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Update 2017: Hi everyone! I’m a Fine Art Nude photographer, I work with a mix of Film and Digital depending on the project and intent.

I haven’t updated the photo selection in my MM in a long time, but I’m trying to update my words and keep the listed projects current. You may know me from places like Zivity where I’ve been sharing my work and creating with amazingly talented models.

Recently as Zivity closed I’ve shifted to Patreon as a way to share my work, if you’re interested in becoming a Patron, or working with me as a model for Patreon trade, please let me know.

You can find me here

Some things about me…

~I've been shooting film for 20+ years.
~I shoot much of my work on film exclusively, 35mm, Medium format, and Large Format! and process everything myself.
~I often incorporate the nude form in my work, and ONLY accept TF for those projects.
~I'm fun and easygoing, and I'm sure we'll have a great time working together.
~I'm very open to trade as mentioned above, and paid work (for YOUR portfolio) is on a sliding scale, I take into account your budget and what you'd like to accomplish, and I'll give you great imagery.
~I only pay for the exceptional model, one who's proven to be be both accomplished and reliable.
~I prefer actual locations to studio work so temperature and weather are often factors in the equation.

What are you waiting for, message me already! :)



~PATREON (In Process) Although my other projects have more direction, a plot, restrictions to focus on a message, these Fine Art Nude Editorials for Patreon are about you, the model. Nothing too complex, a story, beautiful imagery, not always pretty imagery, some sad, or happy, but emotion filled, powerful. The power you have from within coming forth. Let’s create something beautiful, enticing, sensual, raw, and real. Help make Fine Art relevant again.

~ABANDONED BOOKS PROJECT (in process) It's actually a huge project, and I feel it’s one of the most important ones of my career. The concept is that this is a world similar to 1984/Fahrenheit 451 where people have books hidden because they are illegal, the commentary is about how kindles/iPads/nooks are taking over and paper books are disappearing, it bothers me that in some digital versions of the literature they are changing the writers words to be more PC, example mark twain works, they are taking the N word out and replacing it with something like "African American". Now I don't approve of the use of the word in a derogatory sense but this is part of history and the use of the word shows context for the time period the story is set in, the author is dead and his words should not be corrupted. I am trying to express that there is a purity in the original works and so in this world these people who discover and read the purity of the writings and become pure and innocent again, that is represented in their disrobement. Sort of the opposite of the Adam and Eve story, but instead they lose their sin and no longer need their clothing because the clothing represents sin and their naked bodies represent truth and innocence. It also comments that nudity is not sinful and is in fact purity. The concept mostly involves books and older "technology" vs the new technology we know of today and contrasts that commenting on how it corrups our society. It's a very important project and I hope you will be a part of it.

~MACRO PARTS BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT (in process) On a limited basis I'm working on a collection of very intimate portraits of intimate parts. I want to be clear this is about the art and lighting of the human form, it's about positive body image, and is for both men and women, it will be done in B&W using high key lighting and film as a medium. I'mages of lips, nips, hands, labia(or penis), collarbones, butts, thighs, eyes, hair, all super close up body portraiture. It's a celebration of the human body and discovering the beauty in all types and forms. It's an anonymous project and will become a book when complete. PLEASE NOTE: due to the nature of some of the imagery, I cannot post examples on MM unfortunately, so please ask for examples and I'll send a link :)

~BIOGRAPHY (In Process) a more intimate project. Being poly means having a big heart, it means allowing yourself to love and be loved by more than just one person, to open yourself up to the possibilities of everything the world has to offer and everything you can offer to the world. This project details the encounters I have, the pain, the loss, the joy, the pleasure, the ecstatic nature of who I am when I'm enraptured in my love. It's about sharing that experience with the world. It's a very intimate and personal project, it's certainly not for everyone and it's something I've hesitated to post on here, I don't wan to fall into the cliche stigma of the photographer/model relationship or be viewed as lesser because of simply not loving in the traditional manner society dictates. But the truth is, in order to truly be a great photographer, I have to share all of myself, to give all of myself away. So here I am. Let's make something beautiful and sensual together and bring joy to ourselves and the world.

Projects on pause…

~EQUALITY PROJECT: Ok so there is a long story behind it, but basically a friend challenged me to do something about the inequality of women's rights when it comes to the limits women have on clothing options during the summer (brought upon by this 100+ heat wave we've had...) why can't women go topless? men can! she says ... it's so sexist ... grrr she says (I'm paraphrasing) so I will be shooting comparison images between men and women, I need all types of men and women who will pose topless for me holding signs with statements on them, I particularly am currently looking for women with completely flat chests, and overweight men with heavy breast tissue. Others of different proportion who would like to be involved in this project are of course welcome as well. Please contact me for more info and to schedule a shoot.

~NATURAL PROJECT (AKA Body Hair Aware Project) which I haven't quite figured out how I'm doing it yet, but I am pro women's body hair, and was thinking of doing a period piece by capturing women in old world scenes who are pre-1950's in appearance. This has proved difficult as there aren't many women with the natural look these days, and by natural I mean "all natural" as in no shaving of the underarms or crotch areas, I know this isn't for everyone, but I find the natural woman to be both beautiful and timeless and I truly believe the outcome of this imagery will be magnificent, if you know anyone who would be interested, please send them my way.


"Nature knows no indecencies; man invents them." - Mark Twain (taken from Isabella V's profile Mayhem #347669)

Note: Top 12 spot is reserved for amazing people who inspire me, those I've worked with, dream to work with, or are my personal friends, all of which are those I'd like to promote, please don't be offended if you aren't in the list, you're all so amazing it's hard to choose! :)

AND FINALLY A message to NEW MODELS: Have a good support system! I’m poly, my partner(s) support me, they are happy for me to create and share the joy of the imagery I create with all of the artists in my life. It took me a LONG time to let some of my family know about my work, I chose to keep that part of myself hidden until I felt I was in a place artistically and emotionally where I could put that part of myself out there. Some artists never do, often models create online model personas with their own model names that separate them from their personal lives, protects them, and empowers them.

If your support system; your friends, your partner(s), your family are NOT supporting you, you need to take a good look at what YOU WANT. You need to be STRONG. When it comes to family… they will probably be the hardest, next your friends, they too may be skeptical, not all supportive, and the clincher is your relationship, your partner(s), more than anything they NEED to be supportive, and let me tell you, partners sometimes come and go, don’t let them hold you back, if they aren’t propelling your forward, maybe they aren’t the right partner for you. They need to help you, to guide you, to protect you, yes protect, which means also making sure you don’t dive in too deep too fast, and thats OK. But if they tell you you CAN’T do something, that’s a sure sign they are NOT being supportive. YOU are your own person, they can say “babe, I don’t think that’s the wisest choice, but if you choose to do x thing or y thing, I’ll be there to support you, but maybe try z thing first and see how it goes?” That’s the kind of people you need in this line of work. PLEASE don’t let your angry boyfriend physically attack the photographer because he’s jealous and is trying to control you, or threaten to leave you if the work goes public. This is a form of ABUSE, and you shouldn’t tolerate it. Support… always seek support. You also need to be prepared to realize this work is like a tattoo, once you get one, it’s there for life, there’s no take backs, there’s no “hey I know you published this book with my image in it, but can you maybe not print a second edition because now I’m a (insert non-model-profession / different life status person) and I don’t want those out there anymore. It just doesn’t work that way. PHOTOGRAPHERS WILL LIE TO YOU, they will tell you “sure if you don’t like something I swear I can just not use it/take it down/etc” but after years of seeing it happen to poor new models, I can tell you DO NOT trust the Photographer. Trust yourself, trust your instincts, don’t be afraid to be brave and try new things, but understand and accept where those things lead. Be Smart. DOUBLE CHECK that the photographer is a good person, that they aren't on some “bad photographer” list. There are sounders and bad “togs” out there, and you need to be aware. EVERYTHING should be discussed ahead of time, if you get to a shoot and suddenly the photographer starts introducing shot styles that were not discussed and you aren’t comfortable say “I’M NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THAT AND THAT WASN’T DISCUSSED AHEAD OF TIME, I’M SORRY BUT CAN WE STICK TO THE DISCUSSED SHOOT PLEASE?” If they get pushy, “c’mon, just try it” or worse, get scary, threaten you physically, or to slander your name if you don’t do what they want, any of that, CALL YOUR BACKUP PERSON right there and WALK AWAY, they are NOT SAFE. And it’s ok to leave, trust your instincts. I’ve seen too many people hurt by assholes out there. Also know your own limits, don’t say yes to something in the moment that you really don’t want to do and then try and take it back later, it never works and people can get hurt or be/feel taken advantage of. I want the best for you, safety, strength, communication, support.

Sorry for the long message, but it was important to say.

Since we are on the subject of clear communication, what to expect with me so you aren’t blind sided…

~I shoot Fine Art Nude work in the Natural, Equality, Abandoned Books, and Patreon Projects
~I shoot Erotic Fine Art Nude work in the Patreon Project
~I shoot Non-Erotic Fine Art Intimate Nude work in the Macro Parts and Natural Projects.
~I shoot some Implied Nude Fine Art work in Abandoned Books, and paid Portfolio work.
~I shoot Clothed work for paid Portfolio, Fashion, and Commercial work.

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