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My name is M. Scott Ault.. also known as ‘The Ocean Cyclist as I am about to CIRCLE THE GLOBE in a self- built Pedal Powered Boat!

My goal with Ocean Cyclist is to promote SUSTAINABILITY and adoption of sustainable lifestyle choices such as Cycling for day to day and lifelong mobility. So, I am currently refitting a two person kayak in to a Fully Enclosed, micro sized Single Person Pedal Powered Boat.. also called a “Pedallo..” in which I will exist for two solid years as I pedal the 45,000Km circuit leaving from Vancouver BC in the spring of 2025 or 2026.

Your help with this project could be as simple as posing NUDE for a photo session that would get posted to my funding website altphotoart(dot)com.

I have three compensational options: Productive Partnerships, TFP, and Paid. As OceanCyclist is a Not For Profit venture, the opportunities for PAID modelling are limited and come with specific requirements. TFP, however, is readily available and comes with a 10% commission across the board for Digital Sales, Print Sales, and more and exists as a one- off relationship (one or two sessions) while Productive Partnerships are a growth from or are emergent from a TFP relationship and necessitate a consistency in working together wherein we collaborate for the ultimate goal of an erotic/ nude hardcover book produced by my print publication company and sold~ again~ as funding for OceanCyclist whereby you will earn from the aforementioned Digital and Print sales but also you will earn 25% of book sales..

the FYI of book sales:
Each book produced will have an MSRP of about $100 (averaged, estimated) and 50% of that goes to the Book Seller.. leaving $50 for *us* to divy up.. of that $50 you get 25% or $12.50 (USF) per copy.. one print run will be *about* 1500 copies thus.. you could stand to earn nearly $20,000 for a total of about 20 to 30 hours of nude and erotic modelling (10 sessions @ 2 or 3hrs ea. to produce the required visual volume for a 200 page book). And the BONUS: If the book sells out, it’ll get REPRINTED which effectively DOUBLES your income without requiring any additional work on your part. And if your book sells a LOT then.. you make a LOT MORE..

Scheduling will be determined by location.. I am located in Calgary but have needs to be in the Okanagan, on the West Coast, and back in Ontario at least three times, each, this year with more “visits” planned already for next year. Each journey will see me working with a select group of interested and eager individuals.. individuals who want to help out my project.

The UnSpecified Bonus
while the “chase boat” hasn’t been selected/ purchased I am working towards acquiring a boat (or boats) that will be able to follow within a certain distance for safety of ME. On this boat will be space for select models to travel with.. in a PAID capacity (per diem with shore- leave bonuses) and we’ll be shooting (nudes, obvie) in some SUPER EXCLUSIVE locations like.. Johnston Atoll.. an island that is a FULL MONTH’s SAIL from Hawaii and has NO AIRSTRIP so.. no landing!

About M. Scott Ault, The Artist
I shoot different!! My work can be picked out from my contemporaries.. possibly because I am self- taught and come from a somewhat journalistic background. Or not. Who knows. Functionally, my print work is laborious and in- depth.. with prints commanding retail pricing in the neighbourhood of $600 USF and up for basic 11” by 14” prints.. and larger (for clarity: your TFP/ Partnership percentage is based off of MY percentage when gallery fees are paid/ removed and averages out at about $100 per print sold). So, while my contemporaries are shooting the 'same- old, same- old' I'm shooting from the hip and capturing unique diversity with sensitivity and adeptness.

Check out some Other Profiles of Mine:
**DeviantArt (free mbrshp. Required)**
**ALTPHOTOART: Membership Based Fund Raising**

A Note to Retouchers:
DO NOT tag me! I do not respond to friend requests! I am NOT interested in your services. Furthermore, I find tagging & requests from retouchers not only annoying but a flagrant misuse of the purpose of the system! Your services might be superlative.. if so, when needed- I’ll find you on my own!

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