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May 18, 2022
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Jan 09, 2006

About Me

Traveling photographer  - published, printed and exhibited  - available  in USA/Russia/Northern Europe.

TF* work - on selective basis, but feel free to contact me and we can discuss it.
Paid work - always (well, almost always) - welcome.

Some random facts about me. I:
- am about 6', but i rarely shoot from above or from shoulder level. Unlike many photographers out there i will not bring ladder/step stools and climb them while shooting. First of all i dont like to fall. Secondly - i am honestly afraid of heights (yes, i know, its ground that hits you, not height, but hey..);
- do have accent, when talk in English. But most of time it wont be russian one. I dont really like russian one. It irritates me;
- do have a bit slow shooting style and most likely will ask you to pose and face in certain directions;
- crazy mix of cultures ;
- can talk absolute nonsense with very serious face;
- will offer you a hand if you are female and need to step down from high ground, or will offer to hold your coat. I been brought up like that i am sorry, but no amount of "no touchy" rules will ever change that;
- actually attended proper art school as a kid, and yet i do have degree in applied mathematics;
- easily embarassed and yet can talk fetishes and do shibari;

What i am expecting/like to see, especially if we talking TFP:
- timely arrival;
- willingness to work together and no diva attitude. I am sorry. If i try it three times in the row and keep seeing that "oh i know better, you silly sod" on your face - i dont care who you are - we will part ways;
- i am BIG fan of people who had dancing experience/ballet training/stage training;
- please oh please sleep night before the shoot. No amount of makeup can cover those tired  eyes, i swear;


Oh one more thing. If you bring your boyfriend who will try to snoop around and teach me on how to photograph - i shall smack him with lightstand. In general - i am not big fan of whole "i will always bring escort" thing. I dont really mind it, as long as that person is not interfering with shoot, but it urks me. 


TRAVEL SCHEDULE FOR Summer/Spring 2012:
May 19-June30 : Russia,doing workshops in Novosibirsk , Moscow, available for booking.
July: Moab, Utah
September 1-7th: Colorado (Denver, Durango) , Utah (Moab), Sedona (Arizona).

Credit Notes

To be updated  (as i discover more familiar faces on MM and shoot with more people)

Deanna Deadly (MM #1132284)
Melissa Meaow (MM #25152)
Amber DeVille (MM #474479 )
Zoie Vandal (MM #1545941)
Mosh (MM #219654)
Paper Doll (MM #703682)
Liz Ashley (MM #26159)
Nichole Sparx (MM #1408041)
Lynne D (MM #1527734)
Eleya Maureen (MM #562675)
C*NIC (MM #1053580)
Nicole Moser (MM #508536)
Anna Berman (MM #1132284)
Kimberly Boenker (MM #294684)
Sasha Style (MM #646172)
Amberly Porter (MM #1057339)
Danielle Trixie (MM #109506)
Dutchess (MM #643255)
Silvia Demeyer (MM #371031)
Ashley Kimel (MM# 612210)
Kayla Jane Danger(MM# 857459)
Jess Robinson (MM# 539418)
Stephanie (MM# 23992)
AJ Jameson (MM#1015210)
Rachael Monroe (MM# 297766)
Mariel Lavdas (MM# 788773)
MelissaBurley (MM# 570187)
Shannon Gros (MM#771770)
Luba M (MM #300674)
Holley Dorrough (MM #8932)
Amy Davis (MM #42864)
Jeny Payne (MM #282727)
Wendy Innes (MM #50674)
Cassie Hepler (MM #56772)
Melissa        (MM #331867)
Ashley Ehrhart (MM #334118)
Maya Sakura  (MM #321643)