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About Me

Hello! I am a natural, curvy siren, modern pre-Raphaelite muse & photo dancer. Here's a video which gives a quick (comprehensive & atmospheric) overview of what I do - I recommend full-screen viewing with the sound on. :-)

Photographers: How to win at making your (nude) model feel comfortable (Downloadable guide)

My downloadable guide for models: 'Model With Confidence: 10 Keys to help you model sustainably, maximise your joy & love your experience of modelling for art.'

... And would you like to join my mailing list so I can email you directly when planning a trip to your area? <<< Fill in your location/details via a quick form. I send (very) occasional e-newsletters with images, info and travel news to make it easy for you to keep updated!

I’m an ex-dancer, posed for a renowned painter for a year and found my way into photographic modelling. I’ve enjoyed this wonderful vocation for over 8 years now and it’s taken me all over the planet several times.

I’m equally proud when working with beginner/amateur photographers (who often surprise themselves with what we can produce together) as I am when modelling for award-winning photographers and exhibited countless times in galleries across the globe. I like to imagine I am feisty and terrifying but sadly I am always described as 'calming', friendly and easy to work with, which on the plus side means I usually get re-booked several times (you can read about how easy it is to survive working with me here)... As long as we are on the same page in terms of tastes/intentions, your experience level is irrelevant to me and one of my favourite things about this job has been the sheer range of people I've met so far from all walks of life and with all manner of day jobs!

I divide my time between modelling, writing and my natural hand-crafted skincare range, Leafology, which launched in July 2017. This means I’m extremely busy but nevertheless very enthusiastic (and could probably win an award for time management and organisation)!! In case you're interested, I also play the piano and ukulele, sing, paint, speak different languages, love walking in nature and generally get involved with anything creative/arty. That said, the only crucial thing you actually need to know is that I am completely addicted to tea (Earl Grey, mint or Chai, please). smile

I live in Oxfordshire and drive or travel by train/plane for bookings all over the place. Send me a message if you’d like to discuss a booking, and if you’d like to let me know of your interest in me coming your way (and hear my news before everyone else), please sign up to my mailing list here (and it's always worth saying hello here as well!).



Please send me a direct message rather than hinting via comments/friend requests/lists/telepathy, as I made the decision quite a while ago to stop receiving notifications for anything other than a message, and would love to hear from you. If you've tried to 'test the water' by liking/commenting on an image and not heard back from me, I probably just haven't seen it.

I regularly accept (and honour) bookings several months in advance, and am often available for last-minute shoots or things in between.

I live 'out in the sticks' in Oxfordshire (don’t worry, I drive, and it's just an hour or so from London!) and therefore have acres of ancient woodland, open spaces & flowers/bluebells/cornfields (seasonal!), fields, stone walls & avenues of trees on my doorstep. Nearby, there are ancient ruins, rivers & parks. The streets and architecture of Oxford itself are also very easy on the eye, made famous in many a film/TV series!
...If you prefer a studio, I can happily recommend some, local or otherwise.
...Home studios, local studios, wilderness, exotic wonderlands, weird places, tuition/themed events/workshops: all fine by me.



An article I wrote: 10 Things You Might Not Know about Nude Models

WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | Modelling INSTAGRAMLeafology INSTAGRAM | BLOG | TRAVEL INFOVIDEOS | LEAFOLOGY (My skincare range) | @leafology_official


BOOKING ME (/‘will she just stand there looking bored?’)

I’ve questioned myself a lot over the years about why I got into this rather unconventional work. I genuinely see it as a sort of vocation. Sorry if that sounds pretentious. I consider my role a very actively creative one. I genuinely care about expression, authenticity, womanhood, identity, performance, myth, story and all sorts of other things that feed into this interesting art. So no, I won’t just stand there. I’ll make sure we get something good. Smile

I am very expressive, intuitive and natural, and personally find images the most appealing and interesting to look at when they show some character and feeling (authenticity, femininity, moods, intrigue and sensuality, etc.), and I hope/think this probably shows in my work. My dance background (I've studied everything from ballet to salsa, tap to hip hop, ballroom to bellydance) and empathy has instilled in me a huge and largely subconscious understanding of body/facial language and movement.

In short, I'm available for:
- ART (anything beautiful/interesting/experimental; nothing 'adult')
- TV/FILM (standard southern-English/RP accent; playing age early/mid twenties)
- COMMERCIAL (Fashion, Lifestyle, Dance/Sports, Wedding, Hair/Beauty)
- GLAMOUR (if it's done beautifully, with elegance and subtlety, e.g. like these).

If you’re stuck for ideas, some things I love include: natural body/portraits, bohemian fashion, themes around myth, character, simplicity, pre-Raphaelite paintings, body studies, monochrome, film, colour, decadence, the natural world, fairy/nymph-esque tree-adoration, anything to do with water, commercial happy/smiling shots, wedding, animals, dance/movement, historical themes, music, literature, fantasy, vintage, renaissance, mermaids, stark/dark moods, flowers, and dressing up. I also love very simple, telling portraits, presence, authenticity; both romantic, soft, gentle, moods & powerful, strong, womanly ones... I've probably missed tons of things; I have very eclectic tastes actually and have enjoyed a huge range of ideas in the past, from posing nude in front of the Eiffel Tower (for some moody Helmut Newton-esque work) to standing on top of a clown (while wearing pointe shoes).

I also love working with other models and have done a lot of this (my record is 15 of us at once). I’d ask that you are conscious of keeping looks/builds/moods complementary (this doesn’t necessarily mean similar) where appropriate; I can recommend many models I love working alongside if easier for you.



I have what is repeatedly described as a very ‘classical’/'pure'/'feminine' appearance. My hair is naturally curly, very long (down to the bottom of my rib-cage when stretched straight), undyed and straddles various colourific boundaries(!); it is dark blonde or light-to-mid-brown depending on how you squint, and often looks fiery red in natural light. My eyes are massive (I genuinely struggle to find sleep masks that are comfortable; how’s that for a first world problem?) and greeny-blue. I've got very good, smooth skin. My face is quite asymmetrical, actually, so I could never pretend it's supermodel-alien perfect, but you work with what you get.

I have a somewhat (increasingly?) unusual body shape; I have a small waist and large/curvy hips, which gives dramatic curves. I've also got rather long legs (good for when you want to do full length shots and have your model look in proportion) and a toned torso... Basically an overall 'soft'/'romantic'/'traditional' appearance with some muscularity and strength mixed in.

When doing it myself, I turn up with make up kept quite subtle/simple (unless instructed otherwise). I'm also very good at an evening/smoky look and a few things in between, so can vary looks for you. Same goes for hair; I'm good at quickly pinning it up in various ways if you want a change from it being loose (e.g. this took me roughly 7 seconds to do).



I’m represented by commercial & TV/film casting agencies, and also take bookings directly and independently. For a list of some cool things I've been involved with, click here (but bear in mind I haven’t updated it for absolutely ages!).

I'm grateful to have had opportunities to work all over this incredible planet (from Mexico to Iceland, Australia to LA, Norway to Paris and all manner of places in between) for the last 8 years. I’ve done some (very small) acting roles in quite a few global productions from Downton Abbey to Marvel's Avengers (I've even held Thor's hammer, which isn't a euphemism..). On the commercial side, I'm the face of The Wool Company and have worn more than my fair share of designer wedding gowns and corsetry/lingerie among other things.

Modelling-related articles I've written:
-'10 Things you Might Not Know About Nude Models'.
-'For Women'
-'Modelling, Vanity and Self Awareness'
'The Muse'
- Click here. (Includes a 100% improvised and unplanned bellydance solo, filmed as a last-minute favour by Mark Bigelow.)



My wardrobe collection is vast and diverse. (My personal taste is eclectic/colourful/feminine/bohemian/glamorous.) I can provide lots of things in different styles for shoots, including ballet tutus, skirts and pointe shoes, wedding dresses (Vintage Victorian and modern) and bridal corsets, bright sports/dance/yoga-wear, colourful and casual fashion, glamorous evening dresses and sophisticated ball gowns, beautiful lingerie (lace, silk, sheer, flowing, vintage, diaphanous, bright and modern...), romantic pre-Raphaelite clothing, plus jewellery, accessories, props, isis wings (I have two pairs of these; they're bellydance props for those who are interested!), silk dance veils, world costumery and lots more to add texture and interest to imagery. I have a habit of bringing too much, so you will be spoiled for choice. Please give me a clear sense of what you are after (or as clear as possible), and also feel free to bring your own items for me to model/use as props, if you like (I love this!).


Every shoot is a collaboration for me and I get quite excited about doing the best I can on any given booking.

I take respect for other people's time very seriously and hope that you will do the same when booking me; if you have to cancel a booking within 7 days of the arranged date, I will be understanding but may ask that you pay the full amount regardless, so that any costs can be covered. (In practice, I rarely ask for this, but if this happens, I may view the payment as credit for a future shoot, depending on the circumstances.)



Tours (outside of UK) in 2018/9 include: Venice, Holland, Iceland, Barcelona, Denmark & Sweden, Germany, Canada, Indonesia/India/Sri Lanka, Australia... (Contact me for details!)

I travel all the time but don't always post casting calls or travel notices, so please contact me with any interest. It’s also a really good idea to use my sign-up form to hear of my future visits to your area, or of course contact me directly with a message anytime!

If you're thinking of sending me a message saying 'let me know if you're ever in X place...' that's great and I'll appreciate it, but please bear in mind that making an outright booking is often more simple and therefore efficient. Excuses to visit your part of the world are welcome. I may be able to build a little tour around your booking, and it means a shoot is likely to happen, not just remain a distant possibility forevermore until I disappear to start a full-time career teaching cats to bellydance, etc. If at all possible, offering to cover or contribute towards travel expenses is extra wonderful (but not always required).

Have a nice day, and I hope to hear from you!

~ Ella Rose ~

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"Ella Rose Muse - my first art nude shoot and a delight. Ella gracefully moved through a range of poses and with the group of four also specifically posed for each of us, to allow each of us the feel the muse individually. Wonderful and creative, graceful and elegant." Read less

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"Ella is the model photographers hope will turn up. As an artistic model, Ella is Dylan’s ‘Blood on The Tracks, Lichfield’s ‘Cuba’, Elton’s ‘American Triangle’. Talk of beauty, elegance, commitment, input, reliability are obvious in her case, can be taken for granted. Our second shoot was yesterday, the first one eight years before. I guess I thought she would never put up with me twice! But she did, indeed she fought through horrible traffic to get here. My reference for Ella is similar to last time – she is a super-model." Read less

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"Ella is a totally professional model and a very nice person to work with. She is just as interested in producing great results as you are. I worked with her in Iceland for one week in 2018 and she really loves landscape nudes!" Read less

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"Ellea Rose is one of most beautiful and talented Muse's I have ever worked with. She is devoted to the art of nude modeling and her portfolio is proof." Read less

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"According to the dictionary Muse is "1. (in Greek and Roman mythology) each of nine goddesses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who preside over the arts and sciences. synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, stimulation; rareafflatus "the poet's muse" 2. a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. "Yeats' muse, Maud Gonne" synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus, stimulation; rareafflatus "the poet's muse" I can not think of anyone who fits this description better than Ella. She has been my dream model to photograph and my reference to other models ever since I started fine art nude photography and finally I got the chance to work with her AND for whole 6 days in the magnificent landscape of Iceland. Not only is she the best model I have worked with but she is also a great human being with amazing personality. I can't praise her enough, book her and you will find out for your self. I am VERY MUCH looking forwards working with here again." Read less

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"Collaboration with Ella was a highlight of 2017. Not only the embodiment of boundless creativity and professionalism, Ella brought a wealth of other qualities to the table. A wordsmith, an entrepreneur, and a pianist of no small talent, the work environment became a place of ideas, long discussion and music. Her love of cats brought her into close quarters with the infamous ginger anti-socialite house cat Jonesy, and I'm hoping that next time they will become better friends! For myself, I was so very pleased to work with Ella Rose, who surely deserves the title of muse." Read less

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"I worked with Ella as part of a combined shoot with Jessamyne. It was arranged at the last minute, the night before. But looking at Ella's profile I knew this was an opportunity calling, so we went for it. I was wanting to capture a natural state - something that isn't often done these days and many models find it hard to do - as do photographers!. I was blown away with how easily Ella did this - how relaxed and how comfortable she was - the images speak for themselves. Her experience and talent as a professional art model was completely obvious and I'd love to shoot with her again." Read less

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"Ella was as good as I thought she was going to be, which is to say excellent! From her first email Ella was very friendly and easy to deal with. She was also helpful and thoughtful in planning for the shoot which was great. Two thumbs up from me :)" Read less

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"After missing out on working with Ella on her previous tour, I was fortunate to work with her this time. The wait was worth it. Very easy to work with and we got some great shot. Not only is Ella a great model but also a beautiful person. I would highly recommend working with Ella if you get the chance." Read less

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"Ella is an amazing model. Huge experience, great grasp of the purpose of the shoot and ability to move easily from one great pose to the next. She follows instructions very well but contributes also great input and ideas so that the result is even better. Thank you Ella for a fabulous shoot." Read less

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"My photo shooting with Ella Rose was a great experience. She is absolutely gorgeous, very expressive, very professional and friendly." Read less

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"Ella's experience definitely helped me get the most from our Boat 'graveyard' location. Working together we produced some great images and I 'd happily recommend her. I look forward to shooting with her again some time soon." Read less

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"For me, Ella is the Queen of UK! Friendly and fun, very artistic and easily brings out the best in you as a photographer. We teamed up for our second shoot and it went just great. Stunning images got created. Hopefully soon again n again...." Read less

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"Ella Rose is hard-working, poised, easy to work with and ready to do what it takes to get the shot." Read less

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