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Henryk Mrejzek

Henryk Mrejzek aka Michal Rejzek was born in Liberec on the infamous anniversary of ‘Victory of the Working Class’ in a peculiar family of religious exiles and anti-communist emigrants. First he embraced the holiday that he was born on as there were no exams at school and the whole day was filled with thrilling discussions with people’s militia members. Then he came to hate the day as he realized his birthday will always be overshadowed by fighting farmers and workers. He began to blame the working class of sponging on his birthday parties. To take revenge he decided never to become a drab worker and to indulge in life’s pleasures instead.

Camera seemed to him as a perfect working tool. The world of photography has fascinated him from early childhood as a couple of photographers were friends of his parents. Henryk was fascinated by their freedom, free thinking and the fact that they would attract much younger women. After he got his first sort-of-camera branded Corina at the age of six, he tried to imitate his role models and attempted to talk his female classmates, friends and neighbours into taking off their unfashionable clothes. He enjoyed documenting their embarrassment and excitement, by now only in their eyes. But socialist Czechoslovakia was nothing but a Bolshevik Ignoreland closed to all experiments and Henryk began to consider emigration. With his younger brother and his PE teacher, he planned to emigrate on December 1989. Before they could finish their plans, the Velvet Revolution turned them upside down.
Instead of flying to Canada, Henryk left for Netherlands to join forces of Dutch working class building a way to better capitalism, jacking in his camera. Even abroad and surrounded by advanced capitalism he found this way of living quite unfortunate and fell prey to an illusion that going back to Czechoslovakia was the best thing to do. So he went on building capitalism in his homeland. Starting with an abortive attempt to get into music industry, then dealing life assurance, he got into top management of foreign financial institutions, wearing suits and ties and driving in luxury limos. He spent his easy-earned money on various tripe and it took years before he saved up to buy quality photographic equipment. Though naked models were what he craved most, he started to travel and took pictures of natives in far-off lands. Friends and enemies whom he convinced to glance at his pictures for a second said that he should display them publicly. Henryk is still unsure whether they meant that for sure, however he got encouraged enough to organize his first exhibition of photos from the Phillippines in Jablonec nad Nisou in 2001. One year later he needed to impress a certain girl and so he organized this exhibition in Prague, being totally disregarded by the media. In 2003 he put on an exhibition of photos of the Czech Republic in Sydney where he went with the above-mentioned girl to hide from Czech capitalism. In Australia he started to indulge into photography business more seriously, first he assisted a famous advertising photographer Andreas Bommert, then he took pictures of young ladies in dance clubs.

After coming back to his homeland and meeting his deranged ex-workmates he knew that he was never going to put on a suit again and made a definite decision only to devote himself to pleasure and revelry.

Currently he works as photographer and PR manager in music industry. Officially he lives in Prague, but he has found his peace in Hradistko, in enchanting region of legendary writer Bohumil Hrabal. He lives there with his wife who great landscape designer but also his assistant, stylist and model. Henryk only goes to Prague when there is a concert that needs to be photographed or when he is asked by a band to create their promo kit. Besides photography he also takes care of media hype around these bands and organizing music festivals.
In his free time Henryk makes photo portratits, nudes and reporter photographs, but more and more often he returns to his adolescent dream of erotic photography. He believes that nudity, eroticism and sex still remain tabu without any reason. He endeavours to battle myths and give people more room for fantasy, excitement and contemplation than how much is usually offered in this world of war, fraud, lies and economic crises.

Henryk Mrejzek does not consider himself an artist, for that matter he thinks only small portion of media celebrities are true artists. He does not even consider himself a photographer as he has never attended an art school and learnt everything by doing. He is not interested in photographic rules, techniques and theory. On the contrary, he finishes his pictures on computer, doing what other photographers condemn. He pays no fees to his models and does not work with professional models and make-up artists as no money can buy the authenticity and electrifying atmosphere in which he works. His only criteria are joy and pleasure of taking pictures, he needs everybody to feel relaxed and enjoy the shooting. And of course, the most important is that he and his collaborators like the outcome.

As people around Henryk Mrejzek tend to like his pictures, he has decided to go through the gigabytes on his hard drives and use his work to provoke our ever-apathetic society.

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