photo'd thus far!
I don't update or check this regularly, so please please please contact me through the FaceBook link :)

Anyway, about me:
I'm Melissa (the one behind Mortiis.M), and I'm going to tell you things you probably don't really want to know. During my college years, studying to be a games designer, I also had a secret interest in alternative fashion. Although being a games designer was everything I wanted to be, I couldn't help being interested in how clothes are made, how jewellery is formed and how your general day-to-day accessories were built. I began self-teaching myself at home after college and gradually learned how to build corsets. Wrapping that first handmade corset around my waist was a fantastic experience. The edges were all wonky, the hems had been cut and sewn over and over again, the metal was poking into me in all the wrong places - it was perfect. Obviously, it needed a LOT of tweaks to even make it resemble something you could possibly wear outside on-show, but it was my first corset and I loved it.
I then began picking up more experience, and in the end, wound up making corsets for my friends and their friends. It was terrifying at first, handing someone a corset meant for them which they'd been hoping to meet their expectations, making something and showing it to who wanted it before seeing it is literally like placing all your ability and all your talent on a table, for everyone to judge, laugh at or be inspired by. For me, the feeling of having everything you are able to do out there, to be judged, still lingers in me, even after years of doing this.
When the corsets I was making were good enough to sell I then began wondering how metal in jewellery is crafted, and so just like the birth of my corsets, I endeavoured into jewellery and accessories, and began showing photos of my work on my new FaceBook Page. Most things, barr all my corsets, are on It wasn't long ago I decided not to upload any photos of any corsets I'd made. I had experience in other fields of creativity now, and made my decision to start making a different kind of corset, a corset not made out of material...
I'm not going to go into too much detail about what corset will be upcoming, I want this to be relatively kept a secret for now- all anyone needs to know is, it's going to be fantastic. I am genuinely excited. I have not seen any kind of what I am in the midst of creating.
But, anyway, whilst my new corset dream is unfolding and becoming a reality, I began sculpting small things for jewellery, to help save money to put towards my new corset ambition. I sculpted a few 'nerdy culture' pieces- my favourite things being the Oddworld necklace I made; Abe's funny little head, My Hellboy necklace; Hellboy's horns, based on the part in the film where he breaks them off to try to break from his future, and ofcourse the Half Life necklace; Gordon Freeman's crowbar and Lambda symbol strung on a silver chain.
I have also started making taxidermy accessories, although these aren't real (I respect animals, what's their is theirs, and not ours to wear for vanity).
Currently I am selling everything that is available on my Page at the moment through eBay and Etsy (all links are on my FaceBook Page!), and I also get by by working part-time as a fire alarm engineer. I seem to blow all my money on game and band t-shirts, my beautiful pet rats and Jelly Belly Jelly beans; it keeps me happy- you only live once!

I have joined MM in hope to find some models who would like to collaborate for the both of us to benefit from.
If you are interested in modelling some Mortiis.M, we can either loan you items, let you keep them, or sell them at a cheaper price on Etsy for professional photos in return.

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I have had the honour of working with models such as:

Charlotte Barnes
Miss Tonnii Wills
Debz Coppola
Ryo Love
Black Bubblegum
Little Miss Violence
Kat Krawczuk
Abi Rose
Simmie Vedi
Lady Lush Lisa

My work has also been published in multiple magazines, one being sold nationally.

If you are interested in modelling some Mortiis.M, we can either loan you items, let you keep them, or sell them at a cheaper price on Etsy for professional photos in return.