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UPDATE: September 12, 2016:
On a side note but to keep or get you on the right track - "Old 81" refers to the Old Highway 81 that goes through Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas, North and South Dakotas-so from Canada down to Ft. Worth, Texas. In Wichita, the street is now Broadway and it is four-lane for most of Wichita. Old 81 does NOT refer to cheesy 80's photography and nor will it. LOL

Okay, who wants to be an Old 81 Pin-Up model? Submit your photos here on site or by email. ( These aren't paid assignments but you will get A LOT of exposure and photos from it. You provide your own 40's style clothes and if anyone has more props that want to share or donate then let me know. If you have your own hair and makeup artist/person that is fine, I can also hire in (I know more than a few great stylists). Apply within cause you MUST have the look and attitude of a 40's or 50's Pin-Up girl to be one of our girls. Not all shoots will end up an official Old 81 Pin-Up. I also shoot paid assignments for anyone who wants a Pin-Up style photography done. Rates on site.

Also, look up and let me know if you are interested in helping out. I want to do this every year. Tradition.

**Right now, I am backlogged on other portrait sessions and will only do paid assignments. However, I am looking for a "thick" pin-up girl. I will offer a MAJOR discount in exchange for a release and your time. Remember, it is my time, creative vision, and artistic talent too. The best of the best will be sent in for publishing.

EQUIPMENT: I use two Canon 5d mk2 and rarely my 7d anymore. I use many professional lenses and equipment. I have several in-studio strobes and one that I can take out on location that has a battery. I have several soft boxes and hard light reflectors. I post process in LR6 and edit in CS6. That is just a little about my equipment and process. Huge improvements in my equipment, style, knowledge, and even demand occurred a few years ago... 2012. Thank you all for making it a great year!

I have a small portrait and product studio in my home and set up permanently in my basement. If this bothers you, don't let it. It probably bothers me as much as you (if not more) - as it is in MY home. I will screen you to make sure you are legit before I allow you into MY HOME (after all, it is MM and online; it's better to be safe than later sorry). You may bring along a (one) friend (or husband) if you would like and would feel "safer" and more comfortable shooting by doing that. I assure you that I am a professional photographer (on the side of my full time job) and I take photography very seriously. That in mind, I have had shoots in studio that I've ordered pizza before. We all get hungry, right? Plus, my kids usually help out with the set and props AND they love to DJ the music! We gotta have music too. Of course, my kids won't be around on the more risque/suggestive shoots.

TO THE MODELS/TALENT: SOME of the people on here! WOW. I'm talking about the comments on some of the ladies' photos being crude, way too flirty, over flattering, trashy, disrespectful, and I'm sorry but nobody is "flawless". That said, if you want to work with a male photographer who knows what beauty is (even with uniqueness) and knows how to be respectful and honest with the photo shoot, then look me up. (Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and most of all having someone who can not only capture your appearance but also your personality!) Talk with me and ask my opinion, I will give it and I will be honest. I will give you ideas to work with and I will also help ease and relax the shoot giving you the confidence to succeed within the totality of the shoot. I am not perfect and I still learn every time. If you want to learn and make great photos and images together, I'm your guy. If you want to hear sleazy shady trash talk like some of the people do on here, then get with someone else, maybe someone with a point and shoot and no experience. Just sayin'! I've had guys set up "model" shoots then email me and ask me to come to the shoot ONLY to let them "borrow" my equipment. They even had the nerve to tell me that I couldn't take any photos! So, I guess they wanted a free photography lesson WITH my equipment. Um, what? NO! True story. I can't believe the nerve of some people.

I am here to get some feedback on some of my work and to also find talent and ideas to work with. I really like aviation shots and Pin-Up style Photography. I have been in photography for a few years (since 2005) but still learn something on every shoot. I have excelled the last two years or so since I do have some of the best equipment and more experience in achieving the look I want.

I am looking for suggestions and ideas on how to pose the ladies better (I'm getting better at this). Trial and error works as well as I have found out, but it would be better off knowing ahead of time. I normally let the model start by doing whatever they want then I will make suggestions here and there like a director would. If something isn't working or giving us the look we want then we'll move on to something that does. I can shoot all day or night. I normally wear out the model even though they say that they can shoot more... so if we need to take breaks then let me know. I have done an 8 hour shoot before where we did four outfits one after the other and many many different poses and angles. That shoot I took over 1000 photos! I love the digital age. However, sorting through and finding the best ones can be hard. We were able to get that many photos because she knew to subtly change her pose after the reset "beep" of the strobes.

One shoot I did worked out wonderful albeit a last minute shoot. We had two days to plan and as a whole it was a complete success. Everybody brought their talent and creativity and pitched in for the task at hand... everything worked out great. It was such a good time for everyone involved - we had a lot of fun. Another one we did in studio and it was her and I and my kids helped me set up and DJ the music. It was a good time as well.

I have done several Dance Recitals, Boxing, and MMA cage fights and they have turned out good except for the last Boxing event that I did and it turned out amazing! I got some really good shots. Events are not something I want to do long term, except maybe boxing. I have done portrait singles and of families, a maternity session, infants, air shows, cowtown, urban, landscapes, and sunsets. I've also done some very creative in studio photography which turned out pretty cool - some looked like outer space.

Get with me if you are a model or MUA or HS wanting to get your photos and/or name out there with more exposure. Takes time, experience, and your work being out there and looked at to get noticed mainstream. Also, beauty. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and most of all having someone who can not only capture your beauty but also your inside beauty - Personality. So if you think you have what it takes to get started, give me a shout. If you are experienced and wanting to get into Pin-Up work then let me know. I have many ideas and props.

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Thanks for reading and checking out my pages.

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