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Mar 22, 2024
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Oct 20, 2005
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About Me

Mostly retired. Very rarely shooting because of a very limited schedule.

-This is my portfolio specific to nudes/figure work. My non-nude portfolio is: Ashley Haven #533105

The Facts:
I'm a nude modeling veteran. I've been doing this professionally for over 8 years, and I was a full time traveling model for over 6 years. I've recently cut back on my modeling to focus on my family and school. My fiance's work schedule (along with taking care of my kids) doesn't allow me to travel anymore, but I still shoot when I can.

TFP/CD: None. Contact me for my rates. My time is extremely limited at this point, and because of that my rates are higher than before and non-negotiable. I don't want this to come off snotty, because I'm not a snotty person, but please don't try to haggle with me on rates. This is no longer my full-time job, so the project and compensation have to be worth my time lost from my family and away from school.

Amateur Photographers: I love shooting with people who are just starting out. I'm NEVER too good to work with anyone. Everyone has to start somewhere, and I'm more than happy to help you get some great shots! Please don't be intimidated by my experience or portfolio, I just care that you *act* professional with me. I will treat your shoot like any other shoot and give you my best effort.

Wardrobe: Yes, I do have wardrobe. Mostly glam type lingerie, and some other basics that every model should have. If you're wanting something very specific, most likely you will need to provide it. I'm more than happy to find what you're looking for and pick it up before the shoot if I'm being reimbursed (assuming it's something I don't want to keep).

References: I have tons. Those listed on my top 12 are all people I've worked with and can provide you with their opinion of how our shoot went. You're more than welcome to contact anyone credited in my portfolio as well, or ask me who my most recent shoots were with.

Travel: I'm not traveling these days, so unfortunately unless you can come to me, I probably won't be in your area. The exception to this is the Portland, Oregon area, where I still makes trips. 

Hair/Makeup: I can do my own basic makeup and hair, but if you want a very professional result or something more elaborate, please hire a professional for this. I wear my makeup and hair the same basic way day-to-day, and don't claim to be extremely skilled with either.

Communication: I prefer to keep important details about the shoot in MM messages. I will talk to you on the phone, if that is your preference, but will request that you send me a summary of our conversation in a message here. I shoot multiple times per week (sometimes per day), and need to keep written details of the shoot to stay organized. I'm not anti-phone call, I'm anti-disorganization.  smile

Polaroids: Yes, I always have current, unretouched, no makeup snapshots that I'm more than happy to send you if needed. Just ask!

Working with Others: I LOVE working with other models, so don't hesitate to contact me about multiple model shoots. Please make sure everyone is clear on limits though, as I don't want to offend another model by doing something outside of his/her comfort zone. I always do my best to check with them myself, but I appreciate the photographer thinking about this as well. Also, I do have some erotic work in my portfolio with another female model. This model is my best friend, so our comfort level is slightly different than throwing me into a shoot with a stranger.

Friend Requests, Image Comments, Etc.: Feel free to add me as a friend, this is a networking site after all. However if you expect me to know you have an interest in hiring me from a friend request, tag or image comment, you're mistaken. I rarely read my photo comments, and don't take "friend request hints" well. Please message me if you're interested in working together. Thanks!

What do *I* want to shoot? I've shot a lot, so many of my ideas have already been used. I would like to do a shoot with my husky/timber wolf puppy, and I have a soft spot for both guns and cars, so I always enjoy shooting with those. I love black and white gritty images, and really pretty natural light work. I'm always up for helping you elaborate on a concept you have as well.

Other Stuff:
-I do have tattoos. All but one are very small. The only one larger than a silver dollar is the tattoo on my back which is a phrase that runs down the length of my spine. You're more than welcome to photoshop them out if you choose, I will not be offended.
-I wear glasses. I'm totally willing to shoot in them, but don't need to wear them all of the time. Unless you live with me or drive with me, you probably don't know I wear them.  smile
-Yes, I have two children. No, I don't have stretch marks.

"Ashley is just the greatest to work with. You can give her an idea of a situation and what kind of images that you are looking for and she just morphs into character and poses flawlessly. I look forward to our next shoot together." -Edward Kearney

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"Ashley is an amazing model! She gives 100% to get the right shot! I look forward to working with her again." Read less

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"Ashley is outrageously amazing and so adaptable ... I would recommend her highly to anyone. Her knowledge beauty and poses, are all first class and she can be relied upon to come through for you." Read less

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"Ashley was great! Great posing. Awesome personality. A lot of fun. Got some great shots. Loved working with her." Read less

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Credit Notes

Hold your breath, it's going to be long...

Photographers I've worked with (a partial list):
*Multiple times
-*Carl Geers MM #32056
-Roy of RLR Photography MM #57155
-*Burk Jackson MM #60203
-Michael Andrus of MA Photography MM #110280
-Upheaval MM #19450
-*Marc MM #181458
-Tim Baker MM #4199
-*Scott W MM #115569
-FrozenIllusion MM#183164
-*Lani K MM #92373
-*Xposed Studios MM #170426
-JTPhotography MM #51796
-FAS Studios MM #184549
-Dan Corkill MM #2790
-Paul of SevenPhotos MM #129933
-*Gordon of PDXImaging MM #16654
-*Ritchey MM #189128
-Benjamin Bright
-*Steve Mills MM #235
-RJ Young
-*Jon of Looknsee MM #22771
-Sylvie Blum MM #55159
-*Mr Anthony MM #47702
-*Todd Brown MM #2455
-*Byte Studio MM#149408
-*Ron Pepos (prlls photo) MM #369962
-*Stan Schutze MM #27255
-*A. Friend
-*Don Garrett MM #166227
-*Click Hamilton MM #85583
-*Christopher Ambler MM #140
-Adumbrate MM #399882
-Michael Moe MM #142529
-Barry Druxman MM #2484
-*David Friend MM #4967
-Vitaly Druchinin MM #9138
-R0nni3 MM #11244
-Objet Vivant MM #35788
-Bob Riggs (Musecube member)
-RCPublishing MM #358284
-Mellie with Elegant Images - Vancouver, WA
-*bdl MM# #470194
-Augustus Nandi MM #313597
-RonChez MM #6926
-Jim Dorothy MM #393787
-David West MM #63157
-Stellar Productions OMP #87821
-*John Green (tangoman) MM #470471
-HardyGrimper MM #276687
-*Jason Langer
-Michael Zaugg MM #180452
-Project Z MM #512799
-*Gene Newell (NOT
-Brad Lashua MM #15262
-Paul Harold MM #320
-*Pete Springer MM #554465
-*David_2007 MM #171777
-Jay Greenman MM #226125
-*Tim Gunther MM #487859
-Kevin Russ MM #56036
-EK Photo MM #146301
-Warye Photography MM #508843
-Ashlee Murr MM #97677
-*Christopher Murr MM #355565
-*Tony M MM #384871
-*Fashion Layne Photo MM #617292
-Jarvis MM #81831
-Maurice Kerr OMP #28813
-*Stephanie Houston MM #570347
-Andrew Kaiser MM #1612
-Study In Light MM #193517
-Study In Artistic Nudes MM #611556
-*Arthur Katz
-Gunner Smith MM #670366
-David Rolin MM #4765
-A Drunken Monkey Studio MM #577203
-ArgoPhoto MM #7054
-Peter Van Beever MM #371835
-*Danger Ninja Productions MM #400365
-*Mark Reese MM #127239
-Just Shoot Me Photo MM #363025
-David Blewett MM #19052
-Adrian Adel MM #359939
-Wayne T MM #6468
-Mike Long MM #479590
-*Snopho MM #372187
-JCB Images MM #586722
-*I Love Shiny Stuff MM #799553
-Agency Publishing MM #495636
-SUM Productions MM #482913
-*Chris in WS MM #219507
-Provocative Photo MM #214573
-Evan Moodie Photography MM #611896
-*Strange Hungers MM #720019
-Bad Kitty Media MM #775418
-Jeff Walls MM #337581
-Mearle MM #268994
-*Fetishots MM #421869
-*Garrett Smith MM #24995
-Richard Art MM #28759
-*BarePixels MM #1193118
-*Keith Allen Phillips (Lucky B) MM #49928
-Marc Goldstein MM #166412
-The Red Chair Annex MM #582133
-Envisionz MM #81981
-Stubborn Stain Inc. (OMP)
-J Scott Photography MM #303364
-Michael Sinclair MM #32288
-*Mark Clawson MM #628653
-*Clark Wayne MM #1250232
-Brett MM #123496
-Tim Greyhavens
-Daniel Foppes MM #232882
-Kenneth Tham Images MM #357245
-TKellond MM #15498
-*Alien Life MM #609661
-Moments Captured MM #774910
-*John Carman MM #5961
-ei Total Productions MM #27295
-Vanscottie MM #1696
-Zoomring photo MM #754315
-Patrick Gagne MM #2652
-CSW Scott Photography MM #1106973
-*Noel Marrero MM #1304267
-North County Portraits MM #681667
-Keith McNulty MM #4692
-Craig ColvinMM #854200
-Studio Greer MM #51419
-Subversive Photography MM #1237416
-*awj photo MM #830750
-Eddie G Photography MM #364152
-*Mike Cunningham
-Graylingstadt Photo MM #607113
-FSJ Photography MM #401211
-LivewirePhoto MM #449289
-Paul McCreath MM #1039123
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-*David-N MM #1055367
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-Photogenics Studio MM #715562
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-Photography by Chaz MM #1007226
-*Amedeus MM #368153
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-RBD Photo MM #1046938
-*Torreblanca MM #1523787
-Domondon Photography MM #698833
-Torso in Glass MM #1536893
-Al Parker Photography MM #39297
-Wildman Glamour MM #74593
-JPK Photography (OMP)
-*Harry Chow MM #12481
-Toesup MM #69237
-Thomas Landon MM #118803
-OscarC MM #1379853
-Tom Lew
-Steven Mick
-Chehalem Photography MM #1588707
-Emotional Light MM #492873
-Legacy Photography MM #793023
-LENS Photography MM #832042
-GenieMagic Photographic MM #1011235
-*LewisArtandPhoto MM #21453
-*DB aka Bruce MM #1787519
-Jack Vinti MM #16056
-*Second Circle Photo MM #1387146
-*Stephen P Photography MM #768720
-Stephen Walsh MM #305951
-dgmk photography MM #1478690
-*Bill Phong - San Francisco
-The Broken Cyborg MM #1055055
-Chris Farrar Photo MM #623383
-*Expression Unlimited MM #310495
-OC Photography MM #624240
-PD Media Photography MM #1390552
-FigurativeArts MM #140817