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About Me

I am a professional photographer who started shooting models and portraits in early 2009. I have taken several composition workshops to help me improve as well as a mentor-ship for family photography. I learn something new every time I get behind the lens or open photo shop. I have a passion for photography and editing. I have edited every shot in my portfolio except for a couple. What I hope to get from this website is to make some new connections and build my portfolio as well as learning something new! I try to learn something from each life experience I have. I hope to meet some new and interesting people from this site. Contact me if you are interested in possibly working with me. :)

*** Will consider TFP's if all travel expenses are covered and the concept enhances my portfolio. ***

Also, see my up to the minute (hehe) portfolio on facebook @
My Flickr Page

Learn a little more about me at

Testimonial from Whitney Francis Gold
"My first photo shoot with Suzanne was amazing. I arrived super late due to trouble at the Canadian border but the photo shoot was totally worth it and she was just glad I made it. From the accessories to the wardrobe to the location to the concept, everything was well thought out. However, it could just be that Suzanne has a knack for making magic happen. Suzanne is like a second mother to me. Very dedicated and passionate at what she does, she is no ordinary photographer!"

Testimonial from GothicFavylyn
"My past photo shoots with Suzanne have been absolutely amazing! Her work is unique, professional, and phenomenal! She really knows how to bring pictures to life and you can easily tell that photography is her passion as to how much time is put into her work! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be as far in modeling as I am today. No words are great enough to explain how great it is to work with her!"

Testimonial from Brooke Taylor Schneider
"I had an amazing shoot with Suzanne Leakey although i froze my butt off lol I still had a great time. she is very loving, fun, and an all around great person. I hope to work with her again in the future and I think everyone else should. EXCEPT WEDDINGS lol she wont do them ;) but everything else feel free to ask ♥"

Testimonial from Lish Leanne
"Suzanne is wonderful to work with, outgoing, trustworthy, patient, understanding, and most of all fun! She is punctual and keeps in close contact with you throuth the whole process. She has good experience, great ideas and.most of all a good personality. I highly recommend working with her!"

Testimonial from Jesse Arruda
"Suzanne is awesome to work with! Fun, with a great personality to boot makes it so much easier to enjoy the shooting process. She is very good at what she does, and has a high level of experience! I recommend anyone to work with such an awesome photographer!"

Testimonial from Bliinkk aka Lily Black
"I've worked with Suzanne twice, in the same day, and it was an incredible experience. She was a lot of fun, easy to be around and ensured a comfortable experience, as well as was extremely professional. I recommend her to any model or woman looking for great images. I'm excited to work with her again"

Testimonial from Stacy Cliff
Ireland Taylor's Manager and Mom
"My daughter is a model who is almost 18. I went with her to her shoot with Suzanne Leakey and we had a blast! She was very professional and organized with props galore!! I think the photos turned out very nice and my daughter is very happy with them too!"

Testimonial from Natasha Daniloff, MUA
"It was a pleasure working with Suzanne Leakey from start to finish. She is professional, talented, and inspiring. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to doing so again."

Testimonial from Dianic, Model
"Working with Suzanne was amazing, relaxed and easy going, but efficient and i am very pleased with the results. I look forward to working together again soon!"

Testimonial from Jessie Elva King, Model
"Suzanne and I had the most fun I've ever had at a shoot before! We tried new things, and everything turned out pretty amazing! I will definitely be working with her again, and again..."

Testimonial from Morgaan Nicole, Model
"I just had my first shoot with Suzanne and it was fantastic! On top of being an awesome photographer she is creative, professional and super fun to work with. She made me feel very comfortable from the start and was super easy to work with. I am very pleased with how the photos turned out and I will definitely be working with her again and you should too!! I highly recommend her as a photographer. You won't be let down!"

Testimonial from Rose Tee, Model
"Thank you so much for being an amazing photographer, I have never felt so comfortable and relaxed. I would love to do another shoot with you. you have a amazing eye for unique concepts and emotions that will show in your pictures.
Thank you again, and don't feel afraid to ask me for another concept shoot! and always keep me updated with your new ideas!"

Testimonial from Kristen Marie, Model
"Suzanne is so awesome to work with! She's very helpful, kind, funny and a great photographer all around! I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I was very comfortable the whole shoot. I definitely recommend her to any models out there. I would happily work with her again."

Testimonial from Cheri Chardonnay, Model
"Working with Suzanne was an incredible experience! She makes the entire shoot feel comfortable, relaxed, and full of giggles. I definitely recommend her work, because not only is it good, but you get to know a great person! Hopefully we can shoot again Suz, it was so much fun before. (:"

Testimonial from Starla Lost, Model
"I just came back from an amazing shoot with Suzanne! Not only was she extremely professional in planning the shoot weeks before hand and making sure there was an MUA, hairstylist, and props - she also made it super fun! I felt relaxed the entire time and I cannot wait to see the photos :)"

Testimonial from Shylo M, Model
"*Well I love how she is easy to get along with and makes me laugh.
*She doesn't get offended by my sense of humor/sarcasm lol.
* She's not afraid to be honest by warning me of my fat hanging all over the place lmaoo (I appreciate it LOL)
*Her Photoshop skills are amazing lmao, I would have to kill her if she posted nasty pics of me LMAO.
*She's fun..... and my favourite thing..... How I don't have to wait forever to see the photos! Lmao. She clearly love photos just as much as I love them of myself! Lmaoooo"

Testimonial From Nina Muller, MUA
"I had a great time working with Suzanne Leakey Photography!! She is amazing behind the camera and is a very outgoing, funny person. I am very happy with how everything turned out, and am looking forward to working with her in the future."

Testimonial from Hillary Wood, Model
"I worked with Suzanne yesterday for a grunge shoot out at the remnants of an old farmhouse. Not only is Suzanne an excellent photographer bursting with ideas and talent, she is also a kind-hearted, hilarious person that could put anyone at ease upon first meeting her. The photos I have seen so far are absolutely amazing and I couldn't be happier. I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with her and I hope to again in the future. Thanks Suzanne!!!"

Testimonial from Chantel George
"Working with Suzanne was a fun experience !! She took the time out of her schedule to drive to me, brought accessories, and was really helpful with boosting my confidence ! She is warm hearted, funny, and a great photographer, I definitely recommend her. Hopefully I can get another chance to work with her, I misunderstood some things, therefor, hopefully get another chance and make the shoot perfect"

Testimonial from Meghan Rose W, Model
"Working with Suzanne was a great experience. She was very organized and understanding. Suzanne was very helpful and gave some very helpful tips about modelling, she had also set up a MUA for me. I felt very comfortable to work with Suzanne immediately and openly while we pass new creative ideas back and forth. Suzanne brings many creative and fun ideas to the table."

Testimonial from Alice Sawers, Model
"Had a great time with Suzanne she's a great photographer !"

Testimonial from Chelsey Flower-Tamm, Model
"I had an awesome time shooting with Suzanne , it was so much fun.We had a fun concept and she helped me get out my vision for the photos with lots of good suggestions. She is very laid back and easy going so the shoot felt natural with out any discomfort. She also has the girls point of view and notices things guys don't ( like when you need to suck in your stomach ) I highly suggest working with Suzanne you will be happy with the results."

Testimonial from Electric Jade, Model
"had so much fun with u so easy going and funny the images are beautiful the best kind of pro is one who knows how to make beautiful work and smile at the same time"

Testimonial from Holly of Superior Make Up and Hair Design, MUA
"Had an awesome day with the extremely talented photographer Suzanne Leakey. Her great personality, natural flow of the camera, and easy direction made for a fun filled day and fantastic learning experience. She made everyone feel involved and part of the process of what is sure to be yet another "masterpiece" of her amazing work of art."

Testimonial from Lex Vandella, Model
"Suzanne is a talented lady who makes you feel comfortable while working together! She's very fast with editing so I got to see my pictures right away. I will definitely work with her again!"

Testimonial from Make Up by Rosemary, MUA
"I have had the pleasure of working with the very talented photographer Suzanne a lot in the past year and I must say that besides the fact that she is amazing and extremely talented at what she does she is also fun and a breath of fresh air,I always look forward to our shoots.She is extremely quick in getting images to all those involved and always gives me a lot of great shots that showcase my makeup and hair so that I can use for my portfolio.I would highly recommend her to anyone... simply put….SHE’S AWESOME :) "

Testimonial from Alishau, Model
"Suzanne is a fantastic photographer! Her relaxed and confident demeanor enabled me to perform my best as a model. She also successfully captured what I envisioned the shoot to be. Thank you Suzanne for the wonderful experience."

Testimonial from Lily Monstermeat aka Lily the Fairy, Model
"Thanks so much for the wonderful photos, you make butterflies dance! I really enjoyed working with you, your relaxed nature was peaceful and calm, perfect for a fun fairy shoot. Thanks for your professional attitude and quick photo return. I'm really loving your images! Keep up the great work! ~*Fairy Sprinkles*~"

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Xandine Zippers Mayhem Model #176555**
Also sometimes my production hand. ***
Charlotte Gold Mayhem Model #2234220
PWL RZ Mayhem Model #889620
GothicFavylyn Mayhem Model #2559590 ***
Also sometimes assists
Taylor Brooke Schneider Mayhem Model #2794289
Ireland Taylor Mayhem Model #2629133
Jesse Arruda Mayhem Model #2929987
Lish Leanne Mayhem Model #2731117**
Bliinkk Mayhem Model #2658898
Chantel George Mayhem Model # 2861855
Jessie Elva King Mayhem Model # 2591433**
Dianic Mayhem Model # 1408878
Morgaan Nicole Mayhem Model # 2759734
Rose Tee Mayhem Model # 1208826
Kristen Marie Mayhem Model # 2408804
Cheri Chardonnay Mayhem Model # 2829996
Starla Lost Mayhem Model # 2559985 **
Shylo M Mayhem Model # 265083
Hillary Wood Mayhem Model # 2897736
Meghan Rose W Mayhem Model # 2971891
Alice Sawers Mayhem Model # 684631
Chelsey Flower-Tamm Mayhem Model #2641279
Electric Jade Mayhem Model # 2918348
Lex Vandella Mayhem Model # 1517903
Alishau Mayhem Model # 2855751
V7Stick Mayhem Model # 662912
Lily MonsterMeat Mayhem Model # 18549
Tori Alexis Mayhem Model # 3186665
Aleksandra Gasior Mayhem Model # 3325997 ***
Ryan Becker2 Mayhem Model #2705625
Sage-Monet Mayhem Model # 3400848
Elizabeth Livingston Mayhem Model (as a hair stylist and MUA for me) # 2547493 **
Make Up by Rosemary Mayhem Make Up Artist # 2745856 *******************
Natasha Daniloff Mayhem Make Up Artist #2919652
Valhallas Beauty Mayhem Makeup Artist #2514432 ***
Nina Muller Make Up Artist # 2726841 ***
Ashley Martin-MUA Mayhem Makeup Artist # 2263249
Superior Make Up Mayhem Makeup Artist # 2962635
Brianne P Mayhem Makeup Artist #1800567
Infinite Body Arts, Body Painter #2248386 **
Wired Together Mayhem Retoucher #2812900 **
Anhydrous Productions Mayhem Retoucher #779993
Garden of Siyu Retoucher #2191295
The Next Affect Mayhem Retoucher #1312448
The Perfect Retouch Mayhem Retoucher # 2964385
Artisticurves, photographer # 2557904

** worked with more than once
Some models are not credited because they are not on this website. :)