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I’m just looking to be inspired.

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“Scott is such a fun, friendly and complimentary photographer with a great artistic vision. During our shoot together I believe that we created some amazing art and aside from his excellent technical skills I think much of this is owed to his way of being; in that he made me feel very comfortable and confident and was very respectful yet daring and encouraging. A true artist.”

Chelsea - Fashion Model - Melbourne

"Scott is an incredible and talented photographer. An amazing and easy going person to work with, and super fun! I highly recommend! Would work with him a million times again."

Vicki Dunlop - Model

“Your an amazing artist Scott, and not just with your photography but also how you connect with your subjects and make them feel comfortable and feel like they matter.
Plus the coffee and chocolate is a bonus”.

Cindy Lee - Model

"I originally found Scott's work on A friend recommended I look through his extensive gallery there. As a working professional photographer, myself, I am not easily impressed but I was amazed at not only the quality of Scott's work but his astonishing versatility. Wide angle, long lens, high key, and soft images all live together in harmony displaying his talent and vision. I look forward to seeing his work and feel excited to have met him through

I am constantly inspired and challenged to seek greater depth in my own work through watching him. Scott truly represents the artistry of photography."

Michael Helms - Los Angeles, CA

"Scott's work is very well recognized at Ever since I began to take my interest for Artistic Nudes to a deeper level browsing of his gallery gained a hot-spot in my daily needs.
When we see works like "bad girls do bad things", "I can reach the top", "the day the rain came", "the daily news", "60 second gratification", "I can hear the ocean" and "be careful with your promises" we can just faint in awe - for the way Scott makes his nudes, escaping from what we ordinarily see in museums yet achieving the same level of ART quality (enough to gain him presence in the very same museums, if you ask me); for how witty his works are, with double-meanings and references to everyday life and culture of the masses and last but not least, for how ironic he makes them in its inherent beauty!

Of course, Scott's work aren't just Artistic Nudes, he also has excellent pieces of general photography and even uses other mediums to convey his inspirational deeds... yes, because to see a work from Scott is like being blessed - and apart from that he isn't like some other brilliant photographer's whose fame has grown up into their egos! Not at all, Scott has remained humble and enthusiastic about the art form of Photography."

Eloísa Valdes,
Gallery Director: Deviant Art

"Mr. Prebble is a personification of excellence in Photography. As I ramble through different art sites I am always drawn back to his works which are constantly changing, and always sending fresh and creative messages.

Articulate and visually stimulating his portal into the universe captures and holds tight."

Gayle Hoskins-Nestor

"Scott is a true Artist. I love everything about his work - the wonderful muses, the amazing surroundings, the unique ideas, the striking beauty that pours out of his photographs. But most of all - the emotions.

He can capture an emotion like nobody else I've come across. Some of his works have moved me deeply and I still return to them in times of need, the way you return to these few songs you love the most."

Dorota Aurek

"Scott's work is great! Its Pimpin'fo'shiznet."

Kurt Stevens
Graphic Designer - Colorado

"Scott's work is an artistic view of the miraculous beauty that we find in the world around us. He is a maestro, his photographs are as breathtaking as Mozart, but touch the soul far greater. He is able to seduce the viewer in one still shot, capturing the attention and intriguing the eye. Scott's array of subjects is remarkable, and always inspiring.

He is a puppeteer, moulding and shaping his subjects to catch the scene the way that he would have it viewed. Throughout the many accomplishments that he has made as an artist he continues to strive to improve upon his already intimidating talent. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Scott. For now I wait with baited breath, curious and anxious to see what steps he will take next."

Jessica V. Hughes
Knoxville, Tennessee

"Only a few months ago did I stumble across Scott's gallery on Deviant Art, and for the life of me, I can't remember HOW I found it exactly... but such things are irrelevant when you find work as good as his.

The first thing that struck me about Scott's work, was his amazing ability to bring out the best in his muses, and also to show so many sides to them. However, with Scott being the perfectionist that he is, that alone would not do, so he continues to push himself and his muses onto all things news.

And the results? They are quite spectacular, and just as you've digested one shot, you're hungry for the next."

Megan Robinson,
Artist of many kinds,

"I distinctly remember the first time I saw Scott's work. It was a beautiful piece called "You watched me Fall". That was nearly two years ago to the day. It touched me in such a deep way and spoke to me on levels I still cannot explain. Since that time, I've watched Scott grow as an artist and experiment with light, color, mediums and subjects. His work is sometimes dark and moody, sometimes lighthearted and fun, but always inspirational.

Scott has allowed his appreciators (for lack of a better word) into his world to discover his love of the female form, his offbeat sense of humor, his love of his home town and it's architecture, and his struggles with the life problems that haunt us all at one time or another.

He has taught us how a man and artist should respect women, how to use the natural light around us and how to exorcise our inner demons through art. It has been my pleasure to follow Scott's work and life for the past two years and I look forward to more years of beautiful art and inspiration."

Susan L. Moore
Photographer/Art Appreciator
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

"Scott James Prebble's work is inspiring, he makes men drool over the women that he shoots, and conveys such emotion with his model, combined with his fabulous technique.
Scott's work is varied and exciting, each new photograph an adventure in itself, leaving the audience in amazement."

Kate Bennington, admirer of art.
Melbourne, Australia.

"Scott's photography is something otherworldly. Often dark, startling and eye-opening, each image opens the door to a whole new perspective, a way of looking at things that many people wouldn't have otherwise considered."

Jessica Trumbull - Toledo, OH

"Some of you are going to have anxiety attacks reading this...because it isn't my proven form of to speak! (Hey that rhymed) But thats only because working with Scott is unlike working with any other photographer.

Working with Scott is like working with your mentor and friend. He knows how to give direction without coming across pushy or perverted. He has vision and inspiration that I hardly come across in this industry! Not to say it isn't there... I loved working with Scott. I felt that I was learning something from each photographic experience. He would have me twist into many god forsaken shapes to arrive at the perfect pose for the perfect picture. Very little post processing is ever done!

Scott is an artist there is no doubt about it. And that's wherein his talent lies. He takes pictures from all kinds or crazy angles. You know how I just said he would get me to bend and twist my body, its my relief to say he would get down and dirty for the perfect shot too!! We have worked together on a few projects and the hybrid of my "Glamor" photography and his "Fine Art" photography is one of immense visual and emotional stimulation. Scott is just fantastic and capturing the emotion in a shot. Sometimes I would be unsure of what to do next and mid-movement I would here Scott cry "whoa, hold still!" a few seconds later appearing on the back of his camera would be a "real" emotion, a natural pose and a really cool concept that we would work with.

I don't just recommend working with Scott I advise and suggest you do it for your own benefit. He brings out beauty in all kinds of women, my size larger and larger still. Beauty is possessed by ALL women, and if your a fine art model who seems to think her beauty gets lost when being photographed. Work with Scott he will help you find your strengths in beauty again.

All my heartfelt thanks to Scott for helping me and creating such wonderful images!!"

Chloe - Model - Melbourne

"To look upon Scott's work is to look upon Scott's psyche. Both like and dark, fun and serious, it invites you in and then closes the door in your face. A glimpse of his mind is all that you get, even when his emotions are laid bare. His work delights and disappoints in equal measure - the delight is in looking, the disappointment is in realizing that your own work pales in comparison. Scott James Prebble. Photographer Artist Enigma."

Richard Allan - Videographer - United Kingdom

"I have been watching Scott's work for some time now, and I must say he is one of the most inspiring photographers I have ever witnessed. His devotion to his art is just too pure, and he can find beautiful meanings and stimulation in the most common objects.
Of course, I couldn't avoid talking about how fantastic his work with his muses is.

Scott truly admires women, and that shows through all the fantastic pictures that reach us everyday, he can make every womans best feature show up when he has a camera in his hands. I dont know if this is a compliment but, if I was ever to take artistic nudes of myself, I wouldnt want anyone but Scott to be on the other side of the camera."

Monica Barbosa - Student - Portugal

"I am very picky about the photography I like. For me, it has to have people in it. Be it portraits, nudes, fashion or street's gotta have people for me to really feel connected.
I heard a quote once about Tom Waits music, that it "was like it was always 3am in a seedy diner...somewhere."
Well, Scott's work is like Tom Waits music to me. It gives me a feeling that I'm watching something very personal...almost forbidden."

Conan Soranno - Photographer - Addicted Image Photography

'Scott, you've been one of my favorite photographers for many years now, it's me who should be thanking you. There really are so few photographers who inspire me, (I can count them on one hand and two of them are dead). The impassioned intensity your work possesses is incredibly rare and powerfully addictive to watch. I just know that given the choice between sleeping rough in a cardboard box for the rest of your days or not having a camera, you'd choose your camera every single time without hesitation (although obviously I hope it never comes to that!)."

Muse - Model, Actress, Writer, Creative Director.

"It was an amazing experience to be able to work with Scott James Prebble. There were no traces of ideas that had already been done or any classical shots that have been used until they are dried up and decaying.

With Scott there is only truth, story, purpose and meaning filled to the brim with unique, spontaneous and creative passion. His shots are the work of a photographic artist who refuses to take a photo, but pursues to capture a story.  There is never a dull moment when working with Scott: from harnessing a broad scope of emotion in studio, to outdoor adventures in hunting down weird, wacky and potentials packed locations usually overseen by everyone else. He opens up all your doors and unchains emotions and perceptions not usually seen, let alone unleashed. Rich, fun, respectful, creative, raw, personal, unique, passionate and plenty of fire in the belly. Thats why he stands out from the rest."

Tammie Thornton - Model - Melbourne Australia

"Working with SJP was a breath of fresh air, with professionalism to boot and a flair for creating the most amazingly composed images Scott makes the shoot fun and comfortable, even when you're contorted into a small bookshelf smile . I have enjoyed working with Scott and look forward to working with him again in the near future...."

Opium Elixer - Model - Melbourne Australia

“I’ve done one shoot with you, and you were, and still are, so professional in your art. I’m such a self conscious individual when it comes to my looks, and having a camera in front of me, But you made me feel comfortable, and if that’s not professional? I don’t know what is”.

Nicole Overall  -Model- Ballarat

“My dear friend Scott. Our relationship is older than my relationship with my husband. I certainly wouldn’t have hung around this long if either I or my husband for even 1 second felt uncomfortable. You have seen me at my best and at my worst and you have found something beautiful within me regardless of the time and made me see it too”.

Fab Taylor - Model - Ballarat

“Friends and family who don't know you have stated “wow, you must be really confident to do some of those shots!”. And my first response is not really, but the amazing photographer ALWAYS makes me feel comfortable and that I'm in an environment with an absolute professional. Not once, even being topless, have I felt vulnerable or threatened in any way. Those who work with you can see you are an artist. And those of us who have been involved in our own art know that an artist looks more at line, shape and composition etc and not blatantly at particular body parts”.

Jess Righton - Model - Ballarat

“Scott has influenced me in the way I perceive things. I am sure we are singing from the same page....such a beautiful bridge between the age barrier. Thank you dear friend”.

Dorothy McDonald  - Photographer - Ballarat

“When I first started studying photography in high school I first discovered Scott on Deviant Art too. A couple of months into the course we were told we had to chose an artist model to study and then later on mimic. In class we were given the usual Man Ray, Boyd Webb and Michiko Kon. Cindy Sherman was interesting and so was Margaret Morton but for some reason I kept on coming back to this photographer on the Internet, Scott James Prebble. He mainly did nudes in black and white and incorporated the surrounding beauty. He had just released a book and we didn't have it in the school library. So I talked to my tutor, showed him a couple of examples and then wrote detailed descriptions (2 A4 ruled pages on each) for "Push Up", "Haystack", and "Jetty". I also had "Time" and another but was told that I could only do 3 on each artist.

Then came the fun part. I needed a model, someone who was willing to pose for me nude. This was scary for both the model and myself. I wasn't even sure of my photographic abilities at this stage! Let alone my skills in putting a girl in nature, and not have it look tarty. My personal fav, is still an original hand developed print that I have up on my wall. It's my pride and joy. Having this succeed pushed me on, and made me want to try more. Now my models' shyness, and my awkwardness have all disappeared and as often as I can (not very) I try and get out there and find new ways and new ideas of expression.

So, if it wasn't for Scott I would still be taking photos of landscapes! Yay for Scott!”

Tiger Queen - Photographer -

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"Scott has by far one of my favourite photographers to work with. There are a million photographers out there, but it's a rarity when there's a strong artistic connection that really shows in the work. He is respectful, professional, insanely talented and a joy to work with. He has pushed me out of my comfort zone and asked me to be part of his ventures into film, which I immediately accepted. Overall, both shoots have been a really special experience and I'd recommend Scott to any aspiring or professional model wanting images of exceptional quality, with heart and soul." Read less

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"Scott James Prebble is an amazing, respectful, professional photographer that produces incredible images. Gives the best direction for his models. Always returns edits quickly." Read less

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"Scott is not only an amazing and talented photographer, but he’s also a great friend! He’s got an amazing eye for art, and tells incredible stories through his work and images. He’s the most trustworthy and kind hearted person I’ve ever worked with, he’s helped me bring out my emotions through working with him and also helping me tell my own story as well! I’d highky recommend anyone to work with him! 😁💕" Read less

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"Scott sees the world of images, shades, shallows, depths and forms through unique and gloriously creative eyes. His images are refreshing in their boldness and often have a wonderful dreamlike, hallucinatory quality. To add to this, he is one of the most respectful, kind and professional photographers I have had the pleasure of working with." Read less

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* BARE - Exhibition at Grainery Lane Gallery
* LOST - Exhibition at Pantechnicon Gallery
* Montreal International Festival of Erotic Art
* Amazon - Exhibition at Bondeno Gallery, Italy
* Taste- Upholstery Gallery Ballarat

* Exposed -
* Stripped -
* Downfall -
* Forward -
* 30 -
* 2am -
*60 Second Gratification -
*It all started with a Polaroid Camera