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Hello, my name is Taleb.  I enjoy living a healthy, positive, diverse, open minded lifestyle, who is focused and determined.  I have been working out for 8 years constantly and will continue to remain with this attitude, as it is now a part of my life.  I enjoy helping people work towards and achieve their goals by being positive a role model/mentor.  I love speaking and meeting individuals who are also positive and would be more then delighted to speak with anyone who might have an interest in my physique/style and maybe we can potentially work together.  I am constantly told I am great in being "Emotionally Available" when I am telling stories, playing a character or just being funny, this has caused me to become interested in many areas that gives a person the oppurtanity to share those talents with.  I am always up for learning new things and would love to work with professional punctual individuals as I am committed to give you my best.  I have a great attitude, sence of humor and I am a quick learner.  I am not interested in any adult style line of work as I am not comfortable with it, however; I do not think negative in any way, shape or form on anyone who is in that line of work as being a diverse person is a positive key in this world. Thank you for taking the time to read and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any interest, as I would love to discuss any questions you may have. 
Thanks again and respect.

*********More Detailed Info Below*********

Hey!! Welcome to Taleb Farag on Modelmayhem from AskTaleb.COM ! So you want to know more about Taleb Farag? Here he is in a nutshell:

-Was NOT motivated
-Was NOT interested in learning new things
-Did NOT care to apply himself
-He wanted things to fall on his lap without really trying and when it did not fall on his lap, he used that as an excuse on why he thought the way he did.
-He thought the definition of being cool was to go with society's flow no matter what direction that flow happened to be.
-He would never do anything that would potentially classify him as "loser" if it was not "cool" in the hypnotizing world that we know.

Little did Taleb know, that all the above mentioned points were in fact what made him a loser! During those times, Taleb realized that the people he tried to impress, were usually the same type of negative thinkers like him.

As time went on, Taleb realized, that the people who thought like him at the time, usually did not end up moving forward and in fact, they ended up going in reverse.

This was a wake up call for Taleb. He realized that it was not too late to change the way he thinks and give the "glass is half full" mentality a try.

He stopped caring about what the "KEWL" people thought and started caring about what the respectable, motivated, positive, happier in life people thought.

He joined a gym for the first time not knowing what he was doing; however, slowly learned and started getting better at it, started to slowly see results, years later he is still at it and never does a day go by without him smiling when he thinks about it.

He started to get his priorities straight, wanted to help others, but was still a little shy when it came to talking to people about the way he thought as he still had a bit of the "don't want people to think he is not cool" fear. However, he decided to give volunteering a shot and became a part of a "Big Brothers" organization. He enjoyed being a part of this organization helping the ones who were not fortunate enough to have someone older to give them the right guidance. Taleb never had an older brother or anyone to play that role for him as he was growing up. He wanted to help other's. He put himself in their shoes, knowing how he would have felt if someone had taken their time to meet with him.

He continued being a part of the big brother organization for many years.

He later decided to take his passion for fitness in front of the amateur camera. Took snap shots, progress pictures even did something perceived as "uncool" and did some YouTube amateur flexing videos to show the world and to get feedback. This was something Taleb would NEVER have considered in the past and would usually have laughed if seen someone else do. But as his mentality started to change for the better, he really did not care what other negative people, jealous people or better known has "haters" in society today thought of him. He was actually surprised that he received more positive feedback then negative ones. He took anything negative and looked at it in a constructive criticism way, which helped him focus more on things that he needed to.

As time went on he started getting more and more random people that he did not know, commenting, messaging, blogging and trying to connect on social networks. He started networking with people that thought like him and started to actually become more of a motivator to the ones who were inspired by him. He actually started to become more vocal on the way he thought and realized that he was actually connecting more with people then he ever did in the past. He without even knowing, realized that things were a lot better for him. He was accomplishing more in his life, he was being rewarded for the things he did without expectations, he finally understood that this is what and why being positive and focusing on the right things was the way to be. He started moving forward in life and started noticing that the past was literally the past!

As more time he went on, he started realizing that when he would be at a social outings with friends or even meeting strangers, that his conversations were always drawing people and inspiring them. He did not know that this was possible as he was the complete opposite at one point in time.

He realized that he enjoyed connecting with people and helping them. This inspired him to connect with others on many more social networks and after putting thought in to it, he decided to create a site! This site is http://www.AskTaleb.COM

-Your attitude not your aptitude affects your altitude

Thank you for taking your time to connect. To connect more please go to, enter your name and e-mail. This way you will have access to a lot of content and stay connected me.

Taleb Farag

Below is a little info about Taleb Farag and AskTaleb.COM

Are you ready to start looking at things in a positive way? You ready to start focusing on you? You ready to forget the negative “I don’t think I can” outlook on things? Well give yourself a pat on the back! Because you being here right now is the first step!! Taleb loves the saying,

“A thousand mile journey starts with the first step”

Congrats! Without even realizing, that is exactly what you just did! Taleb knows that nothing in life comes easy, and “we” all have to work hard in order to achieve our goals. Taleb also never had the physique and mentality that he has today. He learned through life experience that without having a positive mindset, things like being dedicated and achieving a goal would not be possible.

It is easy for someone to say, you have to be “dedicated,” but what is dedication? You need to start focusing on your mentality first. You have to train your brain on understanding the concept of feeling the positive energy, which in return will reward you in your daily life. From building more confidence, not letting negativity influence you and being more outgoing which will naturally result in others enjoying your company. All this with a smile on your face! This smile will be the key to understanding that you are happier. This happiness will be the source that allows you to aim and achieve those goals. This is when you will understand what dedicating yourself really feels like. Some of you at this point may be like “huh?” it’s ok as that only means this site may actually teach you a thing or two. This is just the tip of the iceberg, once again congrats for making it here, because like it was said before, you just took that first step towards the right direction!

You can relate by knowing that Taleb Farag is just like you! He wants to network and show you that it easy to start achieving those goals. Your interaction with Taleb will be an experience of its own! has lots of information to share with you! Explore it for yourself!

Taleb decided to create as he learned through life experience that society seems to portray that there are only two types of people in this world (with a few exceptions). Some examples of these types are the “confident” where it is perceived that these people are alpha, well kept, financially stable and/or have a thick shell. Now on the other hand, there is the “humble” where they are down to earth, not materialistic, don’t really care about their image and are content with their life as is, etc.

Again those are just some examples, but I’m sure you catch the drift. A lot of you may ask so what’s wrong with either of those types? That’s Taleb’s point! The problem is, society tends to hypnotize us in believing that you are either “CONFIDENT” or “HUMBLE” (again, a few exceptions). Rarely, do we see that both are combined individually in a person to make them well rounded. Don’t get Taleb wrong, it does exist! He knows! However; unfortunately how many times do you see it exposed? The sad part is that only once in a rare while, you may actually run into a well rounded individual who possess both those qualities. Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with just possessing either or; however, it is safe to say that you will be drawn more to individuals who possess both. Are you ready to start empowering yourself and those around you?

So again let’s ask, who is Taleb? Taleb is person who learns through trial and error, very humble yet can be perceived as overly confident. He is here to meet and help others who want to share the same mentality. Taleb would like to say that he can count many more well rounded individuals, than usually just on one hand. Taleb wants to share his thoughts, opinions and experience with everyone who is interested in learning more about him, as he wants to learn more about you. Taleb believes that knowledge is power, so please feel free to share information with him as he also would like to better himself through learning new things. If you feel that you “lack” in confidence, don’t worry! Interacting and allowing Taleb help you will change that. For those of you who are overly confident . Taleb will help you too; it’s suggested you come in with an open mind and willing to learn a few things, as it may actually cause you to realize that you will be more appreciated and better overall rounded.

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Dont forget:!/talebfarag

Thanks for your support talk soon!

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